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September 17, 2009

Who is Glenn Beck? No, really, who is he?

I don’t watch very much TV. And when I do, it’s never cable news networks, not even FOX. I just find that I get my information on the internet days before it hits my TV set and I don’t need old news told to me by charismatic people. I can read it for myself.

So, I must admit that I’ve felt a little left out of the Glenn Beck worship/hatred that has been taking place.

Twice in arguments with liberals I was told to stop listening to what Glenn Beck tells me. I told them I’d try.

I knew he was a TV personality, only because I read Hot Air and Allahpundit mentions him from time to time, but not much else.

Anyway, Allah sends along this article to me, in Time magazine, sure, but ultimately a pretty fair look at Beck (it makes him seem over-energized and over-emotional but I think even supporters would agree he is these things). If like me you don’t really know anything about Glenn Beck, it’s a nice summary.

UPDATE: He MAYBE likes Jay-Z (he also maybe has no idea who he is).

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Song of the Day

“A Star is Born” by Jay-Z

My favorite song off of his new album, it’s a kind of recap of the successes in the rap world. Not jealous or angry, it’s a celebration of everyone who did well in hip-hop.

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September 16, 2009


Jon Stewart has a can’t-miss clip on ACORN.

I like when he’s occasionally right.

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September 15, 2009

If you haven’t been following the ACORN story…


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Didn’t seem all that kinky at the time

The small town I lived in during my two times living in Scotland, Forres, is, supposedly, the kinkiest place in Scotland.

Lusty locals spend two-and-a-half times the national average on their sex lives.

Residents in the tiny town also snap up almost six times more blue movies than the average Brit.

Those crazy Forresians!

A Love Honey spokeswoman added: “We don’t know why Forres scores so highly – you would need to ask someone who lives there.

“But perhaps the most remarkable thing about Forres being top is that it’s not remarkable at all.

“There’s nothing out-of-the-ordinary about the town and there’s nothing out-of-the-ordinary about having a great sex life.”

I half-suspect that the existence of a large commune in and around the town could be driving up the numbers, but I lived on that commune and other than a couple of hot tubs and some “spiritual healing” offers whenever anyone caught a cold, it wasn’t a very sexy place. It’s a mystery!

Hat-tip Steff.

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Song of the Day

“I’ll be seeing you” by Billie Holiday. They don’t make sultry like her anymore.

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September 14, 2009

Jay-Z 9/11 benefit show in Madison Square Garden

The Jay-Z concert was amazing. It kicked off the with the Color Guard, the pledge of allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner. I have never been to a concert that featured the pledge, much less a rap show. It was pretty impressive.

Color guard at Jay-Z concert

There was commemoration of the 9/11 dead. Jay-Z said “we’re here to celebrate life tonight, to celebrate strength tonight”, and that NY is stronger than ever. It was really nice:
9/11 Memorial, Jay-Z concert

I even didn’t mind so much when he asked for a moment of silence and to put the peace sign in the air:

Jay said “8 yrs ago, terrorist took down our towers, they believed that it would weaken us, they were sadly mistaken” and that we run this town, no one else. And then he played his song “Run this town” and the crowd went berserk.

Lots of guest-stars including John Mayer, Rhianna, that idiot Kanye (who did perform two of my favorite songs “Can’t tell me nothing” and “Good life” but can never be forgiven for what he did to Taylor Swift last night), Mary J. Blige, Pharrell and P.Diddy. Oh and of course Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce who, surprisingly, only performed for about 30 seconds. I couldn’t get a good shot of her, that girl MOVES.
Beyonce and dancers

And no hip-hop show is complete without lots of mentions of the best borough:

Anyway, a fantastic show, an impressive performance by Jay-Z, and all around a great way to commemorate 9/11 8-years later. We remember you.

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September 12, 2009

Quote of the Day

“In order to do something for the 10 percent of the population outside the current system, why is it necessary to destabilize the arrangements of the 90 percent within it?”

-Mark Steyn

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September 11, 2009

Eight years later

I can’t believe it’s been eight years. The world is so different, and not in any way that we imagined it would be.

Some links:

***A NY Times story on all the things New Yorkers thought would change on 9/11 but didn’t. (Sidenote to NY’ers: They closed the 14th street exit on the FDR South right after 9/11 and never reopened it. Why?)

***Peggy Noonan talks to people who were children on 9/11, but old enough to know what had happened.

***My 9/11 story. (Another sidenote: SMVP in my story now goes by IC, and is my husband)

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September 10, 2009

But boy do they have a high literacy rate

Drunken Cuban makes the mistake of admitting Cuban people are starving during a music documentary:

Gonzalez Marcos, known by the nickname Panfilo, appeared obviously inebriated when he burst into an interview for a documentary on Cuban music, waving his arms and screaming, “What we need here is a little bit of chow!”

