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June 25, 2007

Blogroll Update


Ditmas Park Blog- Ben Smith, and his very cool wife Liena, have started a blog about their neighborhood, once called Flatbush, now called “Ditmas Park.” The first person to find anything resembling a park anywhere near Ditmas, um, wins.

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I want my tax dollars back

PBS Tells Producer Not To Hire Conservatives

Via Insta.

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My little site is all grown up

I’m terrible with dates, especially when celebrating the birthdays of non-living entities, so I failed to note that this site turned 5 years old on June 12th. The best part about blogging remains the comments and I wouldn’t still be doing this if it wasn’t for all of you. Thanks for reading and participating, here’s to another half a decade.

Whatever helps you sleep at night in the country that lost the Cold War

‘Soviet era less bleak than US history’-Vladimir Putin

Well, sure. As Soviet rules dictated that any unflattering history simply be written out of textbooks and promptly forgotten, it’s probably true that stories of the happy heyday of Communism read much better once cleaned up a bit. Unfortunately for Pootie Poot, and even more unfortunately for the world, the Soviet era only ended quite recently and enough people remember it for the backward, ridiculous, oppressive, paranoid and, ultimately, weak state that it was.

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June 23, 2007

I cry, my friends cheer

One day into a three-day wedding, my camera has completely stopped working.

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June 22, 2007

When you absolutely, positively have to trick someone into liking you

British Sun (Via Hot Air Headlines):

A DRESS that will scientifically have men falling at your feet is being trialed by Italian sportswear brand Ellesse.

The outfit is laced with human pheromones – a substance that triggers sexual attraction.

Gone are the days of wearing lucky pants in a bid to pull, instead the dress is designed never to fail to turn heads.

Admittedly, I do have a lucky skirt (and since I’m photo-happy, here’s a picture). I bought it the first time I was in Scotland, when I was 17, and it only recently started fitting me again. Back then, “lucky” meant I’d meet lots of cute Scottish boys. These days, I wore it to go play poker and left with a tidy little profit.

Still, my lucky skirt is my lucky skirt because of how it makes me feel, not because it tricks men into feeling something they may not actually feel. I don’t get the tricking concept in relationships. Once you’ve successfully trapped someone who would otherwise have been uninterested, how do you ever feel good about yourself again?

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“Envy is an emotion well-known for producing model behavior.”

Say what you will about Ann Coulter, she’s got the definitive piece on the Duke rape case.

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Photo of the Day

My good friend Frank White with my cutie-pie Puba:


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June 21, 2007

More on last night

Gawker writes about yesterday’s Dumped/Dumpee debate and claims Moby was in attendance. I must’ve missed Eminem’s best friend.

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A friendly reminder

James Taranto linked this old post of mine as a reminder that Bloomberg was always “out of step” with the GOP.

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It’s finally here

Happy summer!

This is a picture of the clear sky today over Brooklyn:

Sky over Avenue P

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How to lose a war

I’m not a military strategist but isn’t the whole point of setting a trap to have an element of surprise? And, doesn’t Reuters reporting on that trap limit that element?

The US military said on Thursday it was setting a trap to “eliminate” militants near Baghdad where 12 US soldiers have died in the past two days.

UPDATE: BBC solicits information on troop movements in Iraq.

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But no, Avery, I won’t ever be wearing a Ron Paul for President sticker

Remember that libertarian guy Avery Knapp, with the buttons on his sleeves, that I wrote about a few weeks ago?

I ran into him again at the Dumper/Dumpee debate last night and he was all-Ron-Paul-all-the-time again. Here’s a video of him agitating for Paul on the libertarian show Hardfire. He does pretty well in the video but it doesn’t really do justice to his non-stop enthusiasm.

He even got my girl Jess (aka The Halliburton girl) wearing the sticker:

Avery and Jess

I was at the debate with my friend SMVP who remains my all-time favorite libertarian to Republican conversion story (scroll down to the “Update”). So maybe there’s hope for Avery yet. ;-)

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Photo of the Day

I took this around 8:30 this morning. It’s The Dakota building, on the upper west side of Manhattan. John Lennon lived there and was shot right outside this entrance. Yoko Ono still resides here:

The Dakota

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I see your Bloomberg and raise you one Nader

Nader ponders run, calls Clinton ‘coward’.

Via Hot Air headlines.

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June 20, 2007

The one where I am unable to control my sarcasm.

Jill at Feministe notes that illegal abortions are on the rise in Iraq. She then makes some cracks about conservatives not caring about women and America destroying the world (corrected to “the worlds of many Iraqis”) as a reason for Iraqi women avoiding childbirth.

I’m sure that before the war, when Iraq was idyllic and peaceful, except for the human shredders, prisons for children, and war with Iran and then Kuwait, Iraqi women were all in a big hurry to have babies. But now that evil America has destroyed their worlds, and the hopeful days of the Saddam Hussein regime are behind them, of course women would choose to abort their babies. Wouldn’t you?

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France is kookoo

France bans BlackBerry use by officials
Government fears U.S. snooping, threat to state secrets

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