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February 29, 2008


Apparently, some Patriots fans are nowhere near over their historic loss.

UPDATE: I mean, really not over it:

I converted an entire contingent of Swedish boys from not caring a fig about American football to indignantly believing the Patriots were robbed because why should they even have had to play a Superbowl when they already had such a vastly superior record to any other team in league? “What you say makes sense. That does seem unfair!” They said nodding their heads.
And they offered to write letters.

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Question for those back in America

Is CNN in the US also wall-to-wall Harry in Afghanistan coverage?

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They do when they’re on vacation

Reuters: Americans don’t sleep enough

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Des vacances

I’m in Grand Cayman till Sunday. I’ll be checking in from time to time but blogging will be limited.

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February 27, 2008

Jews in the debate

“Who knew this debate would turn into a Jewish love fest?”

Do Jews realize that if they didn’t vote en masse for Democrats, we might get mentioned in the general election too? Just. A. Thought.

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A legend is gone

William F. Buckley, dead at 82.

Hat-tip Jamie.

UPDATE: I had the pleasure of meeting him twice. Both times made me completely goofy.

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Song of the Day

“Flashing Lights” by Kanye West.

It’s been all Reggae all the time (I just answered my phone with a Shabba lyric), but this morning I woke up with Kanye on my mind. And while “Good Life” might be better when one is leaving for Grand Cayman in the morning with their phenomenal new boyfriend, I went with “Flashing Lights” because the video was only recently released.

Like everything Kanye produces, the video is good, but it’s being called “ground-breaking” and getting the kind of praise only Kanye really gets. The video is not entirely safe for work (there’s a woman strutting around in her underclothes for most of it). The song, though, like every song on the Graduation album, is straight fire.

UPDATE: Damn it, I hate when I repeat the Song of the Day.

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February 26, 2008

I reject but don’t denounce her. Or maybe it’s denounce but not reject.

Dawn Summers posts a totally racist recap of her recent Cancun trip.

Also, it turns out she couldn’t have been raised in Brooklyn.

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We so rock.

Survey: Jews are America’s top-earning religious group

Hat-tip Yelena.

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Make the pie higher

Hillary mangles a gambling analogy.

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“That’s ok”

NBC is being lame and pulling the clips from their last Saturday Night Live episode off of YouTube. The word is that it was the first funny SNL in years, you’d think they’d want to promote that a little bit. Anyway, they do have a clip on their website of the Obama v. Hillary debate for those who have yet to see it.

We really are

Dawn Summers came back from a roadtrip saying that she’d met someone who would definitely become my new friend:

“No…but I love Russians! I wish I was Russian. They are so cool, you know?”

No. No, I do not know.

Oh, she knows.

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Get him.

I think Abe Greenwald is questioning Barack Obama’s patriotism.

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Song of the Day

“Let Me Know” by Collie Buddz

I can’t find a good video of it on YouTube, you can listen to the song set to a still image here:

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February 25, 2008

So “hushed”, it’s in the New York Times

Hushed worry about Obama’s safety
Some voters invoke memories of the killings of King, Kennedy in 1968

Except that: “Gerald Posner , author of books on the assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr. King, said he did not believe that Mr. Obama was under a significantly higher risk than President Bush or Mrs. Clinton.”

What a powerful story about one man’s courage to take the exact same risks as everybody else.

Hat-tip James.

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Art in NY

I’m not that into art but I’ve had this on my calendar for months: Gustave Courbet’s retrospective arrives at the Met this Wednesday until May 18. I love me some Gustave. The link calls him “the Damien Hirst of his day” because they both stirred up controversy. Sure, except Gustave was talented.

Compare, please.

Gustave Courbet:
Gustave Courbet

Damien Hirst (when I worked in the Chrysler Building, this painting hung in the mini gallery at the back of the building. I would always marvel that somewhere people are calling this art):

Damien Hirst

Funny, that

Only because I’m not there, of course (Via the Weekly Standard Blog):

Cuba features a universal health care system, a minuscule 1.9 percent unemployment rate, near-total literacy, complete political “unity” — and hundreds of thousands of people ready to risk their lives to get the hell out.

Remember when Cubans tried to make a run for Mexico? Mexico. Seriously. When people are trying to escape to a country where life sucks so bad all the people from there are trying to get out too, I don’t want to hear about the literacy rate, k?

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