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July 24, 2009

Lazy Friday blogging

I woke up thinking of our trip 2 months ago to the Los Angeles area. I had loved it. The weather, the happy people, the lushness, the food, the shopping. I’d go back right this second.

I was specifically thinking about this drink, the Cotton Candy Mojito, at Bar Centro, at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills (the hotel was, by far, the funkiest place I’ve ever stayed. Total luxury meets Alice in Wonderland trippiness.)

I know the Cotton Candy Mojito looks like it would be sickly sweet, but it really wasn’t and was actually tart and delicious. The other drink is a Jale Berry, a cosmo type drink but with jalapeno in it, also divine. Sigh…Cali, great place to visit:

Part 1, Cotton candy mojito and a Jale Berry at Bar Centro, SLS Hotel

Part 2, Cotton candy mojito mid-pour and a Jale Berry at Bar Centro, SLS Hotel

Part 3, Completed cotton candy mojito and a Jale Berry at Bar Centro, SLS Hotel

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Well, next time you two return, you’ll be in for a shock at the LA Co sales tax—it’s recently gone up to 9.75%.
It’s all part of the Democrats’ textbook game plan to encourage consumer spending, and encourage capital investment.

Posted by: BadBoyInASuit at July 27, 2009 at 3:01 am

Hey Karol, a comment (question really) from your old friend Signor Ferrari. This, errr, has nothing to do with this post of yours, but maybe you’ll move it around somewhere if you decide to post on this question.
I’ve got a Palin question. I’m coming to you because, while we generally have quite different views of the world and politics, I very much respect the intellectual bent of your views.
What I’m wondering, now that Palin has officially stepped down, is what do smart, intellectual Republican/conservatives really think of her now?
My take is that I can’t imagine how anyone “serious” can take her seriously at this point. I fully understand why the media loves to cover her, so I don’t expect she’ll go away, but do smart conservatives actually look at her as someone who could again be viable some day? Or do you look at the sky and wish this woman would go away and stop making the Republican party look like a bunch of loons?

Posted by: Signor Ferrari at July 27, 2009 at 12:54 pm
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