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October 31, 2007

C’mon New Yorkers…

how much do you love Eliot Spitzer right now?

Hat-tip Larry the angry Redskins fan.

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Spitzer is a political hack bully, pure and simple. The man made his mark by beating up and intimidating large corporations right out of NYS. The liberals here in NY LOVE it; any corporation is evil by nature. So are the jobs they provide and the taxes they pay, not to mention the benefits they provide to their employees.
NY state is a dysfunctional basket case for one reason: democrats and liberals constantly get re-elected, and are never held accountable.
Now we have Spitzer’s brainchild about illegals getting driver’s licenses. This state gets what it deserves as long as the hopelessly pathetic democratic voters of NY keep electing these hateful, bullying morons to power.
If the NYS Republican party had the stones and could extract its collective lips off of the asses of Shumer, Clinton, Spitzer, Rangle, Nadler and the others, they could have a real shot at regaining power here. It is LONG overdue…

Posted by: Rob at October 31, 2007 at 8:01 am
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