He continued for more than 90 seconds, imploring the camera about how Cubans are going hungry in a country where the communist system is supposed to provide for all citizens’ basic needs.

His punishment? Two years in prison. Ah, Communist paradise. So nice as long as you keep your mouth shut and pretend everything is perfect.

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Suicide pool 2009-2010

I’m doing two suicide football pools this year so I’ll be taking weekly suggestions as to which teams I should choose.

For those who don’t know, it works like this: every week I pick one (or some weeks two) team(s) to win that week for each pool. Once I pick a team, I can not pick it again for the rest of the season.

So, which team should I pick to win this week? I can pick the same team in both pools or two different teams. Give me your suggestions in the comment section.

UPDATE: I hate you all for your lack of suggestions. I have picked Saints in one and Patriots in the other.

ANOTHER UPDATE: No, really, I’ll just keep talking to myself, you guys don’t mind me. I think I’m going to use Ravens instead of Pats in my other pool. Ok, good talk.

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Get over it.

I’m glad Joe Wilson apologized for his outburst, I think the office of the president deserves respect even if the man in it does not, but it’s more than a little rich that the same people who cheered when shoes got thrown at Bush are now just so outraged. And the same people who called the opposition to their idiotic healthcare plan “brownshirts”, “liars”, “evil-mongers” (that last one is Harry Reid describing those who dare disagree with him) are now so up in arms at two well placed words. Grow some civility and then maybe people will care about your manufactured outrage.

UPDATE: Oh, and also, I don’t recall any apologies for this.

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September 9, 2009

In the top 5 dumbest things I’ve ever read

American conservatives should be…Democrats says some British doofus with only the most passing understanding of our political system.

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Alarming News

In a lot of ways, I’m a very private person. I can talk abstractly about many things but don’t give away many specifics about my own life. Thoughts, emotions, anything truly personal doesn’t get shared with many people.

But when it comes to the events of my life, I don’t care who knows. That’s why, for example, readers were surprised to learn that 2004 was the worst year of my life, despite my writing about all the events that had made it suck.

IC, my husband, never got this. Back when we were just friends we would frequently argue about my posting of, say, photos of him on my flickr page. He didn’t like that random people would know about trips he was taking, restaurants he had eaten at or that he was renovating his apartment. For me, that kind of stuff was public knowledge and I couldn’t imagine caring who knew.

When we got together, he accepted that my semi-public life came with the package that was me. Still not thrilled that a thousand plus people needed to know about our new couch or our trip to LA, he mostly picked his battles where he could ie: “don’t post a picture of your engagement ring” and frequently lost those anyway.

So it’s odd, then, that lately I’ve struggled to share something with you all that has been monumental in my life. I’m pregnant, nearly 5 months now, due Feb.1.

It’s not that IC has rubbed off on me, it’s more that it feels too good to be true and when things are going really well I look out for falling pianos. In other words, it’s not the event that I’m reluctant to share, but the feelings around it.

I’ll just say this: We’re so happy, it still feels like a dream.

People who know have asked me if I’m going to have a pregnancy blog and then after the child is born, a baby blog. No and no. I have absolutely nothing original to say about pregnancy. The short story is that though mine is going well it still really sucks. Tired all the time, have to pee every 20 minutes, body losing any discernible shape, crazy husband monitoring how many diet cokes I drink and forcing me to eat because I haven’t gained weight yet (stomach sticking out but no movement on the scale), sense of smell at Superman levels which is not nearly as good a thing as it sounds (New York, you smell bad), I’m looking forward to it being over. And on the subject of babies, everyone says the exact same thing so I don’t need a new blog, I can predict what I’ll say right here: such hard work, didn’t sleep for the first few months, but wow so worth it when you look at this little thing you created, I’ve never felt such love. Sound about right, parents?

I do plan to keep this blog going, though. Alarming News has been around since 2002 and I really love having somewhere to go to write what I want, whether it’s on healthcare or Jay-Z, and I love my readers (particularly those who comment ;-) ). I know I haven’t been the most prolific blogger these last few months and I can’t promise that there will be more blogging once there is another human in my life for which I am responsible but I do try, and will continue to try, to blog something at least once a day. It’s just as much for me as for you, it makes me happy. And with that final sharing of feelings, I’ll end this post here. It feels good to finally tell you all our news.

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I don’t know who David Sirota is but Kevin Williamson gave him such a spanking on guns that he could probably be recognized as the guy rubbing his butt in pain.

Americans, not as dumb as the media thinks

I would love for Republicans to take credit on this, I would:

The Republican criticism resonated with many Americans worried that the $1 trillion cost of the overhaul would add to the country’s mountain of debt, despite White House assertions that it would be fully paid for.

But isn’t it just more likely that Americans know, without even being told, that something that is projected by the government to cost $1 trillion dollars will likely cost much, much more? And that we have $0 spending dollars and are running an enormous deficit? They have eyes and ears, I don’t really think they need to be told.

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