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December 30, 2007

And he’s supposedly the “serious” candidate on the left

Mark Steyn spanks Bill Richardson on his Pakistan comments.

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Me, me, me

BG wrote up his Vegas trip report and calls our 2-hour political argument his favorite part of the weekend. Also, I’m intelligent and accomplished. So there.

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December 29, 2007

Let’s go, NY!

Picture 274

Picture 273

UPDATE: Awwwww, lemon.

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December 28, 2007

A very Jew-y Christmas

Is it just New York Jews who have some sort of movie-going/Chinese-food-ordering tradition on Christmas? I don’t Jew it up that well, though. We opted for Thai and the movie (Persepolis) was sold out.

Other than a last-minute passport renewal panic (great success, I leave for Aruba on Sunday), this week has been a whirlwind of wine, food and movies. Some quickie reviews are below. Please add your own recommendations in the comment section.


Olive oil, spices, wine, bread

Ilili-I mentioned this restaurant in my “things I want to do in NY” list (though I’ve only done #4 so far, I have a bunch of new things to add to a future such list). We checked it out on Christmas Eve and I liked it a lot. I recommend the Kubbeh and the brussel sprouts.

Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn- This was merely ok. It’s a little overpriced for Park Slope, and the menu isn’t all that exciting. The risotto appetizer was pretty good, though.

Earthen Oven- Is it just me being an Anglophile or does Indian Food in America pretty much suck? Earthen Oven is my favorite Indian Food in NY, and therefore the country. It’s consistently delicious; almost as good as the Indian food in Britain.

Atlantic Grill, Brooklyn- This place used to be competitive with the powerhouses of Russian dining, Tatiana and Rasputin. Not. No. More.

Balthazar- I haven’t eaten at Balthazar in forever, because I think their food is pretty mediocre, but I stopped by their bakery today and picked up their signature chocolate bread as well as a baguette and a couple of tarts. They are incredible. I wonder if they still do that thing where they give away all of their unsold baked goods at the end of every evening. I used to have a friend who lived on that.


Juno-This movie was funny and cute. And I think the pro-life movement should appreciate a movie like this which has a pro-life theme without beating you over the head with it.

Beautiful Girls- I’ve seen this a million times and I just love something about the “coming home to figure things out” plot line.

Devil Wears Prada- Awful. Really, really awful. Worst of all,a guy made me watch it.

Cymbeline at Lincoln Center- Cymbeline is one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays. And now I sort of understand why. It had a good cast, with Phylicia Rashād and Martha Plimpton, it just wasn’t that compelling a story.

Cymbeline at Lincoln Center


Mille Una Notte

Mille e Una Notte- My father gave me this bottle which translated means “A thousand and one nights”. It’s a little fuller than I tend to like my reds but it’s a great wine.

Massaya Lebanese wine

Massaya- I thought this Lebanese wine was pretty good. My date, a wine snob, did not.

Siete Leguas Tequila- In general, I despise tequila. I’ll drink it in Margaritas or other mixed drinks, but it takes a lot to convince me to do shots of Petron when they’re being passed around. Leguas, though, wow. It’s so good it’s sipped!

La Zollo Barolo- I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say this is one of the best wines I’ve ever had. I randomly picked it up at the wine shop across the street from my apartment and I got an approving comment from the owner. Even the aforementioned wine snob enjoyed it.

Again, please leave your own recommendations on things to eat, drink and see in the comment section. I love the suggestions.

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Back Soon

I’ve had a busy few days but hope to be back to something resembling regular blogging this afternoon.

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December 27, 2007

Word is she was shot twice before the “suicide attack”

Pakistan Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has died after a suicide attack at a political rally.

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From the Associated Press:

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday made her closing argument to female voters in a message that could be reduced to three words.

You. Go. Girl.

Actually, it’s more like “Republicans hate families”:

Clinton, standing in a lobby of a YWCA, told undecided mothers and their daughters that her agenda for families and children is the most aggressive to help them. She touted her family care and child care tax credits designed to lessen the burden on working women.

“We can do a better job in supporting families than we do right now,” Clinton said. “We give a lot of lip service to family values, but we’ve never really valued families in a way that we can.”

Or, the slightly lengthier, “Vote for Me, I’m a Chick”:

One voter, a self-described feminist, asked Clinton later in Keene if she thought it was acceptable to support her based solely on her gender.

“Of course I do,” Clinton said with laughter. “I’m not asking you to vote for me because I’m a woman. … But the fact that I am a woman gives this election extra significance.”

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December 25, 2007

It’s Christmastime in the city

Time Warner Center

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Though, as it’s John Kerry, he may change his mind soon

“I’m even more deeply troubled to see that today we find ourselves in a place of division when we could have been united – so much promise threatened by President Bush’s threat to veto a bipartisan bill that funds stem cell research.”- John Kerry on Stem Cell Research.

“Senator Kerry is deeply troubled by the numbers of people – and particularly the number of children – that are wounded or killed by gunfire each year and he supports stricter gun control measures in order to prevent children and adults from misusing any of the approximately 192 million firearms currently in circulation in the United States.” -John Kerry on guns.

But, most deeply troubling of all (Via Hot Air Headlines):

“As a Bostonian, I couldn’t be more pleased that in just five days, the New England Patriots will attempt to become the first NFL team in 35 years to finish the regular season with an undefeated record,” Kerry wrote. “But as someone who represents all of Massachusetts and not just those in the Boston media market, I remain deeply troubled that today as many as 250,000 Massachusetts households, and millions of Patriots fans nationwide, may be denied access to this historic sporting event. …

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December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas


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December 22, 2007

Stupid NFL network

Watching the game unfold on Yahoo isn’t quite the same.

UPDATE: Via Hot Air, turns outs you can watch the game here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oh. No. T.O. is injured and in the locker room.

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Why Hollywood celebrities should never speak in public

Will Smith: Hitler not so bad.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

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December 21, 2007


How come I got about a million emails from pro-life groups about the film Bella but none about the movie Juno? I didn’t see Bella, so I can’t speak to its quality, but Juno was a great movie that happened to have a great “choose life” message running all the way through.

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December 20, 2007

Don’t hate the album, hate the idiot who made the album

When asked why my boyfriend 50 Cent’s album Curtis lost the sales battle to Kanye West’s Graduation, I say that it’s because Kanye put out the superior album by far.

Graduation is the album of the year. Every song is incredible. It will be a classic.

That’s why it’s a damn shame that Kanye West is such a moron.

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Over/under on Mitt’s Tancredo bump?

Tancredo drops out of race, endorses Romney.

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Why am I getting Joe Biden comment spam?

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