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November 30, 2009

How big an idiot is Andrew Sullivan?

He keeps trying to outdo himself.

Andrew, you win!  Stop trying.  You’re the #1 out-of-your-mind, delusional, insane, public “thinker”.  The only travesty is that lazy “journalists” keep adding the worst “conservative” to that short list of words to describe you.

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Actually, Policy of Lies

Here’s a great video describing who’s who, with clips from their emails, in the Climategate story.  I love Depeche Mode but am not sure “Policy of Truth” works here as that song is about someone who foolishly chooses to tell the truth.  The scientists in this story all foolishly chose to lie, and to try to keep their lie going as long as possible (even now).

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Second Huck-released killer goes on to kill again

He’ll probably say G-d told him to pardon the convicted killer.  But it’s likely just the voices in his head.

Not that I think Huck had a real shot at being president anyway, but this is potentially the end of the road for the Huckster.  Let us pray.

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November 28, 2009

November 27, 2009


Tiger Woods is in a super suspicious accident, Dubai surprised everyone by having a financial crisis, and I’m in Los Angeles for the weekend.  Hope you’re all stuffed with awesome food and happy.  I am.

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November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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November 24, 2009

And a scam closer to home

I’m no babe in the woods but I am actually stunned (not sarcastically stunned) to find out that the United Homeless Organization is a fraud!  Seen all over the city with their plastic water container collecting money, I have been previously guilted into giving with their “one penny, just takes one penny” pitch.

According to a complaint filed by Mr. Cuomo [pdf] on Tuesday morning, U.H.O. does not operate a single shelter, soup kitchen or food pantry. It does not provide food or clothing to the homeless. It does not even donate money to other charities that do.

Most of those coins and bills, Mr. Cuomo contended, end up in the pockets of those working the donation tables, who paid a daily fee to the group’s founder and president, Stephen Riley, and its director, Myra Walker, for the right to use the U.H.O. tables, jugs and aprons. The rest of the money is kept by Mr. Riley and Ms. Walker, and has been used for a variety of expenses not related to U.H.O. business, including expenses at fees, Toys ‘R’ Us, PC Richards, Bed, Bath & Beyond, as well as premium cable and electricity bills at their homes.

Fakers!  I can’t believe it.

Hat-tip Smitten’s Twitter.

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Another day, another must-read

A few months ago, a Census worker was found dead in Kentucky:

[Bill] Sparkman’s nude body was found Sept. 12 by people visiting the cemetery. There was a rope around his neck tied to a tree, and he had what appeared to be the word “fed” written on his chest in black marker.

His census identification card was taped to his head.

In a land where 9/11 terrorists will get a civilian trial where they’ll be innocent until proven guilty, the culprit for this murder couldn’t be clearer: it was conservatives who hate and fear the federal government and stroke these fears among the rubes of Kentucky.  Obviously.

Andrew Sullivan played judge and jury proclaiming “Southern populist terrorism, whipped up by the GOP and its Fox and talk radio cohorts.”  Others blamed the Tea Party movement, Rush Limbaugh, and anyone who thinks the government shouldn’t hold our collective hands.  Read all the details on Michelle Malkin’s site.

Turns out, Sparkman killed himself and made it look like a murder so that his family could collect life insurance.  So, it wasn’t us after all.  Think those a-holes will apologize?  If you die from holding your breath I blame Andrew Sullivan.

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T-shirt of the day

Buy it here (Hat-tip Angela):


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November 23, 2009

You don’t like a clean, prosperous NY? There’s the door.

I don’t think I hate anyone more than the people who glamorize a dangerous and dying New York. This is from an article in the London Telegraph about how NY has lost its edge:

There is always a tinge of sentimental pride in my friend Roger’s voice when he recalls the story of how he was humiliatingly mugged as a teenager in his home town of New York. Roger, a paradigm of that species of neurosis-laden, neophytic, obnoxious intellectual that used to inhabit the city in droves, was at the time 13 and hanging out with two equally nerdy friends, the way teenagers do, outside a petrol station for no reason in the middle of the night.

