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February 22, 2007

Letting that elitism shine through

Lots of people tend to dismiss Fox’s influence, saying that they have been discredited among those who matter, and its audience is mainly conservatives who are beyond reason.

-From a piece on the silly site AlterNet on the rightwing “propaganda machine”. Emphasis mine.

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February 21, 2007

Tomorrow in NYC

I’m attending the New York Young Republican Club’s (the independent one–yes, there are two in NY) Reagan birthday celebration tomorrow night. Details below:

February 22, 2007, 7:00pm: New York Young Republican Club (the independent one): Ronald Reagan Birthday Celebration and Awards Dinner. The New York Young Republican Club’s cordially invites you to our Fourth Annual Ronald Reagan Birthday Celebration and Awards Dinner. Please join us as we pay tribute to the legacy of President Ronald Reagan and honor those special individuals who have helped, in their own way, to keep the Reagan Revolution alive and thriving. Program Details to be Announced, Women’s National Republican Club, 3 West 51st Street, New York, NY. Cocktail or Business Attire Requested Cocktails begin at 7pm, Dinner begins at 8pm. There is a complimentary beer, wine and soft drink bar included. Please take advantage of our Early Registration Discount through the end of January. Ticket prices will increase substantially in February 1st. Reagan Celebration Member Ticket 85.00, Reagan Celebration Non-Member Ticket 120.00 To pay by credit card on our secure server, please click below: Anyone wishing to pay by check should make it out to “NY Young Republican Club” and mail to PO Box 370, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163. For addition information please email us at


A new Gallup poll shows Americans more likely to elect a woman or an African-American than a Mormon, an old guy or someone that has been married three times.

Rightwingin TV

My friend Julia Gorin’s latest installment of The America Show is now up on YouTube.

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February 20, 2007

Yes, it’s a Britney Spears post

It’s just unavoidable. She’s crazy and she’s everywhere. Part of me thinks she’s been troubled for awhile, I remember seeing this video and thinking this girl needs serious help. I’m pretty cynical, though, and so there is another part of me that thinks this whole shaved head insanity is just a way to keep the attention on her for her next album. What say you all?

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Hey now!

I like asparagus!

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G-N-R Lies

I don’t care what anyone says–if Guns-N-Roses ever release Chinese Democracy, the song “There Was A Time” will become an instant classic.

Sadly, they probably never will.

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Being president calls for a different set of skills and strengths than being in Congress, and this may be why America has elected only three sitting congressmen as president (Rep. James Garfield and Sens. Warren Harding and John F. Kennedy). It’s also why we’re skeptical of all the senators seeking the White House this time around, and why in our estimation Giuliani has the best shot at being the next president.

-James Taranto

February 19, 2007

Happy birthday, Peter!

My boyfriend celebrates his birthday by making up stories about his family. I’m celebrating by cooking him dinner and patiently listening to long, complicated stories involving the Yankees and the Cure.

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Not just getting our guy in

“Where [Bill] Clinton seemed a man of enormous political competence and no principle, Bush has been a man of principle and very little political competence.”

-Joseph Bottum, editor of First Things.

(Via Ragged Thots.)

For all of George W. Bush’s faults, I would still prefer the principled man who doesn’t understand political maneuvering and public relations to the man who has his eyes on the polls and no ideals at all. I don’t mean this as a Democrat v. Republican comparison, though the one made with Clinton and W is justified, there are principle-free men on both sides of the aisle and I hope we choose not to elect them.

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Senator Pothole to the rescue?

Iggy, the grandaddy of poker blogging, reports on a rumor circulating in the poker world that ex-NY Senator Al D’Amato will take up the cause of online poker. That cause can use some muscle from an original NY tough guy.

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February 16, 2007

Audience participation

Give me a song for the weekend.

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More on Giuliani

While I’ve long argued that his positions on social issues will be a detriment to Rudy in the primary, I never really thought about them as a minus in the general election. Ramesh Ponnuru argues that they would be. Philip Klein disagrees.

I hope social conservatives would pick the candidate who most closely represents their positions in the general election–should Giuliani somehow get the nomination–and not strive for ideological purity where none can exist. Especially if they are faced with a choice between Rudy and Hillary or Obama.

The explanatory post

It occurs to me that some people may only check into my blog from time to time and therefore not know my thoughts on 2008 as they pertain to Rudy. This post will be the one I asterisk in future posts as explanation:

I love Rudy Giuliani. He was a phenomenal mayor of New York and a major influence on why I fell in love with politics. Previous to him, I had never seen a politician make an actual, tangible difference. He was beyond impressive. I’ve called him my all-time favorite politician. I’ve writen that he’s the man. I get all emotional over Rudy.

But I’ve worked in elections in four states, two blue states (NY and PA), one red state (GA) and one purple state (CO). I know who votes in Republican primaries. I know they are not like the blogosphere. I know what matters to them. And I know that Rudy, as phenomenal, amazing, terrific, the bestest as he is, can’t win. The abortion issue alone will cripple him. Abortion politics are central in primaries on both sides. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in this case.

I’ve never wanted to be so wrong about anything. I will eat every one of my words, happily, if what I am predicting won’t come to pass. I will celebrate a Giuliani candidacy so sincerely. And I truly believe that if he makes it out of the primary, he wins. I just don’t think he makes it out.

So when you read me being pessimistic about Rudy, know it’s not because I don’t like him or wouldn’t be thrilled if he won. I guess I’m just scared to drink the kool-aid with the rest of you and this post will be here to remind me of why.

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Three guesses on what will happen when they find out

Attention people who think I’m just being mean when I say Giuliani can’t win the primary: 57% of Republican voters either think Rudy is pro-life or don’t know his position on abortion at all.

Allah wonders “Exit question: given that the same poll has Rudy with a 25-point lead over McCain head to head, how much do the social issues even matter?”

I say they matter very much to the exact people who will choose McCain over Giuliani when they compare their positions side by side. Giuliani is definitely picking up the Anybody But McCain vote right now but it’s because the voters don’t really know quite how liberal he is on social issues, as evidenced by the poll. When they do, they will go with the pro-lifer.

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February 15, 2007

Stop threatening me!

“If you don’t marry me you know you’re destined to live in the same apartment with Dawn Summers when you grow old, right?”


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