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June 30, 2009

My Watercooler

I got nothing today, or, um, yesterday either for that matter. So, hey, let’s talk about what I saw on tv! We caught HBO’s new series “Hung” yesterday (Gawker’s review is here) and while it was just so-so, I’m a sucker for HBO and plan to give it a shot. Anyone else? And any other tv recommendations?

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June 29, 2009

June 26, 2009

It’s time for him to go

Mark Sanford compares himself to King David. Hat-tip Robert George.

The worst part is, IC is making fun of me and saying “just remember that you liked this guy for president….” I just liked his fiscal conservatism! Who knew he was total nutbar? Not me.

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The obligatory Michael Jackson post

I’m closer in opinion on Michael Jackson to E than to Dawn Summers although I do find myself somewhere in-between.

When I was a kid, I wanted to marry him. Turned out he wanted to marry kids so my crush kinda faded (ok, it faded much earlier than his molestation trials, I found it hard to look at his melting face after I turned around 12).

I had put him in my “too weird to live” category a long time ago so his death was not nearly as shocking as it seems to be for others.

He was once a great talent but I thought the “You are not alone” crap was…crap and he hasn’t produced anything decent in years.

What he did to Paul McCartney showed him as a bad person (McCartney explain the benefits of owning song catalogs to MJ, MJ bought the Beatles catalog from under him). Maybe it was the early and constant celebrity but this was not a man anyone ever wanted to emulate in any way. Not in looks, not in character.

Thank you for your few good songs, MJ. RIP.

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June 25, 2009

Three years later, fingers crossed

Europeans: Gilad Shalit transfer to Egypt imminent

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Turns out, they’re all idiots


There is a growing sense among Democrats that they will not be able to accomplish the entire agenda leaders set for 2009, pushing major policy debates into the midterm election year.

Concerns over the cost of overhauling the nation’s healthcare system have served as a wake-up call to lawmakers.

Wait, what? They were unaware that overhauling the nation’s healthcare system would be expensive? Yep, apparently this was news to them:

They had planned for a busy summer of healthcare and climate change debate, a dozen spending bills, a defense authorization and hearings on President Obama’s first Supreme Court nominee.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) even promised to add a sweeping overhaul of immigration to that list.

But the revelation that revamping the nation’s healthcare model could greatly exceed $1 trillion over the next 10 years, along with an intra-party debate in the House on climate change legislation, has lawmakers feeling the weight of the packed agenda and sensing the need to narrow the list.

So, did these numbskulls just figure that no one else ever revamped our entire healthcare system because they didn’t feel like it? Because they were lazy? Because of corporate greed? How did they not know it was going to be astronomically expensive?

Again, as in the post below, these people are too stupid to lead us! I know zero about finance, accounting, budgets, nothing. And I could’ve told you that redoing our health-care system is going to cost a lot of money. And these morons are taken aback by this? Where is my rotten fruit?

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I’m very bullish on America. No matter which doofus is in charge, I always think we’re going to be ok, I always like us best (daydreams of Italy with my husband and a brood of Italian-speaking children notwithstanding), and there’s never anywhere else that I’d rather be. And you know those right track/wrong track polls? I’m one of those always on the right track. Even when things go badly, it’s ok, we’re a young country and we’re learning, we’re ok.

Let me go on for another minute. Even when Obama sends his stupid face on video to Iran, or equates the holocaust with the Palestinian situation, when he gives an hour-long informercial on his brilliant yet totally unthought-out healthcare plan, when he talks out of both sides of his mouth on Iraq, on gay marriage, on any complex issue, I still think America will be ok because he’s just one man, it’s just 4-8 years, and we’re a strong country which can survive anything.

But reading that Congressmen Barney Frank and Anthony Weiner want Fannie May and Freddie Mac to relax lending standards to new condo developments, well, that just leads me to despair. We’re still in the middle of a financial crisis, caused by bad mortgages previously encouraged by Barney the buffoon Frank, and yet he is pressing us to give more bad mortgages. It makes me lose my faith. In an America running on the right track, we would toss these bums out on their asses. We would stand outside their offices and demand they resign, as they are too stupid to lead us. We would throw rotten fruit and shun them from the public square.

I not only think we’re on the wrong track, I think there’s a train coming at us.

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Hotness makes everything forgivable

Mark Sanford’s mistress is supposedly very attractive, “a beautiful brunette with big eyes.” Still no photos of the mystery Maria, though, so we’ll have to just picture those big eyes that Sanford could not resist.

