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October 31, 2007

Feel sorry for me, I can’t do it alone

I had part 2 of my horrible dental process today, and have been mired in a combination of pain and self-pity all day, so forgive my lack of blogging.

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$1000 they’ll get to keep

9/11 Families for a Secure America is offering $1000 to anybody who can get Hillary Clinton on record saying either:

1. I support Governor Spitzer’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens; or

2. I oppose Governor Spitzer’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Song of the Day

“The Only One” by Morphine.

It’s off of “Good”, my favorite Morphine album. If the album has a theme, it’s a celebration of individuality and sincere connection. Some of the songs are “nobody understands me but you” (”I know you”, “You speak my language”) and others are “you’re not like anybody else I’ve ever met” (”The only one”, “You look like rain”, “Good”). It also has one of the best “on the way to Atlantic City” songs ever: “Have a lucky day”.

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C’mon New Yorkers…

how much do you love Eliot Spitzer right now?

Hat-tip Larry the angry Redskins fan.

October 30, 2007

The ‘Boys

Why is Tony Romo partying with Britney Spears?

And, Perez Hilton wants to know what’s so hot about him anyway. I can see his appeal; Romo has the aw shucks thing going on that some girls tend to swoon over. I’m not into it myself, I much prefer that fiery look in T.O’s eyes.

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Losing a Yankee

The biggest Yankee fan I know has some kind words for ARod. I’ll miss him too. I hated the booing fans, that always made me crazy.

UPDATE: LA steals everything; Dodgers to hire Torre.

Be there

On November 7th (mark your calendars. No, seriously, go mark it, we’ll wait) I’m participating in a debate about whether the government knew in advance about 9/11. The debate starts at 8pm and the room is on the small side so be on time or risk not getting in.

My opponent, Sander Hicks, owns a cafe called Vox Pop in my childhood neighborhood and, as I’ve written before its existence riles me right up.

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading up on many different 9/11 conspiracy theories but realized that because most of them are such utter nonsense, and they don’t necessarily have anything in common with each other, I’d have to read Sander’s book to find out to which theory he subscribed.

Last week, my friend M offered to drive me to Vox Pop to purchase the book. He was living up the block when the cafe opened and, though moderate-to-liberal in his political beliefs, felt much like I did about the propagandist cafe. “We’ll go buy the book holding coffee we bought across the street.”

We didn’t get a chance to go that night so last Friday I swung by Vox Pop and bought the book. And now that I’ve spent $14 on a book I’m already finding ridiculous, I expect each and every one of you to show up and watch the show.

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The one where I blog about TV at 1:30am

“Is it 2002 by you?” Ari asked after I recounted my third or fourth Sex and the City plot of the month.

Yeah, it kind of is.

I’m not particularly girly (no chick lit, no shoe obsession, no navel gazing about feelings) and I hated this show when it was on TV. Despised. Everybody around me watched it and it was unbearable. I hated all the characters. I hated the way they looked and the way they talked. I just found them completely idiotic. I thought they made women look stupid and, being a woman and all, I could not abide that.

And, in reality, I still sort of hate the show. But just like I’m a sucker for the 9pm Sunday hour on HBO, if I’m in the mood for TV, I’m watching 11pm syndicated sitcoms on Fox, TBS and whatever Channel 11 in NY is called these days.

Sex and the City has hit syndication and, only 3 years after its last episode, I’m watching.

I’ve found a sort of appreciation for it. I still find the women mostly ridiculous but I like watching all the different relationships unfold. I also, quite prudishly for me, appreciate that they can only show so much on network TV.

My favorite relationship on the show is Charlotte and Harry. She had a picture in her head of what love would be like and he didn’t fit it at all.

“Harry was bald and he talked with his mouth full. And I loved him anyway.”

I love that. Ok, maybe I’ve got a teensy bit of chick in me.

The character I’d most like to be friends with is Samantha. She’s completely no bullshit and I appreciate that so much in a friend. I wouldn’t be able to stand the graphic sex talk but I would like to take advantage of her on-point advice.

“As far as I’m concerned, the test of a good relationship is if you’re like this (Samantha frowns) or like this (she smiles vivaciously).”

For sure, girlfriend.

I don’t get the Carrie/Mr. Big connection, he’s boring and ostentatious, and I’m not a fan of Miranda with Steve. It just seems like she settled for him because he was nice to her. I love me some Smith Jerrod but the scene where he’s waiting for Samantha, knowing what she did with Richard, I mean, how can a man have any self respect after that?

So, commenters, who was your favorite couple on SATC?

