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October 24, 2008

On the Ashley Todd attack

Dawn: “Don’t be a black guy, don’t be a black guy, don’t be a black guy.”

Me: “Don’t be fake, don’t be fake, don’t be fake.”

My gut reaction is that it’s a fake. I consider myself a strong reader of people and something about her eyes in the photo just doesn’t seem right. They’re laughing eyes, not traumatized eyes. But, like I noted in Dawn’s comment section, if it’s true, I’m a jerk.

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You’re welcome

Barney’s New York is having a big online sale. Someone buy these one-size-too-big-for-me Louboutins before I do.

UPDATE: The shoes are gone.

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Word to your mother

Petitedov’s mom wants to know how Obama raised $150 million last month if we’re in a recession.

Not a problem when you don’t verify your donors.

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Song of the Day

“Public Service Announcement” by Jay-Z

Listen to it here.

I’ve been on a big Jay-Z kick ever since the realization that he’s the best living rapper and this is one of those songs that when it comes on my ipod I basically start bouncing as I walk. And then I text Dawn random lyrics from the song: “No matter where you go, you are what you are, player. And you can try to change but that’s just the top layer. You was who you was when you got here.” And she writes back “you really was.” You really was. Also check out the acapella and the Grey album (a mix of Jay-Z’s “Black” album and the Beatles “White” Album) versions.

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October 23, 2008

Nail, coffin, etc.

Bush intends to establish U.S. diplomatic outpost in Iran

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Gone shopping

I’d like to tell you that today is the day I go back to regular blogging, and not the day I have five appointments at various bridal salons to try on a hundred poofy dresses. I’d like to, but I can’t.

Back soon, if I make it.

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October 22, 2008

Tell me…

…what your favorite song is right this minute.

UPDATE: I’m sorry, did that sound threatening and that’s why no one is commenting? I meant, tell me what you’re listening to at the moment because I’d like some musical suggestions.

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I don’t know why I found myself reading this article, about whether a woman’s weight during pregnancy can affect the political outlook of her future baby, but then I thought to myself “wait, I have a blog, I don’t have to suffer through this alone!” The money part, indeed the only part of the article having to do with obesity or voting instead of just saying that hormones have an effect on our bodies, is this:

So far, so intriguing. But what does any of it have to do with obesity?

Possibly nothing. But one additional observation suggests there could be a connection. Obese women have different hormonal profiles from women of normal weight. This is, in part, because fat cells themselves release hormones. Some of these affect appetite control and metabolism; others affect blood pressure. Fat cells also release estradiol, a form of estrogen. So when an obese woman becomes pregnant, her fetus is exposed to various “fat” hormones. Whether these hormones shape someone’s personality is unclear. But since exposure to hormones in the womb affects personality in so many other cases, it strikes me as possible that it could here too.

In the United States, the obesity epidemic began about 30 years ago. We are now at a point where one third of all pregnant women are obese. Their children will be voting in about 20 years’ time. If an “obese” environment in the womb has an impact on aspects of personality that affect political views, we may soon be seeing a big shift in the body politic.

So, there could be a connection between obesity in pregnant women and the vote of their future baby. Or, not. And if there is, then we’ll see a big shift in the body politic. But in what direction? Who knows, it hasn’t yet and very well may not. Got all that? Maybe, possibly, could, may, if.

That’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

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October 21, 2008

McCain reminds everyone he’s 100

McCain says he was tested during 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis

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They grow up so fast

Before Claudio Simpkins was explaining his support for John McCain over on the Fox News website, he was doing so right here at Alarming News. I am Claudio’s biggest fan, he’s definitely one to watch.

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Song of the Day

“The ballad of John and Yoko” by the Beatles

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October 20, 2008

Too busy for good blogging

Back soon.

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Wedding update

We’ve narrowed our location search down to a few islands with Turks&Caicos in the lead. Anyone have any Turks suggestions?

Update: Turns out T&C doesn’t allow weddings on Sundays! Which is a problem for 2 Jews looking to get married as we can’t do it on Friday or Saturday. Oy vey.

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Heyyyyy, I seem to recall he was in some recent administration too

Obama: Powell will have role as top adviser

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October 19, 2008

You are sleeping, you do not want to believe**

IC and I were out at a friend’s birthday dinner last night. The restaurant is a Mexican place in a non-residential part of Midtown. As the waitress led us to our table, IC looked around and said “signs of a bad economy”, referring to the fact that the place was half-full (or, in his mind, half-empty).

Now, this place is enormous. It’s two floors and just a giant, giant space. And it’s sort of in the middle of nowhere. Also, it was 7:30. Most New Yorkers don’t eat at 7:30 (unless, like us, they were trying to make it home in time for the Hopkins v. Pavlik fight). So the fact that they were even at half-capacity was impressive.

By the time we left, every single table in this huge space was occupied. At no point did IC say this was a sign of a robust economy.

A few weeks ago, he had off for Columbus Day. As we were in a cab heading downtown, he sighed. “I just saw an unemployed person.” “How do you know he’s unemployed?” “I just know.” “But we’re in Columbus Circle, one of the most touristy parts of the city. How do you know he wasn’t a tourist?” “No way, that guy was from New York.” “Also, it’s Columbus Day! You’re off from work and you’re never off from work!” “But it’s mostly bankers that are off today.” “Maybe that guy was a banker.” “Pshah! That guy was no banker.” As I hadn’t seen this mystery unemployed person who represented the fact that the economy was doneski, I asked IC to point out other “unemployed” people on our route. He sat up straight in the cab and started looking but then admitted that Times Square, where the cab now was, might not be the best place to identify hard-up New Yorkers.

My stories are not just to illustrate that I’m with the biggest pessimist of all time, which, y’know, is awesome, but that we shouldn’t get caught up in looking for signs of a slowed economy where there might not be any. No one is saying things are good right now, but so much of it is psychological. You look around and think you’re seeing unemployed people and before you know it you’re thinking about not taking your girl to Turks and Caicos for the weekend to look at possible wedding locations. Which is obviously crazy talk.

Joking aside, I am, in general, an optimist and despite the fact that every branch of our government has decided that socialism is the answer, I believe in America in a very long term way. We’ll get through this difficult time and we won’t remember when we were looking around for signs of end of days. I’m looking forward to that, even if my man will be back to his regularly scheduled pessimistic projections like “we’re going to be late” (we weren’t), “there won’t be any tables” (there were) and “the Cowboys are going to lose without Romo” (fingers crossed).

**I have no idea why I chose this for my headline but major props to anyone who gets where it’s from without the use of google.

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October 17, 2008

This is not a trick question

What is the likelihood I’ll buy my wedding dress from a salesgirl sporting a “Redheads for Obama” button?

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October 16, 2008


Sigh. We’re losing to a guy who 45% of voters don’t believe is qualified to be president.

Notes Karl Rove:

This is seven points more than George W. Bush’s highest reading in 2000 and the worst since Michael Dukakis’s 56% unqualified rating in 1988.

Rove also notes that Obama the liberal sure isn’t running that way:

Mr. Obama is trying to make the case that his lack of experience or record should not disqualify him. But in doing so, he seems to recognize that the U.S. is still a center-right country. His TV ads promise tax cuts and his radio ads savage Mr. McCain’s health-care plan as a tax increase. It’s a startling campaign conversion for the most liberal member of the Senate. We’ll know on Election Day if he is able to get away with it.

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