Somehow they were leapt on by a gang who robbed them not only of their money but all their clothes. For good measure the gang spray-painted their tag across the naked chests of the three boys, who were forced to walk home naked, petrified and yet altered: “That day” Roger likes to reminisce, not altogether ironically, “we became men.”

Those things don’t happen in New York any more. But some people wish they did.

YA.  People are just dying to get mugged.  Or, even better, to have their 13-yr old kid get mugged.  I hear it all the time.  If only little Roger would get mugged, have to walk home naked and have his body spray-painted, that would make that fey boy into a man.

But, actually, tied for my hatred with the aforementioned people who glamorize a decrepit NY are people who pretend to hate money.  So, bankers are apparently like, so “out” maaaaan.  Fine.  But to say money isn’t “cool”?  Dude.  That’s a special kind of stupid:

As an exercise in damage limitation, some nightclubs in the city have now refused to renew annual membership to those working in the financial sector. “We want to distance ourselves from bankers, even if they helped to set us up in the first place,” one told me. “They’re pariahs. Money is just not cool any more.”

As I’ve written before, send me that uncool cash.  I’m willing to live with the trauma of being unpopularly rich.

Finally, sure, it’s always sad when institutions like CBGB close down.  But anyone who has lived in NY for a hot minute may remember that the Bowery was just about the most disgusting place in the city.  Hookers, crackheads, violent homeless all congregated on the Bowery.  So really, we’re supposed to be upset that now it’s the location of designer shops?  No.  Not if you’re actually a New Yorker and not someone who came here after college looking for a way to piss off their parents.
Gawker rips London a new one over this piece (”Your tabloid newspapers make the New York Post look like The Paris Review” and “Your nightlife is just stupid. Pubs close at 11, our bars don’t close until four. Who goes to bed at 11? Are you serious? So you guys open up clubs that close at 2AM that have two kinds of people in them: the kind who get unceremoniously drunk and piss on everything, or the places Prince Harry goes.”) which is kind of unfair because this woman doesn’t speak for London.  London is a fine enough city, but ain’t anything in the world like New York.

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News you must know

I wasn’t going to blog about this because I felt like everyone already had, but then I figured it’s a story that deserves every bit of publicity possible so what the hey.

When environmentalists aren’t thinking up “alarmist and armageddonist factoids”, they’re trying to shut down debate from global warming skeptics and fudge the numbers to support the only conclusion considered acceptable: that the earth is warming and it’s all your fault.

A hacker broke into the email system at University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, one of the leading research institutes in the UK. The Climate Research Unit in particular is, according to Wikipedia, “an early centre of work for climate change research. Publications include the recent study on anthropogenic polar warming. The School was also stated to be “the strongest in the world” by the Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, Sir David King during a lecture at the John Innes Centre in 2005.” A school taken seriously, in other words.

What did the hacker make public?

Discussion of how to fake numbers in light of the news global temperatures have been moving DOWNWARD:

From: Phil Jones. To: Many. Nov 16, 1999
“I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature [the science journal] trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie, from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”

Discussion of how to stifle debate on global warming:

From Phil Jones To: Michael Mann (Pennsylvania State University). July 8, 2004
“I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow — even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!”

Discussion on how to suppress unfavorable evidence from the public (The Telegraph explains: “Climate change sceptics tried to use Freedom of Information laws to obtain raw climate data submitted to an IPCC report known as AR4. The scientists did not want their email exchanges about the data to be made public.”):

From Phil Jones. To: Michael Mann. Date: May 29, 2008
“Can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith re AR4? Keith will do likewise.”

The sad thing is that these scientists, who can’t defend their positions and so have instead decided that the “debate is over”, and their Hollywood and media defenders, are going to have a negative effect on the environment.

Few people hate nature and don’t want to see it preserved.

Few people love paying countries that despise us to sell us their oil.

Most people want some sort of alternative energy, want to see preservation as a way of life and want to enjoy the earth and pass it on to our children.

