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March 31, 2007

Dobson Redux

Bryan at Hot Air reports that James Dobson’s comments, on Fred Thompson’s religion, were mischaracterized by the media:

“In his conversation with Mr. Gilgoff, Dr. Dobson was attempting to highlight that to the best of his knowledge, Sen. Thompson hadn’t clearly communicated his religious faith, and many evangelical Christians might find this a barrier to supporting him.
“Dr. Dobson told Mr. Gilgoff he had never met Sen. Thompson and wasn’t certain that his understanding of the former senator’s religious convictions was accurate. Unfortunately, these qualifiers weren’t reported by Mr. Gilgoff. We were, however, pleased to learn from his spokesperson that Sen. Thompson professes to be a believer

I suppose “he is not open enough about his faith for evangelicals to support him” is not the same thing as “he is not a Christian” but I still don’t like where Dobson is going with this.

Allahpundit comments that if there was a misrepresentation of what Dobson said, his spokesperson who “clarified” his comments is to blame:

His spokesman makes it sound like Dobson meant, “I suspect he’s a Christian but he’s not nearly vocal enough about it to please evangelicals,” which of course is a veiled political threat given Dobson’s own political influence. It would be like the head of the AFL-CIO saying that Hillary’s record on labor might make it hard for union members to support her — while quickly adding that of course he’s not endorsing or non-endorsing her in saying that, just “reading the tea leaves.” Nonsense.

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March 30, 2007

Song of the day

Hola’ Hovito by Jay-Z. Sounds perfect in the car on a beautiful day like today.

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Spit list

Glenn Greenwald sneers at Politico and deems it gossip. Why, Glenn is waaaaay above that sort of thing. He is a serious writer, writing serious things. Did you know he was mentioned on the Senate floor? You didn’t? Well, let him tell you about it. Or perhaps several dozen commenters, from the same IP address, can appear and defend him to the death (check out the this comment. I mean, c’mon.) . Glenn Greenwald is way above petty gossip and he would never be snarky or bitchy. Oh, except when he is. My memory is long, Mr. Greenwald, and you could peddle that serious image to someone else. I know that you’re a joke.

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Is there still a war on?

Chuck Schumer considers broadband internet for all a life or death issue. No, really.

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March 29, 2007

Nevermind Jack Bauer, here come the Sopranos

I watch 24 socially; if my friends are hanging out to watch it, I’ll hang out too. I’m not a big TV watcher at the best of times, and its possible that I just got into the show too late, but 24 seems like nothing more than a soap opera for the fellas.

So (despite that last mediocre season) I’m happy that Sopranos is on its way back. It’s got all the intrigue and action and none of the awkward dramatic moments. Their new ad is awesome (disable your pop-up blocker and click this link) and I’ve been watching old episodes of the show in preparation. I’m hoping they’ll go back to basics for the last nine episodes and focus on what made that show great for so many years.

Also, bonus, Entourage is on right afterward. Soon…

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Yes, it’s another Fred Thompson post

Fred Thompson’s folksiness seems to be grating on Allahpundit. I. Love. It.

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Dawn Summers calls Hillary and Obama “novelty candidates”:

They are even likely to capture headlines and “imaginations,” but come January 20th, 2009, headlines and imaginations will not be enough to say “Suck it, Karol.”
And really, what I want most is to say “suck it, Karol.”

She wants the Democrats to find a “stately white dude” but then decides that guy might be Tim McGraw. I’m not sure he’s got the “stately” part down.

Today’s music post

Claudine Longet.jpg

When I met my ex-boyfriend, Warren, he had a Claudine Longet record hanging on the wall of his room in a very musical house on Holman Street in Allston, Massachusetts.

He told me she was a French singer who, in a fit of jealous rage, killed her pro skiier boyfriend with a sniper rifle while he was on the slopes (her Wikipedia entry actually has an entirely different story on how she kills him but I prefer the version I first heard).

He then played me some of her mellow, pretty songs and said “this record is impossible to find.” An ebay visit and four dollars later, I was the proud owner of the Claudine Longet record pictured above, despite the fact that, back then, I didn’t have a record player.

She has a really pretty voice, perfect for a slow-moving Thursday.

Warren and I? Still good friends. He marries the lovely Chartreuse Velour this June.

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Beware of John McCain

Ryan Sager on the results of the latest Zogby poll:

* Mr. McCain, despite his drop in this Zogby poll, still strikes me as the candidate with the most solid support — as in, his voters are the ones least likely to abandon their candidate at the drop of a hat.

