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January 24, 2007

John Kerry is the worst

John Kerry is not running for president and is, instead, going “to organize grassroots opposition to the war in Iraq.”

So, just to recap the last few years of John Kerry. He voted to support the war in Iraq. He voted against funding the war in Iraq (before voting for it, of course). He said he would’ve voted for the Iraq War resolution even if he knew no weapons would be found. And now, now, he opposes the war in Iraq and wants to drum up opposition to it.


Leaders have to be held accountable. John Kerry’s vote for the war is partly responsible for our troops being over in Iraq. While Kerry gets to trapaise the country spouting this week’s Kerry-think, our troops live out the result of his previous actions. This isn’t a game where you get to change your mind whenever you please. These are real people who have to deal with the consequences of John Kerry making decisions out of political expediency. Say what you will about George W. Bush but I am so happy that he was re-elected and that we aren’t stuck with this empty suit Kerry. Bush might mispronounce things, he might spend too much, he might not be able to articulate our mission in Iraq. But he never sent our troops to war and then decided not to fund the mission. He never sent our troops to war and then decided to oppose their mission. John Kerry does not deserve to hold any leadership positions and it’s a travesty that he’s a senator. Massachusetts and America can do better, and should.

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What my friends are doing

*Dorian Davis has redesigned his Republican Spectacular website, an online newsletter for LGBT Republicans, featuring an interview with incoming Log Cabin president Patrick Sammon, among other excellent features.

*Julia Gorin’s next installment of the America Show is up now on YouTube and sings the praises of Walmart.

*Gene at Medgadget (a blog written and editor by a group of doctors, medical students, and medical device engineers) reprints a passage from Mark Steyn’s phenomenal “America Alone” to argue against attempts to move American health care towards a socialized system.

Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart’s in it, and live the phrase ’sky’s the limit’

Funkypundit put me on to this video and I’ve been making all my friends watch it so figured I’d post it here. It’s posthumous Notorious B.I.G, with children playing the roles of Biggie and his cohorts. It’s directed by Spike Jonze and it’s pretty damn impressive.

Whoever sent this to me thinks I’m a huge geek

Fantasy Congress. Like fantasy sports but for politics.

Hat-tip Peter.

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I didn’t watch it but plan to catch it tomorrow online somewhere. Thoughts?

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January 23, 2007


*The state of the union is weakish, no matter what the president ends up saying. We’ve lost the will to win in Iraq, Americans are convinced the country is on the wrong track despite a booming economy, the badass rightwing president turned out to be a wishy-washy moderate who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and the gavel of the speaker of the house is in the hands of America’s children. I’m not optimistic about the future just now.

*Funkypundit schools the NY Times on global warming.

*I had to put up a post on the poker blog clarifying that Dawn and I aren’t lesbians because multiple people had asked us. I know Alarming News readers don’t think that, you all know I can do so much better.

*Some guy gets lost in NY for 5 days and refuses to ask for help or directions, “because he was afraid he would be deported and had heard many scary stories about New York”, despite the fact that he is here legally and speaks English. From the hospital where he’s being treated for dehydration and frostbite he said “I want to go home. I’m thinking about going back to Guyana.” Good riddance. Bring up the average IQ of the city.

*How much money should gazillionaires leave their kids? Man, don’t you hate people with problems like that?

Dear President Bush,

It could be worse: Israeli president to be charged with rape

Hat-tip Joe Grossberg.

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Eye on ‘08

The Politico went live today. Ben Smith’s page is here and because it’s the first day he’ll be forgiven for not having Alarming News blogrolled.

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If you’re in NY and looking for somewhere to watch President Bush’s State of the Union tonight, the Metropolitan Republican Club is hosting:

Watch President Bush’s State of the Union Address at the Met Club. Speech is at 9pm and doors open at 8:30. Free refreshment served, but donations always appreciated. 122 East 83rd Street, just west of Lexington.

I may be in Brooklyn but if I’m not, that will be my venue of choice for the speech.

My calendar for right-leaning events returns in February.

Mark. Steyn. Kills. Me.

On Obamamania:

Barack Obama announced last week that he was forming an exploratory committee to explore whether he can really be as fabulous as the media say he is. And happily the answer is: Yes! He’s young, gifted and black, and white, and Hawaiian, and Kansan, and charismatic, and Congregationalist, and Muslim. He rejects the way “politics has become so bitter and partisan,” he represents “a different kind of politics.” He smokes, which is different. He was raised in an Indonesian madrassah by radical imams, which is more than John Edwards can say. And he looks totally cool when he smokes! I haven’t smoked since I was 14 but I’m thinking of taking it up again just because the sophisticated refreshing nicotine taste helps take the partisan bitterness out of the atmosphere.

January 22, 2007

What is wrong with Dinesh D’Souza?

I’m someone that loved “Letters to a Young Conservative”, “What’s So Great About America”, “The End of Racism” and other Dinesh D’Souza books. So I’m just stunned that his latest book seems written by a different person entirely. Allah and Powerline have the details.

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Fascism doesn’t creep

No matter what you think of Britain’s BNP political party, this is a travesty of freedom, not to mention an embarrassment for journalism.

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Reactions to Hillary’s announcement

“Wow, she’s running. I had no idea.”-Ace

“Dawn weeps.”-Dawn Summers

“She’s surprisingly non-robotic, although I guess if you can train animals to perform on sitcoms, you can train Hillary to feign warmth for 30 seconds.”-Allahpundit

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Trivial end-of-weekend post

Does preferring the “clean” version of songs mean I’m getting old? The first time I noticed that was with the Ying-Yang Twins song “Wait”, two summers ago. And now I’m finding that I like Nas rolling to “every station” to “body the DJ” in “Hip Hop is Dead”. “Murder the DJ”? Less fun.

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I heart flickr

I’ve just uploaded a ton of old pictures to my flickr page. Two sets that may be of interest to my readers are RNC in NYC, 2004 and Political Season 2004 in Colorado.

I love late nights

Sunrise over Brooklyn, 7:20am, Sunday:

Sunrise, 7:20am, Dawn's balcony
The story of this particular late night.

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