But the hysteria has become so unreasonable, the idea that the globe is warming, that it is the fault of humans and you must believe or be dismissed is completely ingrained in our society. And, of course, the only way to save the world is to destroy enterprise and wealth. When news like this comes out it makes reasonable people think that all environmentalism is a sham.  How can we take seriously the scientists who behave in this manner?  How can we listen to people like Al Gore, who said that global warming deniers are “like Bernie Madoff, they lied to the people who trusted them in order to make money” while he leaves his massive carbon footprint traveling all over the globe and his house uses 20 times the average energy of other homes?  Oh and let’s not forget that when he buys carbon credits, to offset the damage, he buys them from himself!

These holier-than-thou hypocrites are doing more to harm the environment through their words and deeds than any of us.  And yet they’re the leaders of environmentalism, and they can not be challenged.  Is the discovery of these emails the “final nail in the coffin” of the global warming myth?  The awesome James Delingpole of the Telegraph says probably not:

“Unfortunately, we’ve a long, long way to go before the public mood (and scientific truth) is reflected by our policy makers. There are too many vested interests in AGW [Anthropenic Global Warming], with far too much to lose either in terms of reputation or money, for this to end without a bitter fight.

But if the Hadley CRU scandal is true,it’s a blow to the AGW lobby’s credibility which is never likely to recover.”

I think that even that last line is much too hopeful.  The most we can do right now is spread this story far and wide, tell everyone you know that the scientists entrusted to bring us facts on our environmental situation are straight-up lying to us and that the hysteria must die down for us to be serious in conserving the environment.  It’ll take awhile, maybe Greenpeace will think up it’s alarmist factoid for its press release by then.

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November 22, 2009

NYT columnist Charles Blow thinks conservatives are dangerous…

But Khalid Sheik Mohammad?  Not so much.
Here’s Charles on conservative commentators:

But, it’s not all just harmless talk. For some, their disaffection has hardened into something more dark and dangerous.

As the comedian Bill Maher pointed out, strong language can poison weak minds, as it did in the case of Timothy McVeigh. (We sometimes forget that not all dangerous men are trained by Al Qaeda.)

And here he is describing how he’s unafraid of having mass murdering terrorists on trial in NYC:

We love this city, and nothing and no one will make us afraid to be in it. We refuse to be cowed by cowards — not by those hiding in the Hindu Kush or by those hyperventilating in the halls of Congress.

Conservatives are scary and dangerous.  Terrorists?  Well, they’re just a figment of our insane conservative imaginations.

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Liberal media bias is like such a myth

Associated Press on tonight’s healthcare cloture vote:

Invoking the memory of Edward M. Kennedy, Democrats united Saturday night to push historic health care legislation past a key Senate hurdle over the opposition of Republicans eager to inflict a punishing defeat on President Barack Obama.

Man, we’re so evil.  All we want to do is inflict punishing defeats on the messiah president.  I mean, he’s just trying to provide hope and change and there we go ruining all the fun by explaining that the country is completely bankrupt and we don’t have money for this kind of boondoggle and, even if we did, that perhaps the same people who run our post offices and DMVs should not be responsible for our health.  If only we’d shut up and stop trying to waaah “punish” Obama, then the country would just be so super perfect.

But that’s “journalism”, and it barely registers any outrage that a reporter inserts his opinion into his article.  It’s expected and allowed.  It would be sad if it weren’t so old.

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November 20, 2009

What does “created or saved” jobs mean anyway?

It’s even dumber than you think.  Kyle Smith explains:

The Associated Press discovered that an outfit called the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council reported that the stimulus had enabled it to save 935 jobs — out of 508. How so? Everyone at the center got a 1.8% pay raise — so the director of the place multiplied the number of jobs by 1.8 to obtain the number of jobs saved. The number of jobs was supposed to be multiplied by .018, yielding a “created or saved” figure of nine. Nine, 935 — what’s the difference? Both numbers are equally fabricated.

Another Associated Press report noted, “A child care center in Florida said it saved 129 jobs with the help of stimulus money. Instead, it gave pay raises to its existing employees.” The head of the center maintained that it did so to keep employees from quitting and taking better-paying jobs, not joining the ranks of the jobless.

It’s getting old to keep saying it, but what the hell: can you imagine if the Bush administration pulled this nonsense?

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So get to practicing how to be white, whitey!

Jesse Jackson: “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man”

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November 19, 2009

Well, she’s not worse than his current advisors

But, still, gag me with a spoon:


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