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June 30, 2007

This is the world we live in

Hot Air is all over today’s attack on Glasgow Airport.

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June 29, 2007

“Go now, and never come back to hungry Ireland again.”

Peggy Noonan on immigration:

My grandfather had his struggles here but never again went home. He’d cast his lot. That’s an important point in the immigrant experience, when you cast your lot, when you make your decision. It makes you let go of something. And it makes you hold on to something. The thing you hold on to is the new country. In succeeding generations of your family the holding on becomes a habit and then a patriotism, a love. You realize America is more than the place where the streets were paved with gold. It has history, meaning, tradition. Suddenly that’s what you treasure.

Read the entire beautiful, optimistic, real piece.

I called my father immediately after reading it and told him about it. The concept she notes in her piece, the idea of letting go of where you came from, and becoming an American through and through, is one that my father pushed for us since the day we came to America. He was so adamant that we be Americans, and Americans only, that to this day I have not been back to Russia (despite having been to so many other places in the world, from the Amazon river to the Asian part of Turkey and beyond). He wanted a clean cut with the past. He wanted to be American. This July, I’ll celebrate my 29th year in America and my father will celebrate his 30th. He tells me that he can’t wait for his 32nd anniversary, as that will mean he has spent more time in America, his adopted home that he loves so much, than he had in Russia. From the man who got himself a “Sweet 16″ cake on his 16th American year, I am looking forward to that celebration.


Michael Moore cried for a whole year while making Sicko.

Read the pathetic interview where the interviewer admits to crying during the movie too (and Moore tells him “it’s ok to cry.”) Does he know how to wrap dopey reporters around his little finger or what?

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June 28, 2007

Give me a “K”!

There may or may not be a picture of me dressed in what Dawn refers to as a “cheerleading outfit” here.

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Watching a country go down the tubes

Exxon, Conoco Exit Venezuela Under Pressure

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Audience Participation

So, what do y’all think of the name Kashei Consulting?

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Hey, hey, hey, goodbye

Amnesty bill fails. Hurrah!

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What happens when you can’t fight back

Britain underreports crime statistics:

Professor Graham Farrell of Loughborough University and the former acting head of the Home Office’s Police Research Group, Professor Ken Pease, calculated that if the cap is ignored, the overall number of BCS crimes is more than 14 million rather than the current 11 million a year estimate.

Ministers claim the survey – which now polls 40,000 people a year about their experiences of crime, is the most reliable indicator of crime levels,

The authors said: “The unwillingness to believe the facts of chronic victimisation means that crime control, police training and criminal justice action are now substantially misdirected.”

In particular, the system means that the most vulnerable people in society may not be getting the police protection they require from repeat offenders, the report said.

I would’ve went with the most vulnerable people in society may not be getting the protection they need because only the bad guys have guns, but, of course, I’m just one of those crazy American rightwinger types who believe in the right to self defense. Nutty, I know.

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June 27, 2007

Holy memories of 2003

The upper east side of Manhattan experienced a blackout today for about half an hour. Sanks G-d it was only half an hour, I was already planning my escape from the city because, really, I just didn’t need “the experience” again.

Cutting the apron strings

Can I spot talent or what? My semi-regular guest-blogger Dorian Davis is now writing for AFF’s fabulous Brainwash site. His first article is on how conservatives should respond to the latest Die Hard movie.

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A neck tattoo is called a “life-ruiner”

And with good reason:

His tattoos cover his right and left arms and hands. There is a spider in a web crawling up his neck.

“It goes back to Sir Walter Scott, ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.’ It reminds me not to lie,” he explained.

On his left arm, the faces of old-school horror movies: Boris Karloff, Lon Cheny, Bela Legosi. Those were his father’s favorites. When the fingers of his right and left hands intertwine, it spells ‘Hound Dawg.’

“That’s my nickname,” the 29-year-old said proudly.

On the inside of his elbow the scripture, ‘If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out.’

Long story short, this inked up guy can’t find a job so he’s fighting the system and taking on the man. So far, though, no one cares about his discrimination claim:

But Russell’s trying to change that. He’s organized a small grassroots advocacy effort called ‘Tattoo’ with friends Shaun and Tiffany Blayer, local tattoo shop owners, and others to get change.

“I want it to be where people like me, good people who deserve the job and are qualified – more qualified in some cases – can get the job,” he said.

He’s tried the EEOC and the Department of Labor with no luck. Now he’s turning to local lawmakers

Of course, when asked if he would resist tattoing so many visible body parts if given a do-over, Russell said “I don’t regret any of ‘em. I wouldn’t go back and not get any. A person’s gotta be themselves.”

That’s true. Job-less and freakish, but themselves.

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June 26, 2007

News from the ‘nabe

My favorite coffee and dessert place on the Upper East Side, DTUT, has closed. DTUT stood for “Downtown Uptown”, and while I know they were affiliated with Drip on the West Side, I don’t believe they have ever had a downtown location.

It used to be a dating cafe where people would fill out a profile to be put into binders. Potential daters would then sift through the binders and leave a note with the cafe. The cafe would then call and let the prospect know someone was interested and a date would be set up, likely at DTUT.

By the time I started going there with any regularity, they had scrapped the dating side-project. I hadn’t been there in years but had recently wandered in with my friend Ren. We sat on the comfy couches and enjoyed our chocolate fondue and super sweet frappes.

I guess the Pinkberrys and Cold Stones of the world drove it out of business. Oh well, life goes on. See ya when I see ya, DTUT.

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Is Bloomberg really not running or is he just trying to lure me into complacency?

From the Politicker:

In his remarks moments ago at a Gracie Mansion ceremony celebrating Jewish heritage month, departing Israeli consul general Arye Mekel pointedly reminded Michael Bloomberg that the last mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert, went on to become head of state.

When Bloomberg got up to the microphone, he responded by saying that “only one of the Jerusalem mayors went on to lead the country – and Rudy would be happy to do it.”

And for everything else that ails you

Fallen Sparrow has found a cure for shyness.

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There’s no crying in baseball

Maybe that’s why Democrats can’t play the game.

Hat-tip to Peter via Griddle

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Dawn Summers doesn’t fall in love, but will she fall in line?

Dawn Summers gave Obamamania a shot:

I didn’t want to be the black chick for the half black guy, but then Oprah went and all endorsed him, so what was a sychophant to do?

But it didn’t take.

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