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November 27, 2007

I don’t like us being “almost socialistic”

I prefer the free market in everything, including sports:

“Imagine an NFL where a previously unheard of Russian billionaire could buy up, say, the Cleveland Browns, purchase Tom Brady and half the current New England Patriots team along with the best players from all the other teams and win the Superbowl easily every, single, year. You can’t do that in American sports because of the regulations – the draft, the salary cap, the rules on ownership etc – it is a curious state of affairs but compared to the laissez-faire capitalism of English soccer, American sports are almost socialistic.”

-Jimmy Bradshaw

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I feel bad for you, son

I first saw this on Dawn’s blog when she posted the chart based on the Jay-Z song “99 Problems”, and I’ve had parts of it forwarded to me by various hip-hop-listening friends, and now I’ve found the entire set of “rap songs explained through charts and graphs”. It’s genius and I love it. This one is probably my favorite:


It’s from the Dr.Dre song “What’s the Difference?”, a line by Xhibit that goes “What’s the difference between me and you? (What?) About five back accounts, three ounces and two vehicles.”

Check out all the charts here and if you’re not sure what song they’re referencing, click the chart for the youtube video of each one.

November 26, 2007


I become a real homebody when the cold weather hits so this year I decided I’m going to make a dedicated effort to leave the house and, well, do stuff. I’ve been seeing a lot of movies, more in the last month than in the combined six months prior, and want to start going to more museums, dinners and shows. Here’s a shortlist of things I want to see, do and experience in the next few weeks, in no particular order. Please leave your own plans in the comment section, I can use more ideas.

1. My parents are both Francophiles, which I find confusing, so I want to check out “French Founding Father: Lafayette’s Return To Washington’s America” exhibit at the New York Historical Society. They’re also featuring a “Here Is New York: Remembering 9/11″ exhibit but I’m not sure I want to see it. It’s hard to go on about my day after solemnly reliving the slaughter of 3000 of my people.

2. Although, having said that, I also want to go to the Museum of Jewish Heritage which is a “living memorial to the Holocaust,” the slaughter of six million of my people. I feel sort of embarrassed that I haven’t been there yet. It’s like when Schindler’s List came out and every Jew had to see it. The museum opened ten years ago and it’s shameful for NY Jews to neglect it.

3. See “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Look, I know it’s going to suck, you know it’s going to suck, and the American people know it’s going to suck. It can’t not suck. There’s a Shakira video attached to the film, for the love of Mary. But I loved the book, by far my favorite by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and need to see the film. And yes, commenter WZA, he probably did steal some ideas from Nabakov’s “Ada”. Let me know when someone adapts that for film and I’ll see it too.

4. Take a cooking class. I’ve been meaning to do this for a few months and I even found one I’d like to do. Now it’s just a matter of getting off the couch.

5. Spend an afternoon at ABC Carpet&Home Warehouse in the Bronx. I love this place. When I had frequent access to a car, I’d be there once or twice a week. The ABC in the city is insanely priced but the warehouse rocks. My favorite sheets and towels were bought there. It’s always empty, too, so it’s like this peaceful shopping experience through an enormous, beautiful space.

6. Restaurants- I generally want to go out to brunch more often. My friends and I used to do it as a matter of course on weekends but let the tradition lapse. Otherwise, I want to eat at Per Se, Ilili (just opened Lebanese restaurant), Masa, Boqueria and Smith’s.

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Picture of the Day

A wet Park Avenue in the afternoon:

Picture 012

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I love election season

**Rudy calls Romney a “not outstanding governor” in an interview conducted by Philip Klein. Go read the whole thing, not only because Philip had to cut his Thanksgiving weekend in NY short to go to New Hampshire and get it. (Sidenote for those commenting on my movie post below: I went to see “No Country For Old Men” with Philip the other night and it was definitely the best movie I’ve seen in some time.)

**John McCain loves America enough to “make some people angry”.

**Nobody can tear down a candidate quite like Robert Novak. You’re up, Huckabee.

**The ex-Taliban spokesman, now Yale student, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, was in a pro-Obama Facebook group but recently left the group over objections from friends. He gives Ben Smith a very quotable response on why Obama can’t win.

**Speaking of Facebook, my Facebook friend Errol Lewis has a piece today about Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. He says it matters, and should.


**Does Hillary’s style evoke concern among critics? Oh, c’mon now.

**I read this piece about John Edward’s candidacy and mostly just thought “Oh yeah, John Edwards is still running for president.”

November 24, 2007

Does everyone I know have bad taste in movies or do I?

I did not like “Knocked Up”, a movie that was recommended to me by no less than five of my friends.

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What’s your man got to do with me?

Australia elects new prime minister

Or, as the NY Times puts it:

Bush Ally Defeated in Australia

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November 23, 2007

Global test

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have meetup groups in Paris. The only Republican who represents in France is Ron Paul.

Hat-tip Ark.

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Dear Facebook friends,

Yes, I got a little carried away with the Superlatives application.

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A surprise to no one except the media

Democrats are the party of the rich:

Democrats like to define themselves as the party of poor and middle-income Americans, but a new study says they now represent the majority of the nation’s wealthiest congressional districts.

Who else could afford their tax plans?

November 22, 2007

Say what, now?

I would try to sum up the story of an Arkansas mayor resigning his post because he says he was abducted by a cult of satan worshippers in the 1970’s and has been living under an assumed name ever since, but I’m afraid I couldn’t even begin to do it justice.

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Since it seems to be a photo-blogging sort of day…

Who are these people already waiting in front of Best Buy? I took this picture at noon today and Best Buy won’t open until 5am tomorrow. How big a discount can they be getting that they’d wait outside (temperatures are supposed to drop to the 30’s tonight) for over 20 hours and miss Thanksgiving with their families? Sick, no?

Line at Best Buy, Thanksgiving, noon

Line at Best Buy, Thanksgiving, noon

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Day off silliness

Am I the proud owner of two new pairs of sunglasses? I might be:

Trying on sunglasses

Trying on sunglasses

It’s my one splurge (I’ve written about that before here). I live for nice sunglasses and can’t wait to wear the top ones in Vegas in two weeks and the bottom ones in Aruba or Trinidad (still deciding) in four.

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Quote of the Day

“If you’ve followed The Iraq War using The New York Times as your only source, you’re pretty confused right now. The narrative would run as follows: for four and half years American imperialists visited Armageddon on the innocent people of Mesopotamia. Then for four months the same foul forces employed a military shill and delivered a more attenuated version of hell-on-earth. Then on November 20, 2007, in some kind of Hawkingesque spacetime singularity, there was sudden hope and progress in Baghdad.”

-Abe Greenwald.

Read the whole thing.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

Freedom from want

I love that the Norman Rockwell painting above is called “Freedom From Want.” Thanksgiving is a great day to be reminded how lucky we all are to have that freedom.

November 21, 2007

Song of the Day

“Tell Me What You Want” by Mase. It’s an oldie but still a goodie.

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Question for those that want a Republican win in ‘08

Would you rather run against Hillary or Obama?

Democratic 2008 presidential race tightens: Reuters poll

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