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December 21, 2007


How come I got about a million emails from pro-life groups about the film Bella but none about the movie Juno? I didn’t see Bella, so I can’t speak to its quality, but Juno was a great movie that happened to have a great “choose life” message running all the way through.

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I could be wrong about this-I haven’t seen either film-but based upon the reviews I’ve read I got the distinct impression that Juno was a mainstream movie, which might have had a pro-life message that was incidental to the larger plot, while Bella was explitcly opposed to abortion as a function of its plot.
You don’t see that many pro-abortion films being made in Hollywood. Even John Cusack takes a shot at Planned Parenthood in that goofy comedy that tanked recently.
Of course, this pisses off the ideological minders at the Old Gray Heifer, who feel compelled to be the NKVD of the abortion ethusiasts movement in this country.
The NYT even went so far as to run a story about how films like Waitress illustrated how tepid and uncontroversial directors had become in their approach to this subject. I was kind of relieved when they published that piece, because I thought they were going to use the occasion to beat the drums for actually kicking out all of the criminals who are in this country illegally, and pose an imminent threat to our lives.
The Adrienne Shelly Foundation

Posted by: Gerard at December 21, 2007 at 7:36 pm

Did it star Jamie Lynn Spears?

Posted by: The Amazing Dawn Summers at December 22, 2007 at 4:52 am

probably the same reason you didn’t get pro-life emails about “knocked up”…..juno isn’t “serious” enough to be an authentic and humorless pro-life movie.

Posted by: brent j. at December 22, 2007 at 9:39 am

Maybe they’ve recently read all of your love for gangsta rappers who pop caps at other guys for looking at them cross-eyed at a stoplight, and concluded you wouldn’t be interested in seeing their film with a pro-life message !
I’m sure you’ll get an inbox full of email when the sequel to “Boyz N’ the Hood” is released.
Ha, ha, ha.

Posted by: BadBoyInASuit at December 22, 2007 at 1:23 pm

Maybe because the film will just naturally repel moviegoers if there’s a rabid anti-choice message attached to it?

Posted by: hashfanatic at December 23, 2007 at 12:19 am

See, right there is the problem with the language of the “choicers”. I said there is a pro-life message attached. Nowhere did I see there was an anti-choice one. The fact that you see those two things as the same is an issue. For you.

Posted by: Karol at December 23, 2007 at 11:18 am

Hooray for underage sex!
Hooray for teen pregnancy!
Once upon a time, the mere idea of sex (let alone pregnancy) out of wedlock was taboo.
Hooray for our more enlightened, secular, non-judgmental modern socetal mores!
Hopefully in a few years, I’ll be able to go watch kiddie porn at my local movie theater, and my kids can watch harcore cocksucking on broadcast television.
Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! Three cheers for underage sex and teen pregnancy!

Posted by: Phil at December 29, 2007 at 12:09 am
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