* Mr. Giuliani, despite his strength in the polls, should worry significantly about Mr. Thompson. The former Tennessee senator and “Law & Order” DA has the tough-guy image that has drawn people to Mr. Giuliani, yet he comes without a lot of the personal and social-issues baggage.

I agree with Ryan about McCain’s solid support. The truth is that anyone that likes McCain at this point knows a lot about him, as opposed to many of the social conservatives who love America’s Mayor without knowing more than that he is a strong leader who didn’t crumble with the twin towers. I remain terrified that Giuliani’s support plummets at some point (likely right around the time the NRA and pro-life groups start running their ads against him) and we are left with John McCain as the Republican candidate. And this, my friends, is why a Fred Thompson candidate is necessary.

Wait. What?

Bob Barr, who as a Georgia congressman authored a successful amendment that blocked D.C. from implementing a medical marijuana initiative, has switched sides and become a lobbyist for the Marijuana Policy Project.

Lest you think it was a financial decision, Barr says:

“I, over the years, have taken a very strong stand on drug issues, but in light of the tremendous growth of government power since 9/11, it has forced me and other conservatives to go back and take a renewed look at how big and powerful we want the government to be in people’s lives,” Barr said.

In November of 1998, DC voters overwhelmingly approved D.C. Initiative 59, a measure that legalized marijuana for medical treatment. Barr’s amendment prevented the wishes of DC residents from being realized. This is antithetical to the small government he claims to prefer. Blaming his change of heart on medical marijuana use on the “growth of government power” is tasteless–and nonsensical in light of his previous embrace of big government intrusion.

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March 28, 2007

Based on what, Jimmy?

James Dobson says it’s his “impression” that Fred Thompson isn’t a Christian. It’s my impression that James Dobson doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Much as my instinct is to lash out at Dobson (I mean, who is he to say who is or is not a Christian) I know that he is quite a big deal, especially in the swing state of Colorado. I don’t know what he has against our man Fred, but I do hope he cuts this nonsense out.

Quote of the Day

And Obama was the last speaker, after a patented, half-hour Joe Biden ramble that began in laughter and applause and ended in seat-shifting.

(The other patented, presidential forum special: The Kucinich Break, during which reporters and attendees alike get coffee and go to the bathroom.)

-Ben Smith

March 27, 2007

The world’s most intricate and flawlessly executed plan ever, ever.

Fred Thompson on the conspiracy theorists.

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A NY-centric trip around the blogosphere

*If you’re the betting type, check out Funkypundit’s prop bet offer for ‘08. (UPDATED 1:30am: Or, go make a prediction in Allah’s pool on when Fred Thompson will announce..)

*Blogroll Addition in the NY section: Serf City. It’s run by Jim Lesczynski and I predict it will be the go-to site for NY Libertarians (both with a capital and lower-case “l”).

*It’s a bad idea to say anything even marginally insulting about Fred Thompson right now. He’s steak and conservatives are starving.

*I wanted to leave Joey McKeown a MySpace comment telling him I enjoyed his poem channeling Nina Simone. But apparently his MySpace page was removed because of “suggestive and inappropriate” images. Joey, Joey, Joey. Too sexy for MySpace.

*The jar says herring but I’m not sure what that thing with teeth is (hat-tip David). This blogger is not NY-based, I just wish he was…

Today’s music post

***The UK has denied Snoop Dogg a visa to enter the country, causing the cancellation of the Snoop/Puff Daddy tour. What is Snoop doing touring with Diddy anyway?

***I’m more than a little embarrassed to admit this but, Beyonce has really grown on me. Dawn “worst taste in music of anyone on the entire planet” Summers played “Irreplaceable” so much that I found myself singing “to the left, to the left” as I went about my day. I actually prefer “Ring the Alarm”, though. Ever since seeing Beyonce on Punk’d, putting on a brave face as she “ruins” Christmas for underprivileged kids, I’ve had a soft spot for her. She just seemed very nice and sweet. I guess that’s why I love that Beyonce comes off as so bad in these two songs, whether she’s coldly kicking her man to the curb or refusing to let him go because she doesn’t want some other girl spending his money, and I have to admit liking it.

C’mon now

The problem with John Kerry, Michael Dukakis and Al Gore wasn’t that they were bad candidates, oh no, it’s that they had bad, money-hungry consultants.

Via Ben Smith.

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March 26, 2007

Good anti-Islamist news out of France and Spain.

No, really.

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