And, completely unrelated exit question: What do you think happened with Jerry and Elaine after they got out of jail?

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October 29, 2007

Turn your pages to 2003

Awww, look at Ken Wheaton still making blogger chicks hot.

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A non-political round-up

**I am going to the Cowboys/Giants game on the 11th! With my friend Oschisms whom I adore. How can I not when he responds “that’s what I live for” to my “do you know how happy you’ve made me?” I wish he still blogged. It will be my first live football game. I am very, very excited.

**Would you enter your girlfriend in an “ugliest girlfriend” contest to win $50? Via Iggy.

**Online dating is weird. I’ve never done internet dating but if I wanted to meet someone I’d be much more likely to use MySpace, Facebook or Meetup than any of the dating sites. I’ve been loving the Facebook feature that lets you search for people based on their political beliefs. Being newly single, I’m not looking for a man just now but I’ve enjoyed adding some interesting conservatives to my friend list. On MySpace, I’ve been looking up poker players on the upper east side.

**I’ve been really doing the cooking thing, as I vowed to do a few weeks ago. Last night I made Funkypundit a fairly random little meal and he didn’t run screaming from my apt so it must’ve been ok. I’ve been having various friends over to teach me to make different dishes and I’ve been incorporating what I’ve learned. I love it.

**What? Baseball? What’re you talking about? Baseball has been over for weeks! ;-)

Dumbass deeds done dirt cheap

In a move reminiscent of Muslim cab drivers in Minnesota refusing to pick up passengers carrying alcohol, Utah’s liquor commissioner wants restaurants to hide their alcohol lest anyone get offended:

Liquor control commissioner Bobbie Coray asked her colleagues on Wednesday to consider a rule to cover up bottles of booze displayed at restaurants because some diners may be offended at the sight of alcohol.

A glass partition between bartenders and customers required under current regulations may not be enough, Coray told her fellow liquor control commissioners at their monthly meeting.

Coray, a lone holdout opposing liquor licenses for strip bars, now wants the commission to place more restrictions on glass partitions in restaurants. She called the partitions “a Zion curtain,” imposed to satisfy Mormons whose faith eschews alcohol.

Although the four other commissioners have not supported Coray in her quest to take away liquor licenses from sexually oriented establishments, they did not indicate whether they would back Corey’s bid to keep alcohol out of view.

Glass walls don’t obscure the alcohol, said Coray, a nondrinker, turning the “atmosphere in a restaurant to more of a bar.” She singled out the Cheesecake Factory, which opens its first Utah outlet at Fashion Place in Murray on Nov. 1, because alcohol bottles are in plain view.

“We have a dual responsibility,” she said. “We are to make alcohol available for those who want to consume it and at the same time not make anyone uncomfortable.”

Really? The responsibility of the liquor control commission has become to insure comfort? Because I’m completely uncomfortable with the idea that I have to pay for booze at all. It should be free. Make that happen, Bobbie.

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October 27, 2007

If I’ve said it once

Associated Press: Things looking up for McCain


Fear the McCain

Beware of John McCain

Don’t Misunderestimate John McCain

Don’t Misunderestimate John McCain (I thought I was so clever I used the headline twice.)

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Are we just counting on the Secretary of State to be able to throw down if she needs to? Because, otherwise I’d like an explanation of why Condi seems to have zero security.

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What do you save?

Time Magazine has a piece about what people save when evacuated during a disaster.

I would take my journals that I kept from age 16 to 24, pearls my grandmother gave me, and one special photo album. Everything else is replaceable.

In terms of practical advice, the best line in the article has a conservative philosophy tagged right on: “Learn how to text-message, do not let your kids watch TV news, and never depend on the government.”

Via Fark.

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On behalf of all women, I say “yeah, right.”

“The fatter a woman is, the less depressed she gets.”

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October 26, 2007

Rumors of my demise…

are greatly exaggerated.

On a sidenote, I am sad to see Urban Elephants call it a day. And I agree with Azi (at the link above) that there is “a void in the area of city-based, right-leaning blogs”, in particular, I’d say, those that focus on local politics. If someone would like to start such a blog, perhaps in the community format of UE, I would definitely be interested in helping them. Like I noted in Politicker’s comment section, I am not really interested in local politics so wouldn’t do it myself, but I can see something like that succeeding in a big way.

Da Boys

When multiple people send me an article, I blog it, that’s just how I roll.

Turns out my ‘Boys aren’t just great football players and completely adorable, they’re also unique and original dressers.

Hat-tips to BG and Bad Boy In A Suit.

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