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July 31, 2009

Comment of the Day

“No. No more healing. This is a country, not an extended episode of Oprah or a very special episode of Blossom.”

-Hot Air commenter Myrenovations

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July 29, 2009


I haven’t been updating the Right Events site so I’m happy to see there’s a new site listing right-leaning events around town: GOP in NYC. To submit an event, email

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July 28, 2009

That’s our naive boy president

From a great piece on how Obama is failing the Israeli-American relationship:

Mr. Obama’s quest for diplomacy has appeared to Israelis as dangerous American naïveté. The president offered a hand to the Iranians, and got nothing, merely giving them more time to advance their nuclear program. In Israeli eyes, he was humiliated by North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests. And he failed to move Arab governments to take steps to normalize relations with Israel. Conclusion: Mr. Obama is a softie, eager to please his listeners and avoid confrontation with anyone who is not Mr. Netanyahu.

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July 27, 2009

Oh, Sarah.

My old foe Signor Ferrari commented a few posts below asking my opinion on Sarah Palin. I’ve been meaning to write something on her, so here is where I stand:

I think Sarah Palin was a smart, capable woman who was thrust into the national spotlight before she was ready. This pretty much destroyed her.

One thing no one ever mentions about her (and something I actually picked up from a McCain staffer who hates her) is that one of the main reasons she flubbed so many answers during the campaign was that she wasn’t answering for herself but for the McCain campaign. She could probably tell you which Supreme Court decisions she agrees or disagrees with, but likely had no idea which ones McCain agreed or disagreed with, she just didn’t have the time to memorize all of his quirky opinions. She’s best when she’s being herself, she could not be herself as McCain’s running mate.

Having said all that, I maintain that stepping down from her governorship ends her political career. America might overlook inexperience, they did in electing Barack Obama, but they won’t overlook quitting a post to which you were elected to trapaise around the country running for president for 3 years. They rather you neglect your duties, again like Obama, than abandon them completely.

I could be wrong. She could become some type of spokesperson for the Republican party, she doesn’t have a job after all and talking is pretty easy, and make a roaring comeback in ‘12 or ‘16. But I doubt it. She can never pick up the managerial experience she was getting as governor anywhere else. And if she couldn’t handle the hassles of being governor of Alaska, how could she ever be president?

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What’s the difference between me and you

I don’t know anyone who believes Obama isn’t an American. I keep being told these people exist, mostly by press mocking them on TV, but I know many, many Republicans and not a birther among them.

Like every single conservative publication, I think there’s nothing to the story at all. But the treatment of this conspiracy theory is kind of different than all conspiracy theories involving Bush which were investigated in a very sober tone by Dan Rather and people like him.

Yes, Obama is an American, but if the press was actually fair and did their job, it is unlikely that there would even be a birther movement at all. Just a thought.

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July 24, 2009

Sad to see good Dawn go

Dawn Eden has quit blogging

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Lazy Friday blogging

I woke up thinking of our trip 2 months ago to the Los Angeles area. I had loved it. The weather, the happy people, the lushness, the food, the shopping. I’d go back right this second.

I was specifically thinking about this drink, the Cotton Candy Mojito, at Bar Centro, at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills (the hotel was, by far, the funkiest place I’ve ever stayed. Total luxury meets Alice in Wonderland trippiness.)

I know the Cotton Candy Mojito looks like it would be sickly sweet, but it really wasn’t and was actually tart and delicious. The other drink is a Jale Berry, a cosmo type drink but with jalapeno in it, also divine. Sigh…Cali, great place to visit:

Part 1, Cotton candy mojito and a Jale Berry at Bar Centro, SLS Hotel

Part 2, Cotton candy mojito mid-pour and a Jale Berry at Bar Centro, SLS Hotel

Part 3, Completed cotton candy mojito and a Jale Berry at Bar Centro, SLS Hotel

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July 23, 2009

They may take our lives

but they’ll never take our tonsils!

At the link, Obama accuses greedy doctors for removing tonsils for the money. And this is our president.

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July 22, 2009

Tweet of the Day

“Getting ready for POTUS to tell me how many lives his health care plan will create or save.”

-Andy Levy

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Is it about Obama or isn’t it?

Obama responding to Jim Demint’s comment that stopping Obama’s healthcare plan will be his Waterloo: “Think about that. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about politics.”

Obama to Democrats who may oppose his plan: “You’re going to destroy my presidency.”

I’m just kidding with my headline, we all know it’s always all about Obama.

