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January 31, 2008

In it to win it

Romney makes significant Super Tuesday ad-buy.

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Amusing conversations of the last two days

Me: Urg, it’s McCain, my nightmare is coming true.
Dawn Summers: Hahahahaha.
Me: I don’t know what you’re laughing at.
Dawn (clearly unsure if a McCain candidacy is a good or bad thing for Democrats): Sob, I don’t know what I’m laughing at either.

My father: Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?
Me: No, I hate Valentine’s Day. I just can’t be that corny.
Him: It’s all about the company. I’d celebrate Ramadan if the company was good.

Me: Are you betting on the Superbowl?
NFP: I bet on British soccer at 10am on Saturday mornings but I think I’m going to sit out the Superbowl.
Me: Really?
NFP: No, dude.

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Mitt. Mitt. Mitt.

Thinking of voting for McCain because you think the writing is on the wall, that he’ll be our nominee and so you may as well get used to it? Read this first (hat-tip Hot Air Headlines). There is more conservative man in this race, and one that doesn’t want to change the constitution to reflect the bible. That man is Mitt Romney. We’ll all have to suck it up and go with McCain if he’s the Republican candidate running against Hillary or Obama. But we don’t have to do it yet. Go Mitt.

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January 30, 2008

Eye. Roll.

Dear women of the world, Carol Sarler of Britain’s Daily Mail doesn’t think you should worry about your man having an affair. At least he’s not beating you. And no, sadly, she’s not kidding.

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There’s only one thing left to do–Let’s Go Mitt!

“Start looking hard at the numbers and put yourself in the discussions with Team Romney. It isn’t pretty, but it is far, far from over.”- Hugh Hewitt

I actually think it is over but as I wrote on Walter Olson’s Facebook wall, when we end up with McCain I won’t forgive myself for not agitating for Mitt.

Expect this site to be all-Mitt-love-all-the-time until the point when I will have to resolve myself to the fact that my Republican party picked the worst candidate of the whole damn bunch and start supporting, gag, John McCain. And make no mistake about it, I’ll support McCain when he’s the Republican nominee. No matter my problems with him, my problems with Hillary or Obama are so much deeper. Now is our last chance to get another candidate. If we fail to do that, McCain will have to be our guy and we will all have to get behind him. Even those of us who wrote multiple posts titled “Anybody But McCain.” Sigh.

Want to get involved with the Mitt campaign in your state and don’t know how? Drop me an email and I’ll figure it out for you. This is still doable. Not very doable but we must at least try. Go Mitt!

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January 29, 2008

Headline of the Day

“Obama to bring hope, change to Iraq by abandoning it immediately”


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Fight for New York

Barack Obama to run ads in New York. Watch your back, Hill, your faux Yankee fandom won’t save you now.

Let’s go..Judge Doom or Gordon Gekko?

Dorian Davis compares the candidates to their fictional counterparts in Jewcy.

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Wait, where have I heard this before?

Oh yes, it was during the Howard Dean campaign and then again during John Kerry’s. Errol Lewis in today’s NY Daily News:

The big untold story in the race – the greatest, most unpredictable factor – is Obama’s creation of a powerful youth movement that pollsters and pundits often overlook. On the day before the primary, Clinton got a tepid response from about 600 students at a black college and Edwards spoke to about 200 – but Obama wowed 5,000 kids at Clemson University, and another 1,000 or so at a late-night rally across the street from the University of South Carolina.

I spoke to students who traveled from places like Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and New York to volunteer for the campaign. One group of out-of-state twentysomething volunteers I spent time with arrived from up north like old-style civil rights workers, knocking on doors by day and bunking with local families at night.

They were charged up and happy to be working for Obama – and positively delirious at the rallies.

“Young people are voting at rates we have not seen in the history of this country,” Obama told a cheering crowd on Friday night. “It’s your generation that can imagine not just the world as it is, but the world as it could be.”

Let me, again, quote myself the day after the last presidential election from my “lessons from an election” post:

Young people don’t vote. They have never voted. They will never vote. Even when you threaten them with death. Even when Eminem makes a ‘cool’ video about it. Even when they’re lied to and told that they’ll get drafted. Counting on the young vote (or, really, ‘new’ voters of any age) is just about the worst strategy for any campaign.

But, as you all know, I’m rooting for Obama because I think he will be easier to beat than Hillary here’s hoping they keep on keeping on with the strategy of attracting new voters to the polls. It might totally work this time.

