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July 29, 2008


Ken Wheaton sends along a review for the new global warming film called “Sizzle”. Apparently, Sizzle began as film about the “present dangers” of global warming but didn’t quite turn out that way:

This is where “Sizzle” shifts into a direction that perhaps Olson didn’t intend or foresee: The skeptics actually begin to win the day, at least onscreen, and Julia Bovey, spokeswoman for the environmentalist Natural Resources Defense Council, comes off as far less convincing than Olson may have hoped.

I do public relations work for a really great debate series in New York called Intelligence Squared U.S. (check out the Fall season here, and if you’re in the NY area I recommend snapping up tickets now, all the previous seasons have sold out). Before I began working for them, they held a debate on the motion “Global warming is not a crisis.” The audience votes before and after each debate and this particular debate saw a huge shift in audience opinion. Before the debate 29.8% of the audience agreed with the motion while 57.3% disagreed. 12.8% were undecided. After the debate 46.2% agreed with the motion, 42.2% disagreed and 11.5% were undecided. You can listen to the debate here, read the transcript here and see images from the debate here.

Global warming panic seems to be at an all-time high these days with everyone trying to get in on the “green” action. But the more people are exposed to other opinions on the earth’s warming and the human role in the phenomenon, the less they believe the conventional wisdom. More information=less hysteria.

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More information = less hysteria. If only this could be applied to sex ed in schools, gay people, how the world was created and the cases for war.

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