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July 21, 2009

Biden the dummy

Our embarrassing Vice President to President of Ukraine: Your women are hot!

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Because, really, Western nations needs to be more like Muslim countries

Irish law makes it illegal to speak blasphemy

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July 20, 2009

31 American years

I completely forgot that today is my Americaversary, 31 years that I’ve been in this amazing country! And as I realized today was my day, I also realized that my father’s Americaversary was a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t wished him congratulations. This was particularly upsetting because he was so excited about this one. He turned 64 this year and is celebrating 32 years in America. In other words this is the year his time in America surpasses his time in the Soviet Union. “I’m out longer than I was in!”

I’ve written about my father before. He is, really, the biggest American patriot I know. I remember his enthusiasm when he first saw the bumper sticker “America, love it or leave it.” “That’s exactly how I feel! Love it or leave it!” On his 16th year in America, he got himself a Sweet 16 cake. If there is someone more excited to be an American, I haven’t met them.

I usually take this opportunity to post the cutest picture of me of all time, with the judge who swore me into citizenship. This year, though, I’d like to post one of my father, still in the Soviet Union but with the most obvious determination of getting where he needed to be.


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Was he ever a friend?

The stories on Bloomberg’s relationship with the the Republican party just keep getting more pathetic:

The 2001 and 2005 Bloomberg campaign quashed efforts by Republican officials to field citywide candidates to run with the mayor, leaving the GOP lines for comptroller and public advocate empty. (Under Rudy Giuliani, the GOP ran a full slate.)

But since he left the Republican Party, Bloomberg has lost that kind of leverage. As a concession to GOP leaders, his team was forced to let Zablocki and Mendola run.

Wow, King Bloomberg, thank you so much for letting our candidates run. It’s almost like a democracy or something!

Of course, he’s offering them zero help despite accepting their help to get on the Republican line on the ballot.

Hat-tip Daniel P.

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July 17, 2009

Song of the Day

“She’s leaving home” by the Beatles.

My father put this one in my head by sending me a link to it on Last.FM. Who knew my dad was cool enough to know about Last.FM?

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See it

We saw a really beautiful, sad, funny, and cinematically awesome movie last night: Up in 3D.

For one thing, I think I once saw a movie when I was a kid that required 3d glasses but this was another world of technology. The 3D effects were really amazing.

There were several parts in the movie where all you’d hear from the audience was sniffling and rifling through purses to find tissues. You will likely cry in the first 10 minutes of the movie even if, like me, you’re not one to cry at movies.

Anyway, I haven’t seen a movie worth mentioning in some time so I thought I’d pass along my recommendation to you all.

The trailer is below but I kind of liked having absolutely no idea what it was about before seeing it and recommend you do the same. The trailer does it no justice anyway:

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After awhile, being stuck in a bad relationship is your own fault

In 2001, Mike Bloomberg decided to run for mayor. He looked at a crowded Democratic field, with four candidates of varying prominence, and then looked at the Republican field with one Herman Badillo. The choice was clear. He would become a Republican! Despite the fact that he was a Democrat.

Then, when the Republican brand started to falter and King Bloomberg decided, despite the people’s wishes, that he would have a third term, he changed his party status to Independent.

I can hate him for all these things but at least he’s got some savvy. Who are the dummies endorsing him and giving him their party line on which to run? Why, it’s Republicans! The man totally uses us whenever we fit his needs and yet I have a lot of Facebook friends who head various GOP groups in NYC who are so proud when their group endorses Bloomberg. SUCKERS!

Yesterday, Bloomberg decided to endorse a Democrat in a contentious race in Queens. How sad is this:

After much uncertainty, the Queens Republicans gave Bloomberg their Wilson-Pakula endorsement this spring. And at a county party dinner just days afterwards, the mayor strongly praised [GOP candidate Dan] Halloran, leading some in the room to believe an endorsement for the GOP candidate would be forthcoming.

Halloran said he was disappointed, but held out hope that if Vallone does not end up winning the nomination, the mayor would endorse him in a general election.

“I would say that there’s an excellent chance that the mayor would come on board,” said Halloran, who has gained the Republican, Conservative and Independence Party lines.

So, if his first choice doesn’t make it the Republican candidate is wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ that Bloomberg will endorse him.

And these are the sad state of affairs of the Republican party in NYC. We support a guy who refuses to call himself a Republican in the hope he’ll look our way when it matters. But the guy who won’t call himself your boyfriend is always open to leaving the party with another girl, mostly because he can. It’s probably too late for this advice but don’t be the sucker waiting up all night for his call, NYC GOP.

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