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September 30, 2008

How it happened

Several people have asked me to tell the engagement story and never let it be said I don’t give the people what they want:

I.C. and I had been throwing around the idea of getting away for a weekend. We looked into Miami but as it’s hurricane season it didn’t get chosen. Bermuda is already cold, Montreal didn’t seem right, no cruises fit our schedule and with the Jewish holidays around the corner we had sort of given up on the idea of getting away. Both of us play poker and at some point last week I.C. suggested going to Atlantic City.

I had been wanting to check out a new hotel on the boardwalk, The Chelsea and so we reserved a room for two nights.

Going into the weekend I had no idea that he might propose, although in retrospect there were so many signs. He kept saying how the weekend was all about me and that “you can have whatever you like.” By coincidence, several of our friends were at the Borgata on Friday night but heading back right around the time we arrived in A.C. I wanted to stop by and see them, I.C. was concerned about “leaving the laptop in the car in the parking lot” and made it clear he’d prefer to go to our hotel first. Oh, also, he suggested I bring the laptop. He never suggests I bring the laptop! (It was because he knew I’d want to blog/facebook the news shortly after it happened.) Then, when we checked into our room, the I.C. said “no, we need a different room, the safe is broken.” It didn’t seem that weird at the time because we were there to play poker and did have some cash on us but now it’s obvious he needed the safe for the ring.

We had a casual dinner on Friday night and spent a few hours at the poker table. He won a little, I lost a little. On Saturday, we slept in and lazy-ed around our room for a few hours before deciding to go get some breakfast. When we were showered and ready to leave, I.C. put his arms around me and told me he loved me. I said I loved him too. He said “yeah? And you want to be with me forever?” I giggled and said yes. And then he completely stunned me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised I just kept saying “oh my G-d” and finally “yes!”

The rest of the day was a surreal daze. After we called our families and close friends, we tried to go to the coffee shop in our hotel. But we couldn’t eat. We were so excited and just giddy. We walked on the boardwalk and just watched the ocean for awhile. We stared at my ring. Shiny. We talked about the wedding and talked about the future. We kissed a lot. It was awesome. We’re very happy and feel very lucky to be together. It took us awhile (that’s a whole other post, maybe tomorrow!) to get here but we’re so happy it happened; falling in love with my best friend has been completely magical and I can’t wait to begin our married life together.

UPDATE: IC said it’s tacky to post a picture of the ring but if the ring happens to be visible in a photo taken of me drinking an awesome blueberry mojito at Buddakan in AC, how can I not share?

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Happy new year!

Hope your 5769 is super sweet.

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September 29, 2008

Advice, please

Readers of this site might know that I am not the type of girl who has ever pictured her wedding day. Until like today. And it turns out I should’ve been paying more attention when other people told me about their wedding details. I don’t even know where one begins. So just to start: do I join TheKnot or WeddingChannel? For what, exactly? When are those wedding gown sales people always talk about? Is renting tacky if I think buying is stupid? We’re thinking a small destination wedding, probably in the Caribbean or Florida–ever been to a good one? What island? What hotel? Any and all practical advice would be greatly appreciated.

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September 28, 2008

In Brooklyn we’d say “he thinks who he is”

I’m still in engagement lalaland but I couldn’t resist blogging this:

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer was reading his newspaper on a recent Thursday morning when he was jolted by a comment made by his successor, David A. Paterson.

In the 22nd paragraph of a New York Times article on Aug. 21, Mr. Paterson said that aides to Mr. Spitzer had lacked experience in Albany, and added that the Spitzer administration’s management approach sometimes “just didn’t work.”

Mr. Spitzer grew upset, according to a senior aide to Mr. Paterson and another official. He picked up the phone, reached a Paterson aide, demanded a public apology from the governor and “issued threats, veiled and unveiled” against Mr. Paterson, said the aide, who insisted on anonymity because he did not want to anger either man.

No public apology was offered; Mr. Spitzer and Mr. Paterson have not spoken since June.

Hahahahaha. Sorry, is Eliot “brought down in a hooker scandal” Spitzer unaware that he’s no longer in a position to be demanding anything from anyone ever? He’s threatening the governor? Is he serious?

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September 27, 2008


I.C. asked me to marry him and I said yes!

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September 26, 2008

Audience participation poll

Joseph Weisenthal, who does the awesome blog The Stalwart, asked on his facebook profile the other day: “Financial market gyrations aside, does anyone else just *feel* like the real economy is slowing. I can’t quite place my finger on it…”

The truth is, despite living in New York City, with a boyfriend who works in finance, I don’t actually feel the economic downturn yet. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m in panic mode just as much as anyone else because, well, there’s a panicked feeling in the air. But the reality? I don’t know anyone who has gotten laid-off (yet). It’s still hard to get a cab when it’s raining or rush hour. All the best restaurants are still booked up every Friday and Saturday night for weeks. Fifth Avenue is still filled with shoppers and Bergdorf and Saks are crowded. I stopped by the Hermes sample sale the other day and the line was down the block. All my freelance friends are currently employed. Again, the last thing I want is to sound flip. These are dark economic times, it’s true. But are y’all actually seeing this or just hearing about it on TV?

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Does this mean the end of free checking?

My bank is gone.

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Song of the Day

“Whatever you like” by T.I.

It’s cheesy, sure, but I giggle when my boyfriend sings it to me (though I giggle just the same when he sings about putting Marcy on the map and Brooklyn on his back). And I thought the video was awful, right until the very end. Sidenote: did anyone catch T.I in last week’s “Entourage” episode? So cute.

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September 25, 2008

What’s 25 billions when we’re giving away so much more?

House clears $25bn for carmakers

Hat-tip James.

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If you had to pick two football teams to win this week, which would it be?

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…are we for the bailout or against the bailout?

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September 24, 2008

And now for a post mocking Dawn Summers

Clay Aiken: I’m gay
Rest of America: No, duh.
Clay’s biggest fan Dawn Summers: What?!!?!?!? No way!

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I yelp but don’t yet twitter

I evidently needed another online social-networky type time-suck and so I’ve become obsessed with Yelp.

Yelp is a reviews site and I’ve been reviewing every single thing I eat, drink and do.

If you’re a yelper, friend me. If you’re not, and have too much time on your hands, think about joining.

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September 23, 2008

And yet, rooms in Atlantic City are still 400 bucks

Unexpectedly, Las Vegas hit by U.S. downturn

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Go, Biden, go! You tell ‘em!

Ben Smith reports:

“We’re not supporting clean coal,” he said of himself and Obama.

They do, on paper, support clean coal.

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America: We still don’t get Lewinsky, though

Bill Clinton: ‘I get why Palin is hot’

Hat-tip Hot Air.

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Who loves Joe Biden?

I do!

Asked about the John-McCain-is-old ad put up by the Obama campaign, Barack Obama’s running mate said:

“I thought that was terrible, by the way.”

Asked why it was done, he [Biden] said: “I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we’d have never done it.”

Late Monday, Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton issued a statement from Biden. In it, Biden said he “was asked about an ad I’d never seen” and was “reacting merely to press reports.”

That’s an awfully strong opinion for an ad he’s never seen.

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