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May 3, 2010

Why would NY need more than one party?

New York State Senator Malcolm Smith brags that gerrymandering will eliminate any threat of NY’ers having two parties representing them.

Check out this guy’s bio. This is our leadership:

In February 2006 he was sued for paternity by a former staffer.

In August 2008, Smith held a golf-outing fundraiser for a group of 75 lobbyists, who each paid up to $75,000 to attend. One lobbyist who attended told the New York Post that Smith told the assembled group that giving him campaign contributions was akin to an IPO, in that they “should get in early because then it doesn’t cost as much. The longer you wait to get in… the more it will cost you and if you don’t get in at all, then it will be painful.” The lobbyist said that, after these remarks, “people were looking around the room in disbelief.”

Dumb as a rock and making sure everyone knows it.

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