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September 30, 2009

Fairly sure it’s a requirement in NJ, USA

Christie, Candidate for New Jersey Governor, Is Springsteen Fan

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September 29, 2009

Music and love

I’m always a sucker for lyrics, and about love stories that involve music, so I really appreciated this Geek Love article about choosing a perfect wedding song. I’ve blogged about the song IC and I chose, I’d love to hear what other people chose (or will choose) in the comment section.

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Quote of the Day

The media would like the American Right to be represented by the likes of Bob Dole and John McCain, decent old sticks who know how to give dignified concession speeches. Last time round, we went along with their recommendation. If you want to get rave reviews for losing gracefully, that’s the way to go. If you want to win, look at whom the Democrats and their media chums are so frantic to destroy: That’s the better guide to what they’re really worried about.

-Mark Steyn

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Yes, he did make Chinatown

If you’re not sure of the details of the Roman Polanski story, this provides an excellent overview.

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September 27, 2009

May we all be better next year

Wishing an easy fast to anyone repenting.

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September 26, 2009

Bush-bashers were always so classy

And also not at all racist, right?


Oh, and this was taken today in the West Village in NYC, proving that those liberals can really moveon.

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September 25, 2009

Frivolous Friday Blogging

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been reading baby websites. I started with the obvious ones, Baby Center and The Bump. And they’re fine, very informative, everyone on there is so cute with their inspirational stories and their love for their children and are just brimming with excitement at the mere thought of being alive. And don’t get me wrong, I brim, I do. Just not out loud like that.

So then I found Urban Baby. It’s a baby site for New Yorkers. It’s dark, it’s sarcastic, people explode in jealous rages, some confess they hate their spouse and children. I want nothing to do with these people and yet I can’t stop visiting the site. (Oh, and sidenote, it’s anonymous, making it really off-the-dial nutso). It’s very similar to my affection for the show “Cheaters”. When it’s on, I can’t look away.

I think this post, about a family of 4 just scraping by on 350k in NYC, or this one about what to say to single friends who-gasp-are in their 30’s and single are classic examples. The premise of both posts are ridiculous enough, but the comments, oh the comments. Anyway, check it out if you want to see crazy New Yorkers be all public about it. I know I do.

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September 24, 2009

September 23, 2009

Did Obama change hip-hop? As much as he’s lowered the seas and reduced the deficit.

I like Common but if he really thinks Obama has changed the face of hip-hop, he hasn’t been listening to hip-hop.

Rims and bling? They’re “super-played out,” Common said, explaining that hip-hop is finding another direction and President Obama is helping point the way.

“I also don’t find as much gangsta talk,” he said. “You see the whole chain-shining-and-rim era is gone. That’s like super-played out. Just to have that, I think, is part of the Obama effect.”

Really? The song “My president is black” was probably the biggest Obama hyping rap song after his election. While it was recorded by fairly big artist Young Jeezy, it was remixed and rerecorded by everyone, in particular king of the rap world, Jay-Z.

The original version
: “My president is black, my Lambos [Lamborghini] blue, and I’ll be g-ddamned if my rims ain’t too.”

The Jay-Z version: “My president is black, my Maybach is too. And I’ll be g-ddamned if my diamonds ain’t too. My money’s dark green and my porsche is dark gray, I’m headed for D.C., anybody feel me?”

The Nas version (Nas is considered a “thinker” in the hip-hop community, meaning he’s big on conspiracy theories and rarely makes any sense): “My president is black, rose gold on charms, 22 inch rims like Hulk Hogan’s arms.

Just to prove I’ve done some research on this, check out some of the top hits on the hip-hop chart this week.

#3. Drake and Trey Songz “Successful”

Chorus “I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes.”

#4. Jay-Z “Run This Town with Rihanna and Kanye West”

I don’t even know what to quote here, the whole song is about how they have more money than the people who hate them.

#6. Fabolous “Throw It In The Bag”

Once again, a whole song about how much he can afford while others can not. His girl can just “f*ck the price tag, just throw it in the bag”

And that’s just the songs I know on the list, I’m fairly confident some of the other ones I don’t know contain the same themes.

In fact, with all the articles about how plum embarrassing it is to be rich in our current economic climate, no one ever talks about the fact that rappers are still braggy and showy about the money they have. Don’t get me wrong, why shouldn’t they be? They earned it, they can paint their Lambo any color they wish and commemorate it in song. But Common shouldn’t pretend that things have changed. Nothing has changed. And that’s fine by me.

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Song of the Day

“When you were mine” by Cyndi Lauper

Her songs are so much sadder in retrospect than they seemed at the time they were released. Maybe that’s why Madonna ultimately crushed her.

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September 22, 2009


I got a flu shot today and I’m dying. I haven’t had the flu in a couple of years but I can’t imagine that it’s worse than what I’m feeling right now.

Nobody make the requisite joke about bearing children being slightly more painful than some flu-like symptoms.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I have to go back to whining now.

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September 21, 2009

People still defending ACORN…

look kinda silly at this point.

I actually have a friend who is still defending them too. He thinks the people in the video knew something was up and were “clowning the clowns”. And also that all organizations have some idiots. Oh, and none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for stupid Fox News. I mean, honestly.

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September 20, 2009

I’ve always said rappers are conservatives and don’t know it.

What do hip-hop and rightwing talk radio have in common? Quite a few things, actually:

Even beyond simple matters of style, rap and conservative talk radio share some DNA. Once you subtract gangsta rap’s enthusiasm for lawlessness — a major subtraction, to be sure — rap is among the most conservative genres of pop music. It exalts capitalism and entrepreneurship with a brio that is typically considered Republican. (Admiring references to Bill Gates are common in hip-hop.)

Rappers tend to be fans of the Second Amendment, though they rarely frame their affection for guns in constitutional terms. And rap has an opinion about human nature that is deeply conservative — namely, that criminals cannot be reformed. The difference is that gangsta rappers often identify themselves as the criminals, and are proud of their unreformability.

Finally, rappers and conservative talkers both speak for a demographic that believes its interests and problems have been slighted and both offer stories that have allegedly been ignored.

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That half-white guy always trying to keep the black man down

First, it was the racist media trying to force Governor Patterson out of office. Now, it’s our racist president.

September 18, 2009

I don’t even need to be gagged with a spoon

I already feel vomitous:

Does Matt Damon even live in NY?

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Happy new year!

It’s 5770! I hope it’s better than 5669 for us all.

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