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December 29, 2006

NAU? (by guest blogger Maia)

This morning, my grandfather asked me if I heard the latest news about America, Canada and Mexico sharing a common currency. I hadn’t, and thought the possibility ludicrous. My grandfather is a very smart but gullible man. He spends months learning some stock trading approach that is clearly a scam and has even sucked in a few of his good friends and new girlfriend into it. And now he joins conspiracy theorists who harp about this!

I must excerpt this excellent point Medved makes:

he problem with the demagogues and exploiters is that they make it more difficult – vastly more difficult – for decent people to face the real problems involving our border with Mexico (which clearly, undeniably needs better security and more protection) and to correct the altogether unacceptable outrage of more than 12 million illegals who live and work in the United States in open contravention of our immigration laws.

Yes, we need immigration reform, but if substantial elements of the right become fixated on secret plans for “North American Union,” then they will make themselves irrelevant to the national debate framing and shaping that reform. Paranoia is paralyzing, and leads to powerlessness and marginalization…

The “lunatics” Medved describes can also apply to the John Birch Society. The Society has this paranoia page that basically states that “our nation’s life and independence are on the line.”.

I remember meeting a John Birch Society member at a conservative speakers affair a while ago who mailed me lots of their propaganda. I’ve never been that conservative. My mother told me they were known for being a tad anti-Semitic and I’ve found that indeed they are a fan of espousing these theories.
So anyway, I will leave it to you dear reader to decide for yourself? Should one be worried about the NAU? Does the NAU exist?

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No there will never be a common currency for the three countries. The Euro has been a disaster for most countries in the EU and is a lesson to us all.

Posted by: Jake at December 29, 2006 at 8:15 pm
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