As Allahpundit twitters: “Am amused by the implication that if she’s super-hot this’ll be somehow more forgivable”

Update: Picture’s of Sanford’s Argentinian mistress now available. My, she does have big eyes.

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June 24, 2009

John Kerry, still a lowlife

The king of the botched “joke” says it’s a shame it wasn’t Sarah Palin who disappeared.

Democratic audience laughs because, well, they’re sheep.

(Everyone’s favorite Huck-obsessed fan Larry should not click the link)

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Mark Sanford still gets the prize for weird

You know what’s kind of interesting and different about the Mark Sanford story? He got caught like, mid-affair. John Edwards got caught after his mistress had a (obviously his though that’s still denied) child. Eliot Spitzer got caught months later when the madam was investigated. Even Bill Clinton got caught only when Monica told someone, long after it happened. It’s rare that the politician gets caught like this, affair still going on, getting off a plane from getting some Argentinian nookie.

I haven’t seen the press conference where he admits to the affair but I hear it’s really something. Allah tells me he’ll be posting it soon and I’ll be linking then.

UPDATE: Allah’s got the 3 minute bizarreness, the whole video is here It’s so much weirder than you can imagine. Most of it is like “what the hell is he talking about?” Is he really not on drugs? Really?

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Where in the world was Mark Sanford?

I am a big Mark Sanford fan. When asked who I’d like to see on the Republican presidential ticket, I would say “a Mark Sanford type.” I was rooting for McCain to pick him for VP. In 2005, I blogged that I was sad he had chosen not to run for president in 2008. And then last February, I wondered why not Mark Sanford for ‘12.

I say all this so you all understand, I really, truly like the man.

But I think this disappearing act is a huge deal and I don’t buy the “clearing his head” story. For one thing, he’s already been caught in a lie. He was hiking the Appalachian trail until he was spotted in the airport in Atlanta and now he was in, get this, Argentina for a few days. I’ve been to Argentina, it’s far. You don’t go there for 3 days. Furthermore, he’s a family man who disappeared from his family on Father’s Day weekend. He’s a governor, who dropped his security for a few days alone. It just isn’t ringing true with me. There’s more to this story and I don’t think it’s going to be good.

Apparently, he’s a quirky guy:

As a member of Congress in the 1990s, he slept in his office to save money. Political insiders recount tales of his walking around barefoot in meetings in the state Capitol and even doing sit-ups at odd times. During his State of the State speech in 2006, he lost his train of thought and admitted he was daydreaming about a fishing trip with a pal.

So maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the quirky governor really just wanted to see Buenos Aires and learn how to tango. Maybe there’s nothing more to this story at all. I’d like to be wrong. I don’t think I am.

Update: Who called it? South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford admits to extramarital affair

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June 23, 2009

Corporate sponsors: evil until you need them

Almost two years ago I wrote about a great idea to sell different subway stations to corporate brands, like Disney. And now it’s becoming a reality, at least for one station in Brooklyn.

I still think it’s an awesome idea, now more than ever. The only problem is the MTA can’t balance ten dollars, let alone the millions they’re responsible for, and this is just going to add money that they will blow through. And it isn’t going to stop the planned fare increase because that’s happening next week, corporate sponsors be damned.

Commuter Nick Desio said it best “They can call it anything they want, as long as my train’s on time.”

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Open thread

I got nothing today. Anybody want to share what they’re reading/thinking/doing? Hit the comment section.

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June 22, 2009

How is this not a bigger story?

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford missing since Thursday.

His wife is not worried because, get this, “the governor said he needed time away from their children to write something.” Shaaaaaaaaaady.

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New York magazine rounds up the most boring summer romance stories of all time.

In one of the stories, the object of affection is a dog. I mean, honestly.

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June 21, 2009

He will be surprised to learn he’s not king

Remember how Obama said if you’re happy with your current healthcare insurance then nothing need change under his proposed plan? Um, yeah, about that. Associated Press reports:

“White House officials suggest the president’s rhetoric shouldn’t be taken literally”

Because why would you take your president at his word. That’s crazy!

I also like this quote:

“If he was a king, he would deliver that, but he’s not king,” said Salisbury. His group [Employee Benefit Research Institute] is a nonpartisan information clearinghouse on health and pension benefits.

Quick, someone remind Obama he isn’t king.

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