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August 29, 2008

The most exciting vice presidential pick of my lifetime

I overheard no fewer than three conversations about Sarah Palin today on the streets of New York. There is a buzz about this pick like I’ve never seen before. I thought announcing it on the Friday before a long weekend (though Obama’s announcement on a Saturday was no better–where are the PR people?) was a bad idea but it seems not to matter as it’s all people can talk about. Palin!

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My thoughts exactly

Jonah Goldberg sums up:

Quick, and provisional bottom line: The upside: She’s the best of the dark horses because she’s an exciting, exotic (yet heartlandish) female pick. The base will love her. She’s a true outsider and the only person in the race with serious executive experience. This will have to mean McCain’s flipping on ANWR, which will make gas prices a central issue.

Downside: She may not be ready for primetime. The heartbeat-from-the-presidency issue is a real one.

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I would’ve preferred someone from a blue or swing state, with slightly more experience than she’s got, but Sarah Palin is a solid conservative and a solid choice. And she’ll make Biden look like a Washington-entrenched grandpa. Bring them on.

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What election?

I baked a three layer chocolate peanut butter cake yesterday for the IC’s birthday. I got the recipe from the awesome, phenomenal, seriously-I’m-moving-into-her-place Deb at Smitten Kitchen, the most beautiful cooking site in all the land. And it was good:

Chocolate peanut butter cake

Cake and coffee

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Conversation of the Yesterday

Me: Theresa Heinz Kerry thinks Kerry won the election in ‘04.

Dawn Summers: Oh yeah? And that she’s First Lady right now?

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August 28, 2008


From a sad little article about John Edwards supporters:

Robert Groce, 40, of Summerville, S.C., said he still supports Edwards — proudly and defiantly — even though he understands his candidate’s political career is almost certainly finished.

If he understands that Edwards no longer has a political career, what exactly is he proudly and defiantly supporting him doing?

Groce fled New Orleans when Katrina’s floods hit and he was forced to move away. He had landed in Summerville when he saw Edwards launch his campaign from New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward.

“That touched me very much,” Groce said.

I’ve heard his dedication to his dying wife touched people very much too.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Comment of the Day II

“Sometimes your resume is so short you actually have room to put “from earth” on it.”

- Gib on PN’s post about an Obamamaniac explaining her support by saying “he is a man of the earth.”

My friends are funny.

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Comment of the Day

“I’ve heard the theory that he is second guessing the original plan, to descend from a roman mountaintop or something, so he wanted to be more traditional and diffuse the situation.”

- Pretty Numbers in response to a post on Clareified on why Obama got to the convention early.

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Song of the Day

“No One” by Alicia Keys.

Video here.

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August 27, 2008

Quote of the Day

The Democratic Party has just blown almost one-quarter of its convention on some of the most tepid personal-trivia testimonials and no-really-they-watched-Brady-Bunch crapola I have heard since my last Amway convention. Only with much less spirit. Wait, your mother loved you? IZ VOAT DIMOKRAT!

-Matt Welch.

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That, Dawn, is a buuuuuuurn

“And please clarify for me, which is worse, not knowing the amount of homes you own or how many states we have?”


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This explains the permanent line to get into their store

Employees say Abercrombie & Fitch is judging workers based on looks

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Mad about Men

I just came across, via Nichelle Stevens, these amazing illustrations from the show Mad Men (I haven’t seen the latest episode yet, so don’t tell me anything), made by Dyna Moe . I would totally put this one on my wall:

Joan Mad Men.jpg

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Adventures with Karol and Dawn

# 1035.

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August 26, 2008

No to Huck

Huck-obsessed commenter Larry sends along this post on NR’s Corner by Rich Lowry on how maybe Huckabee should be McCain’s VP.

I say no.

Here’s the thing, Rich’s argument is sound, Huck would, in theory, bring a lot of things to the ticket which it lacks. Huck is a solid social conservative, he is a good speaker and he is liked by the press.

In practice, a McCain/Huck ticket is a losing one, and not just because the press will sour on Huck so fast if he tries to take on The One. McCain has to convince conservatives, both social and fiscal, that he’s one of them. Huck may have a lock on the social-cons but the fiscal-cons have heard his “Club for Greed” comments as well as his support for big government programs like paying college tuition for the children of illegal immigrants.

Huck’s social-con credentials include his comment that the Constitution should be amendeded to better reflect the bible. Larry the Huck nut will argue that Huck was just pandering and doesn’t really mean it. That won’t make people like me feel better about it.

Lastly, Huck puts no additional states in play. McCain will already romp in Arkansas and Huck does nothing for the swing states. He may redden already red states but who needs that? McCain needs a solid conservative, preferably from a swing state or with ties to a swing state, who won’t anger either wing of the Republican party. We’re going to need the fiscal and social cons together to win this one. Huckabee won’t cut it.

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Song of the Day

“Love Sponge” by Buju Banton

The beginning of my relationship with IC is marked by bittersweet music. We were best friends who fell in love, obviously it couldn’t work out. This wasn’t a movie, this wasn’t The O.C., it couldn’t really be this easy. We kept each other at arm’s length, it was too scary otherwise, and pretended it wasn’t happening. “I want you” by Common, “Do You” by Ne-Yo, “Homecoming” by Kanye were some of our songs, we’d torture ourselves with songs of longing and loss, and relationships that just couldn’t be.

When we gave in to it, decided to be together, told our surprised families and friends, well, it was, and is, magic. The music we associated with our relationship got happier. We’d listen to “Hot Thing” by Talib Kweli, “Let Me Know” by Collie Buddz, “Good Life” by Kanye West, among others. Somehow along the way, this Buju Banton tune became “our” song. Happy birthday, baby, I never know you would really feel so nice/with you I’m in no hurry.

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You’re racist if you don’t vote for my guy

In the year 2008, there are few heroes. But there is one man, one Leonard Greene, who tells it like it is:

“The biggest issue in the 2008 presidential election is the color of one man’s skin.

There, it’s been said. No more denials. No more world records in verbal gymnastics. No more elephants on the convention floor.”

Wow. He’s so brave. I’ve only blogged about like 8 other articles just like this one (except, seriously, they were mostly better written). We’re all racists for not lining up behind the candidate he feels we should support.

He continues:

“How else do you explain a race tighter than Michael Phelps’ swim cap?”

I explain it by saying Barack Obama is a weak candidate with limited experience and not a lot of depth. To put it in Olympics terms, the election is a marathon, not a sprint. He can hope-change it up at the start, fire up the crowds, go on a tour of Europe. But all of that gets old if he can’t provide specifics on his numerous plans and farfetched ideas.

The fact that it’s the NY Post publishing this Greene character is more than a little embarrassing. His article reads like a blog post, except not nearly as thought out.

Hat-tip Ari.

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