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August 25, 2009

Overheard In The Cafeteria Just Now…

“Mamie Eisenhower only needed one!!! And she paid for her out of her own pocket!!!”

-a shrieking engineer, shortly after claiming Michelle Obama has at least 27 on her personal staff, two dozen more than any other first lady, ever. Especially Mamie Eisenhower.

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If I Don’t Post A Hip-Hop Video Today, The Commenterfascist Terrorists Win

The only pull you got is the wool over your eyes – “Respiration,” by Black Star

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August 24, 2009

Ten Things That Drive Me Nuts About Both Sides

Just a list…


10) Wingnut Welfare – Kristol to Kristol, Podhoretz to Podhoretz, Goldberg to Goldberg, there sure is a great deal of legacy to your punditry. How many scholars does the AEI need, anyway?

9) Fainting Couches – See Betrayus, General. The ginned up OUTRAGE(!!!1!) that GOP legislators get brewing when little shit happens gets a lot of press, and usually a fairly typical Dem backdown. It’s so goddamn predictable, and so wildly successful, that this tactic will never die the death it so greatly deserves. (I single out the General Betrayus incident as one of the ones that really pissed me off. For congress to pass a resolution condemning the political speech of a private organization was really beyond the pale. That so many recipients of dollars and support voted for the condemnation was even more frustrating to watch.)

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More of Karol’s Vacation Fun!

Since she’s going to be gone all week, I’ve asked Karol to check in and send me a photo from time-to-time of all the fun she’s been having. I had no idea there were so many nuns in Israel!

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Hush little baby don’t say a word… (Jessica)

Some new question marks have emerged over the release of Al Megrahi.

The Business Secretary denied that the Government had done a deal to free Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, who was convicted of the 1988 terrorist atrocity that claimed 270 lives. However, his claims were contradicted by Saif Gaddafi, the son of the Libyan leader, in a conversation with Megrahi as the pair flew home from Glasgow.

In a transcript obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Gaddafi tells Megrahi: “You were on the table in all commercial, oil and gas agreements that we supervised in that period. You were on the table in all British interests when it came to Libya, and I personally supervised this matter. Also, during the visits of the previous prime minister, Tony Blair.”

Somewhat amusing that Gordon Brown had apparently asked Gaddafi to keep his trap shut about a meeting they had at the G8 summit. It took about .347 seconds for Gaddafi to blurt out the gossip on the plane ride back to Libya. What was Brown thinking? I for one would not trust that dude with office gossip, let alone shady oil negotiations.

Meanwhile, still crickets over at Gordon’s camp.

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Monday Morning Hip-Hop

Good morning, America. What’d you do this weekend?

The Knux – Bang Bang!

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The Real Real Reason This American Is Angry, ThankyouverymuchMattWelch.

Reason Magazine’s editor-in-chief Matt Welch has an op-ed in today’s New York Post titled “The Real Reason Americans Are Angry.”

Let’s get one thing out of the way first – any op-ed that purports to have a finger on the pulse of what “Americans” are thinking, as if we’re all creatures of a single philosophical mindset, is full of shit from the start. That being said, the article’s central thesis isn’t as full as the title: “Americans of all stripes, it turns out, aren’t very keen about the government barging into their lives.”

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August 23, 2009

Been there, done that (Karol)

If only we had some way of knowing how socialism fares when put into practice. Oh. Wait.

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I can’t believe Colonel Gaddafi would betray Britain! (Karol)

He seems sooooo trustworthy:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s office issued a copy of a letter he wrote to Gaddafi on Aug. 20 expressly asking him to refrain from a ‘high-profile’ welcome for Megrahi.

And he ignored the request. Wouldya look at that!

In his letter to Gaddafi, addressed ‘Dear Muammar’, Brown said a ‘high-profile return would cause further unnecessary pain for the families of the Lockerbie victims. It would also undermine Libya’s growing international reputation’.

Muammar was like “thanks but no thanks for your concern, SUCKERS”.

More than 1,000 Libyans gathered at an airport in Tripoli on Thursday to welcome Megrahi home, cheering and waving national flags, despite the fact relatives of the American victims said they had received assurances there would be no hero’s welcome.