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January 28, 2008

Give men a break

Kay Hymnowitz has an interesting article in the latest issue of City Journal bemoaning the state of today’s young men. Apparently, they like half-naked women, football, video games and staying single. Shocking, I know. And apparently this just won’t do:

Not so long ago, the average mid-twentysomething had achieved most of adulthood’s milestones—high school degree, financial independence, marriage, and children. These days, he lingers—happily—in a new hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence and responsible self-reliance. Decades in unfolding, this limbo may not seem like news to many, but in fact it is to the early twenty-first century what adolescence was to the early twentieth: a momentous sociological development of profound economic and cultural import. Some call this new period “emerging adulthood,” others “extended adolescence”; David Brooks recently took a stab with the “Odyssey Years,” a “decade of wandering.”

But while we grapple with the name, it’s time to state what is now obvious to legions of frustrated young women: the limbo doesn’t bring out the best in young men. With women, you could argue that adulthood is in fact emergent. Single women in their twenties and early thirties are joining an international New Girl Order, hyperachieving in both school and an increasingly female-friendly workplace, while packing leisure hours with shopping, traveling, and dining with friends [see “The New Girl Order,” Autumn 2007]. Single Young Males, or SYMs, by contrast, often seem to hang out in a playground of drinking, hooking up, playing Halo 3, and, in many cases, underachieving. With them, adulthood looks as though it’s receding.

But why not have an extended adolescence? What, ultimately, is the harm in playing Halo and hanging out with friends?

Hymnowitz continues:

“Consider: in 1970, 69 percent of 25-year-old and 85 percent of 30-year-old white men were married; in 2000, only 33 percent and 58 percent were, respectively”

In 1970 the life expectancy of an American male was 67 years old. Today it is about 76. He’s picked up nearly a decade and damn right he’s going to use it to have some fun. Why begrudge men that?

Look, I’ve read Mark Steyn’s “America Alone”, I understand our need to maintain a certain birth rate. But Hymnowitz, and all the others who pick on people who maintain that 30 is the new 20, don’t say that these men will never settle down and outgrow their adolescence. They will get married, have babies, be responsible, and contribute to society. Just not today. And they will always love football and naked women, but so what? Women like tons of brainless crap from celebrity gossip magazines to shoe-shopping. No one calls us infants because we know what Paris Hilton is doing today. No one says we’re immature when we spend a week’s salary on Manolos. So, no, I have no scolding for the 20-something man who is doing his thing, even if that thing is getting really good at Playstation. His own life situation will cause him to grow up. No article mocking his lifestyle ever will.

Hat-tip CHSW.


Clinton Brings Campaign to Florida:

Like her rivals, Clinton has agreed to a pledge imposed by national party leaders not to publicly campaign in the state. But after South Carolina, Clinton was skating up against the edge of that agreement and trying to lend some credibility to the outcome Tuesday.

She arrived in Florida on Sunday for two events – both closed fundraisers, in keeping with the pledge not to campaign. She clearly winked at that pledge with her arrival, joking about the warm weather and positioning herself so photographers had a palm tree for a backdrop.

“It is absolutely glorious,” said Clinton. “It is a perfect day here in Florida.”

What’s a broken pledge between you and a friend?

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Song of the Day

“No Diggity” by Blackstreet.

In the winter of 1997, you couldn’t get into a car in Brooklyn without this song playing on the sound system. Years later I would hear the opening beats of the Bill Withers song “Grandma’s Hands” and realize that’s where Blackstreet got that great backing beat. I guess Blackstreet is technically a one-hit wonder though they’ve done background stuff on other big hits. Still, one-hit wonder or not, ten years later while driving around Manhattan with my, um, Netflix partner and his visiting Israeli cousin, everyone knew to sing along with the line of the song:

“I can’t get her out of my mind…OW…I think about the girl all the time.”

Pretty damn classic.

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Dawn Summers Down Under

Waiters in Australia don’t work for tips and oh, you can tell. It’s like by the end you are so frustrated about your empty water glass, and missing miso soup that you’re like, I am so not leaving a tip for this…oh…right…well played Australian waiter, well played.

The next hilarious installment of Dawn’s trip to Australia is now up at Clareified.

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But I agree with Allahpundit that Rudy’s awesome new ad is too little too late.

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January 27, 2008

Comment Exchange of the Day

On my “what a nightmare” post below:

“Wow, nominating a candidate that appeals more to cross-over voters than partisan fanatics. What a nightmare!”-Joe Grossberg

“Joe, the problem Republicans have with McCain is they’d like a Republican to be the nominee. Even if McCain is the best available Democrat, it just doesn’t feel right.”-Mark Poling

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The one we’ve all been waiting for

’80s boy band New Kids on the Block set for comeback

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