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February 25, 2008

The most embarrassing campaign of all time.

Obama calls Republicans who support him ‘Obamacans’. (Via Hot Air Headlines)

Gag me with a spoon.

I call them Democrats, myself.

UPDATE: No, really, how does anyone associated with this trite, nauseatingly emotive campaign walk around with their face showing?

“I’m a conservative, but I have gay friends,” Pedaline explains over dinner at a Columbus diner. “I have friends who don’t believe in abortion, but I don’t condemn them for it; I don’t feel like Obama is condemning me for being a Republican.”

Wow, so, he’s a conservative…but he has gay friends. That’s so novel. It’s almost as if the two things have nothing to do with each other at all. And he has friends who don’t believe in abortion. Like, what don’t they believe about it, exactly? Do they deny the existence of abortion? Is it like not believing in aliens? And, of course, the best part, he doesn’t feel that this UBER-liberal is condemning him for being a Republican. That’s so sweet. I love feelings in general but I especially love feelings when they tell you everything you need to know about your presidential candidate. Obama wouldn’t condemn Pedaline for being a Republican. Why would he? Pedaline is willing to support Obama based not on reason, or issue-analysis, or anything logical, but on this warm feeling all up inside him.

No, people, Obama won’t win in the general. There just aren’t as many doofuses as the stories on people like Pedaline would have us believe.

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The Prestige, guys, really?

It’s true Christian Bale can do little wrong, but The Prestige was not a great movie. It certainly wasn’t better than The Illusionist, which might have its flaws, but doesn’t have {SPOILER ALERT} a machine which duplicates man. A little far-fetched, no? My boyfriend, I mean, my Netflix partner, is threatening to cut me off from future movie choosing and I blame all of you.

Human Nature was pretty good, though. I enjoyed the humor in it and it was certainly different.

Up next is Straight Story.

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Ralph Nader Running for President

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What was the vote count?


Cuba Chooses Raul Castro as New Leader

Raúl Castro elected Cuba’s new president

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February 22, 2008


I caught a good Israeli flick last night, called “The Band’s Visit”, at New York’s best bad theatre.

I liked the movie a lot, it can most accurately be described as “charming”. My favorite part of the film was that it involved Israelis and Egyptians, and yet there was nearly no mention of Arab-Israeli conflict or the Palestinian situation. Different.

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Ma bad.

Turns out, Will Smith does not think Hitler was a good man.

I’m glad he fought this, it had marred by opinion of him to think he held such an insane opinion.

Hat-tip James.

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Song of the Day

“Bonnie and Shyne” by Shyne

It’s a break from the all-Reggae thing, though this song does have Barrington Levy bringing the Reggae in the background. I love this song, and can’t wait for Shyne to get out of jail and make some more music. Some of the lyrics are not safe for work and it is a rap video so rolling around with a half-naked girl is pretty mandatory. I wonder if Shyne and former cellmate ex-New York State Senator, Guy Velella keep in touch.

Update: I should also have noted that it’s a recurring theme in hip-hop songs to wonder if the girl will stand by the rapper if he fails. 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” wonders if she’d love him on a bus; Shyne seems confident that to her “it don’t matter, whether [his]pockets are slim or fatter…” I would love to know if that’s actually the case, and if Shyne’s girl is standing by him during his decade in the slammer.

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Cheating is so cool

Tori Spelling and Valerie Bertinelli both proudly cop to cheating on their spouses. Although, I suppose they’re both so D-List that they never thought it would actually be printed.

Oh well

I guess I won’t be naming my future son D’Artagnan after all.

Hat-tip Mr. Peter who plans to sire a whole litter of blurry eyed children– though likely without apostrophes in their names.

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Supporting John McCain

Yahoo Headline: Conservatives blast report on McCain and lobbyist

It shouldn’t just be conservatives. No matter what we say about the NY Times, it remains the most influential paper in the country. If our most widely regarded paper is printing, essentially, nonsense with “unnamed sources” to back it up, that’s a huge problem. Paul Levinson, Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University and Obama supporter, has more on this.

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February 21, 2008

Picture of the Day

Last night’s lunar eclipse taken by my friend M.


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The Bush boogie woogie

President Bush gets down with his bad self in Africa.

Love. It.

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Song of the Day

“What a Feeling” by Collie Buddz. It’s not much of a “video”, I’m just putting it up so y’all can hear the song. The only other video on youtube is a homemade one of a girl shaking her thing to the song. If that’s what you’re into.

Did I mention I’m going to Grand Cayman in a week?

Hat-tip I.C., who might be coming with me.

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Who didn’t see that love affair ending?

John McCain vs. The New York Times.

Let’s face it, if there was anything to this “John McCain had a thing with a chick lobbyist” story, the New York Times wouldn’t be releasing it in February. It would be a late October/early November front pager. That’s how they do.

February 20, 2008

Song of the Day

“Love Sponge” by Buju Banton.

This is the best version I can find on youtube, but it’s not that good, so download the song from itunes or limewire or whatever the kids are using these days:

Hat-tip to Israeli Commando for putting the tune in my head.

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“If you’re over ten and believe CNN, you’re in too deep”

CNN coaches anchors to say nice things about Castro.

I guess talking about all the people he killed or imprisoned would be a bummer, man. Did you know Cuba has free healthcare?

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Hope is not an accomplishment

I maintain that an Obama candidacy will be a whole lot of this.

My Republican friends that are worried about Obama should look to the fact that there’s over 7 months between now and election day. The hope and change blah blah will start to grate. He will be challenged on actual accomplishments. And while we may have our problems with McCain, his 25+ years in Congress have produced actual, tangible results. I want us to run against Obama. An empty suit can never become president.

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