This story still has me so worked up. It’s partly because of how much I love Scotland but mostly because it is so scary watching the Western world get straight-up played by the Muslim world. We are losing the most obvious war ever. And we’re losing because we refusing to believe it’s being fought in the first place. It’s uncomfortable to believe people who don’t know you hate you violently and want you dead. But they do, they so clearly do, and I wish Europe would wake up. Don’t get me wrong, Obama’s America isn’t far behind them, we too wish everyone could just play nice and not be so hateful and crazy. But we’re not quite at the releasing mass murderers stage yet, we’re not quite at the completely surrendering our culture to an inferior one yet (seriously, Britain? Imposing Muslim dress codes in your public pools? How shameful and embarrassing for you. How completely pathetic.). Getting closer all the time but not quite there yet. And I hope that Americans would rage if we did something like trust Gaddafi and release a mass murderer into his hands because we felt bad for the dying killer. And I hope that hope is not misplaced.

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August 22, 2009

Karol’s Vacation Photo Album

Hey, I know y’all are curious as to what Karol’s up to, so I had her send me a snapshot from her trip to Israel. Looks like an adventure!

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August 21, 2009

Lil Dada Hip-Hop For Your Friday

Camp Lo – Luchini

Since Karol has made this a hip-hop friendly zone from the get-go, let’s start our WEEK OF SPECIAL GUEST STARS off right, with a little impenetrable slang draped around a memorable hook. It’s a goddamn shame that these guys had three decent songs on one less-than-memorable album. A few more cuts as awesome as “Luchini,” and they coulda been a contender.

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We Have The Technology. The Time Is Now. Science Can Wait No Longer. Children Are Our Future.

Buenos dias. By way of introductions, I’m Inexplicably Invited Guest Blogger BG, late of Random Thoughts and Thoroughbred Selections, which started as truth-in-advertising, and has lately been stuck in masturbatory youtubery featuring badly-lit “instructional videos” that purport to teach you how to cook pork, but instead provide me just one more excuse to eat it.

So, hello.

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August 20, 2009

In my absence

I’m off to Israel tonight and I’ve lined up some very cool guest-bloggers for you all while I’m gone.

Jessica has had many blogs which she abandons when they bore her (insert your own joke here about how it’s similar to what she does to men). Politically right-leaning and a badass guitar player (also violin, which she played when we walked down the aisle), she’s just looking for a man who eats meat and flies planes. What?

BG and Luckbox are both poker bloggers who also blog on the political blog Verbosities. Luckbox is a conservative, BG is…undefined. Left-leaning fer sure, he also considers himself a libertarian.

T. Aka Ricky Raw used to be a political blogger but now does more social commentary, in particular within the realm of gender and sexuality over at The Rawness. He speaks some tough truths.

Be nice to them, or at least civil, and leave them lots of comments. I’ll be checking in from Israel from time to time so if your comment is held for my approval, don’t panic, it’ll get approved. Back soon!

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I am wildly disappointed in Scotland

Scotland frees terminally ill Lockerbie bomber

Scotland’s justice secretary said freeing the bomber was an expression of the Scottish people’s humanity but U.S. family members of Lockerbie victims expressed outrage.

It’s not humanity, it’s stupidity.

He was given a life sentence, meaning he was going to DIE IN PRISON. So what difference does it make whether the death happened from prostate cancer next week or of natural causes in 30 years? Seriously idiotic.

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August 19, 2009

*Shocking* behavior!

In case you haven’t heard, some woman somewhere put a Hitler mustache on Obama’s picture and carried it around on an “Impeach” sign.

I know, I know, society as we know it is clearly over.

Putting aside that THE WOMAN IS A LAROUCHE DEMOCRAT, it is completely unacceptable to call the president Hitler. And we should really remember the Bush years and how regular, run of the mill liberals simply voiced their patriotic dissent, and never stooped to such vulgar characterizations.

Let’s pause and reflect on their maturity and restraint over those 8 years.




And that’s two seconds of google image searching. You can continue through the rest of the 1,850,000 results here

I took this one myself in Venice Beach, CA, proudly displayed in the window of a home:

Venice, CA

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August 18, 2009

Some things never change

Howard Dean, still a total headcase:

“Republicans want to kill the president”

Also, Dean gets nervous about “angry people.” The angriest guy in politics is nervous. It’s almost cute.

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Is that before or after Israelis drop aphrodisiac drugs on them?


A leading Swedish newspaper reported this week that Israeli soldiers are abducting Palestinians in order to steal their organs, a claim that prompted furious condemnation and accusations of anti-Semitic blood libel from a rival publication.

I love the part where Palestinians claim boys are being abducted, having their organs harvested and then returned to their families. If you’re going to make up idiotic sounding stories, at least make them plausible. Of course, didn’t stop a left-leaning Swedish paper from reprinting that nonsense.

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