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March 31, 2008

Oh, ok, I won’t then.

50 Cent switches endorsement from Hillary to Obama but adds, don’t wait for him to make your own decisions.

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Photo(s) of the Day

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel.

Staircase looking up:

Chelsea stairs looking up

Staircase looking down:

Chelsea stairs looking down

I remain completely fascinated by the Hotel Chelsea. I had been in the lobby a few times but never up the stairs and in the rooms. It was a pretty cool experience. There is art everywhere and it does have a very historic feel to the place. There’s a blog, written by residents of the hotel, with all the latest news on the Chelsea. Apparently, Jack White was recently there. Its appeal to the creative survives.

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John Hawkins interviews me, and five other fabulous, conservative women, on dating. I don’t say anything that earth-shattering but I think I give a good piece of advice when I say that men should use the phone more and email/im/social networking sites less to ask a girl out.

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I love this primary season

Clinton rejects numerous calls to leave, Obama says she can stay

Hillary Clinton is under fire from all sides this week as she is refusing to leave the Democratic presdiential race even though she has no chance to catch Barack Obama in the delegate count, an thus win the nomination.

Saturday she rejected calls by supporters of Obama to quit the race, while Obama graciously said Clinton could remain in race “as long as she wants.”

How. Embarrassing.

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March 30, 2008

T-shirt of the day

Picture 027

At an Obama-fan stand in Union Square Park.

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The gender thing

I.C. and I are heading out on this sunny Sunday to get what’s being called Manhattan answer to DiFara’s pizza (and then to this exhibit at the Chelsea Hotel. I admit I am mostly going because I want to see the Chelsea rooms) so I can’t write more than “this is good, go read this” about Kyle Smith’s piece on women’s liberation in today’s NY Post. But seriously, it’s excellent, go read it.

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March 29, 2008

Dissed and dismissed

PA Senator Bob Casey, Jr. endorses Obama

Two questions:

1. How does Hillary go back to a Senate full of peers who clearly hate her?

2. Do the Clintons ever campaign for anyone ever again?

UPDATE: Here’s a link to Hillary campaigning for Casey in ‘06. It’s actually a story about weak turnout for the fundraiser. Of course, as the campaign event was in Chicago and Casey was running in PA, I’m not sure what exactly they were expecting.

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March 28, 2008

The Outsiders

Every few years some website catches up with what the all-star cast of the Outsiders is doing these days. I’m a total sucker for it because it was one of my favorite books and movies growing up. I hadn’t even realized until this recent catch-up that Tom Cruise, Tom Waits, Diane Lane and Sophia Coppola (mentioned twice today on Alarming News!) were in it.

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Song of the Day

“I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” by White Stripes.

I was excited to discover that Sophia Coppola directed the video for this song and that it featured Kate Moss. But the video, which in its entirety features Kate playing stripper on a pole, is so surprisingly boring (not safe for work, obvi). I expect better from everyone involved.

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I don’t understand, do they not have internet access

NY Times Health: The Wretched Life of the Insomniac

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More on food

It’s Restaurant Week in Brooklyn.

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March 27, 2008

I love this primary season

Headline: Democratic race over? Clinton doesn’t think so

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Picture of the Day

My friend J.Walter Hawkes is one of the best trombone players I’ve ever heard but here he is playing the ukelele at his show last night at M Bar in the Mansfield Hotel. He also sings, and does a version of “Our Love is Here to Stay” that’s my absolute favorite.


Check out his upcoming NY gigs here.

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My favorite Yankee gets married

I love his prepared statement:

“I, Hideki Matsui, am getting married. I have decided to spend my whole life with her,” Matsui said in a statement released at the Yankees’ training camp in Florida, Jiji Press reported.

Hat-tip Peter.

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March 26, 2008

Not anti-war, just on the other side

US: Saddam paid for lawmakers’ Iraq trip

Hat-tip Peter who not only sent along the tip but also wrote the headline.

…And not the suicide bombers who blow up restaurants and busses

Obama advisor: US Jews hinder peace

Hat-tip Pretty Numbers.

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