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October 26, 2007


This is from the show I mentioned a few days ago, a clip of my friend Armen Ra performing on the theremin:

I’m filming this on my little camera so it’s not the best quality, but still pretty cool. A better vid of Armen is here.

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One of those personal posts, or “Kim, you need to leave him.”

I was planning on having a busy weekend. A birthday party and a poker tournament tonight, followed by a Sunderland game and another party tomorrow.

Then, two days ago, I went to the dentist and ended up spending four hours there. When I left, my cheek was swollen and my dentist warned me I might have a black and blue.

The next morning I did indeed have a bruise and my cheek had swollen to chipmunk proportions.

Now, I’m not vain (egotistical, maybe, but not vain). It’s not that I mind people seeing my deformed face, it’s more that I’m afraid people will notice it, not ask about it, and think I’m catching a beating somewhere. And while I joked with my friends all last night that my friend Pheeleepok has been laying down the law on my face, I’m not sure how to jokingly bring up to strangers that it was a dental procedure and not the back of someone’s hand.

The two parties are my main concern. At both I will likely only know the birthday boy/girl, and maybe one other person. At the poker table I can comfortably joke about my condition. I guess I can skip the Sunderland game if I feel uncomfortable going. Should I just stay in all weekend? Or can you all suggest a good way to bring up to strangers than I’m not a battered wife?

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Reagan was no Reagan

Charles Krauthammer reminds us that no candidate is perfect:

Well, what about Reagan? This president, renowned for his naps, granted amnesty to three million illegal immigrants in the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill. As governor of California, he signed the most liberal abortion legalization bill in America, then flip-flopped and became an abortion opponent. What did he do about it as president? Gave us Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy, the two swing votes that upheld and enshrined Roe v. Wade for the last quarter century.

Via Hot Air.

October 25, 2007

Two football questions

I want to go to the Giants/Cowboys game on 11/11.

Question 1: Is wearing a Cowboys shirt to Giants Stadium as bad as, say, wearing a Red Sox shirt at Yankee Stadium? What level of harassment can I expect?

Question 2: Where does one get tickets?

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Conversations with Dawn

Me: Obama said he would take up arms himself to prevent another 9/11.

Dawn: Obama would take up arms at 7/11?

Me: No, doofus, to prevent another 9/11.

Dawn: Oh.

Me: OH! And he also said he would have no trouble “going down low and throwing elbows” if opponents went after him. Which is a bad…

Dawn: …because black men really shouldn’t say the phrase “down low” out loud. Ever.

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Go Satan!

I’m still sort of bitter about Giuliani’s support for the Red Sox in the World Series. This pretty much sums it up:

Real Yankees and Red Sox fans would rather throw themselves off a bridge before rooting for their rival in ANY situation. It could be Red Sox vs. The Antichrist and I’d be on the sidewalk rocking the sign of the beast and talking smack about how eternal hellfire and damnation rules the school.

Via Steve Silver.

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There’s a really cool, non-political event coming up in NYC on November 1st. Hendrick’s, a brand of gin, is hosting a Sip&Shine party where you’ll get free drinks and a shoe shine. How cute it that?

Pete’s Tavern, 129 East 18th Street (Corner of Irving Place). 7PM – 9PM

Perhaps we should have an unofficial blogger party then? By “unofficial” I mean you all can consider this post your invitation. We’ll have a real big blogger party by New Years, I promise.

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Which would maybe make an iota of difference if we had national elections

In a head-to-head poll, Hillary is beating Ron Paul by less than she’s beating Fred Thompson.

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Allahpundit reported yesterday that Sam Brownback is considering an endorsement of Rudy Giuliani, which is most shocking because Brownback ran almost entirely on the issue of “life” and Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice.

Back in May, during the first GOP debate, I live-blogged this:

8:32pm: Brownback just made the reason for his candidacy obsolete. He says he could support a pro-choice candidate because, like Reagan, he thinks he should support someone with whom he agrees 80% of the time.

Perhaps he wants the VP job and knew it even back then?

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I’ve been as disappointed as anyone by Fred Thompson’s low energy campaign but I think he kicks some serious butt in this speech to my beloved Club for Growth.

October 24, 2007

Album of the Day

“Different Class” by Pulp.

The Depeche Mode album I wrote about the other day is one of the lesser known DM albums while this album by Pulp is, by far, their most prominent. It is also the most accessible. I got my parents singing along to “Common People” and Dawn Summers rocking out to “Disco 2000″.

The themes on this album are:

1. Partying too hard (funny then that their next album would have a song called “Party Hard” on it). “You can’t go home and go to bed, because it hasn’t worn off yet, and now it’s morning” on “Bar Italia” and “Going out late from Monday, chuck up in the street on Sunday, you don’t want to live till Monday, and have to do it all again….Oh I know that it’s stupid but, I just can’t seem to spend a night at home” on “Monday Morning”. “Sorted for E’s and Wizz” was the druggie theme song while I lived in Britain and this album was everywhere.

2. Shameful/bad sex. “Underwear” is about it being too late to say no. “I Spy” details getting vengeance on a enemy by bedding his wife (”smoking your cigarettes and drinking your brandy, messing up the sheets that you chose together”). “Common People” has a Greek art student wanting to have sex with common people like the guy singing the song. “Pencil Skirt” is yet another song about sleeping with another guy’s woman.

3. Awesome, real love. “Feeling Called L.O.V.E.” and “Something Changed” are two of the sweetest songs by Pulp ever. Both songs are how you never know when it’s going to happen: “it’s not convenient, no, it doesn’t fit my plans” from the former and “life could’ve been very different but then something changed” in the latter.

4. Longing. “Live Bed Show” is a song about a relationship told from the point of view of their bed. “Disco 2000″ details a guy’s love for his childhood friend, how he always thought they’d get married, and how he wants to meet her again in the future, in the year 2000.”

The song that doesn’t really belong is “Mis-Shapes.” It should have been on His & Hers, released a year before Different Class.

Really an incredible album from one of my all-time favorite bands. I don’t think there exists a bad Pulp album but this is the best starter album for anyone wanting to hear this band. It’s for everyone.

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Don’t kill me, Chuck

Huckabee not so hot.

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Support the Paramo Patriotic Front

A glass statue to Che Guevara in a country condemned to live under the policies he promoted? Bad. Idea.

Via Fark.

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October 23, 2007


The Israeli Film Festival kicks off today in NY. The schedule is here. Who’s in to see some movies from the land of milk and honey?

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The worst thing he could ever do.

No, really, how am I ever supposed to support Rudy now?

UPDATE: Some headlines I’d enjoy seeing too.

Normal people don’t obsess about politics

Life is good, food is plentiful, there are a million and one distractions. In advanced democracies, politics is not everything, and we get on with our lives. In a sense, we outsource politics to those who want it most and participate albeit fitfully in whatever parameters of discourse emerge.

-Mark Steyn from a great piece on our current “Cold Civil War”.

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Album of the Day

“Violator” gets all the attention but tonight it was all about Depeche Mode’s “Songs of Faith and Devotion”.

“In Your Room”, “One Caress”, “I Feel You” and, my personal favorite, “Rush” are some of DM’s best stuff.

The album came out in 1993, my senior year of high school, and it was the soundtrack to many a brooding drive with my best friend around Brooklyn. That Depeche Mode sure does know how to brood.

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