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October 25, 2006

Because we know better

I don’t mean to pick on Daily Gotham’s Bouldin, really. He actually brought it on himself by complimenting me, thereby causing me to read him and then discovering gems like this:

Karol over at Alarming News (as an aside, can anyone explain to me how any Soviet emigré can vote republican? What, you’re not happy unless your government maintains gulags and tortures people?) approvingly quotes…

Erm, seriously? I feel like I’m 8 years old, the kids in my class are calling me “Commie” and my father is telling me “just tell them that if you were a Commie you wouldn’t have left Russia”–ya, cause that would’ve worked on kids in Brooklyn, sure. But ok, fine, let’s review why an immigrant from a Communist country might get here and choose to be a Republican.

1. We’ve seen big government. And it’s a failure.–Yes, yes, Bush has increased the size of government, that’s true. But in a general sense, Republicans favor small government while Democrats favor bigger government. Talk to everyone’s favorite liberal, Dawn Summers, about her crazy ideas that the government should protect her from everything, from natural disasters to transfat. And she’s not kidding.

2. We’ve seen evil. And it’s not America.–It was so shocking to hit my teens and discover that there were people who said things like “America was just as bad as the Soviet Union”. Are you nuts? Are you? The Soviet government had its foot permanently on the necks of its people. If you think your free speech is stifled in America, I mean, if you seriously believe that, you have no idea what real tyranny is. And, of course, all the people who said this dumb stuff were, without exception, liberal Democrats.

3. We know about high taxes. And gun control. And “equality”. And all the other ways that government tries to control your life. We like freedom, that’s why we’re here. We support the party most likely to let us live freely.

4. We know about class warfare. We know that being rich is not a crime to be punished, but something to aspire to.

In case it isn’t obvious, I’ve been having a busy few days. I know more than a few Russian immigrants who are Republicans read my site so feel free to leave your reasons in my comment section.

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October 24, 2006

Crazy or terrorist? (An Alarming News Continuing Series)

Man’s bomb threat shuts down Port Authority in New York (hat-tip Scott):

Yesterday, the Port Authority was partially shut down due to an bus rider’s threat. Twenty eight year old Renaldo Aquino Batista of Wisconsin had taken a Trailways bus from Scranton, PA to the city and refused to leave the bus. He made some sort of threat, leading the police to close the bus terminal’s south wing (which means all inbound and outbound buses were stalled) and many streets were closed as well. When the police finally searched Batista’s bags, they found food and clothing.


Cincinnati-to-Newark flight diverted after man claims he has a bomb.

Man goes berserk on a plane, shouts that he knows Osama Bin Laden.

Man tries to open jet door during flight.

Man drives SUV into crowd of pedestrians in California

French teenager with gun threatens tourists.

Woman freaks out on airplane, implies she’s Al Qaeda, pees on floor.

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They can’t make them quit?

News from Turtle Bay is that Kofi Annan’s team is refusing to depart with their boss at the end of this year.

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Turn the pages to 2003…

I’m a little behind on sharing this one. Long time readers may remember this, the rest can catch up (just fyi: I used to blog using the name Kashei, a play on my first and last name, back when I had a non-political job).

You know those cliche sayings like “you reap what you sow”, “what goes around comes around”, “karma is a bitch”, etc.?

Turns out, totally true.

A slightly longer list of not-so random thoughts (yes, another one)

I’ve had a busy two days but promise to have some stuff up soon. For now though, the list:

* Dawn, Ari, PN and I are friends with Mr. and Mrs. Jake, an amazing couple from Minnesota that treat us like royalty when they come to NY. Dawn writes up their last visit which included a limo, a broadway show, a gangster steakhouse, new ipod nanos, dancing teacups, a Russian-accented rendition of “New York, New York”, vodka, vodka and more vodka. We love the Jakes.

* I am hosting a blogger gathering at my apartment this Thursday for fellow blogger and candidate for NY State Senate, Flip Pidot. I’ve never done anything like this but Flip is my favorite local candidate running this season, and I love that he’s running in my district. I will have a full report on Friday as will, hopefully, the bloggers attending.

* If and when Senator Lieberman is re-elected to the U.S Senate, I wonder if Republicans will look back at the race as a lost opportunity to, you know, elect a Republican.

* Speaking of bloggers running for office, my friend Mark Harris of Save the GOP is running for State Representative in Pennsylvania. Mark is an amazing young guy who is the truest conservative. He knocked off a do-nothing 10 year incumbent to get here and he deserves to win in the general election. Check out his ad here and think about throwing him a donation.

* The independent Young Republican Club in NY is having a Capitalist’s Ball this Thursday with an 80’s theme which looks like it should be a good time. Break out the shoulder pads and leg warmers.

*Ace of Spades compares Republican chances in this election to a poker hand. Not a very good poker hand, but nevertheless. I like poker.

October 23, 2006

One more that didn’t make the list

You know Madonna has run out of ways to reinvent herself when she has to resort to stealing African babies for attention.

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A very short list of not-so-random thoughts

*If you want to know what’s going on in NY politics, read Ben Smith. If you want to make fun of what’s going on in NY politics, read Early & Often (I’m dying to know who writes stuff like this so I can stalk them–or, you know, read everything they’ve ever written. I’m pretty sure it’s the same person mentioned here).

*I went to a barbecue on Saturday but somehow ended up eating pizza instead.

*Hezbollah in Venezuela?? Why, that’s just as unlikely as Al-Qaeda in Iraq!

Not like me

Bouldin over at the liberal NY site Daily Gotham writes:

That Democratic wave you’re hearing so much about? It’s solidifying, with a Political Wire reporting a new poll that shows Bob Menendez leading would-be Bush enabler and whimpering sycophant Tom Kean by 48% to 39%.

That just goes to show that the charge of “you’re a republican” is more lethal than “you’re a crook”. Which is as it should be.

I appreciate the honesty. They’re ok with crooks so long as they’re their crooks. And we Republicans should certainly let as many voters as possible know about that position. Tell a friend!

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October 21, 2006


You go Roger Ailes (head of Fox News):

“We haven’t had to fire our executives or our reporters or our anchors or anybody else for making up the news,” Ailes continued. “Maybe we’re a little too in-your-face at times. But basically what we do is cover the story, and we haven’t been forced to eat our words because we’re actually telling people what’s going on. Sometimes there’s more than one point of view, and we try to reflect that.”

Some excellent swipes, I like the boldness. If I watched TV, I’d definitely watch your network.

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BBC admits bias?

I’m just surprised about the “admits” part.

Turns out it’s a very liberal station that doesn’t like America and panders to Muslims. Who knew.

So, just out of curiousity, what is that agenda we’ve supposedly been hearing so much about?

“I’m a little concerned that we are spending all our time talking about what our agenda will be in January rather than how we are going to get our votes out in early November,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party.

-From an article in the NY Times about how the Democrats are “daring to believe”.

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No, he wasn’t in Hall&Oates

John Hall is some seriously hasbeen musician running for Congress in New York against Sue Kelly. He was on the Colbert Report and came off as humorless and sort of dumb. For a switch, though, Colbert was hilarious. Check out the video here.

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October 20, 2006

Yes, exactly!

I’ve been saying this all over town. Yes, conservatives are pissed off because of spending, immigration, more spending, frivolous internet gambling bans, even more spending and various other nonsense out of the Republican Congress. But if conservatives think that if Republicans lose one or both houses, the media will pick up on these aspects of conservative discontent, they haven’t been paying attention. Mona Charen in NRO:

And yet, of course, though many bitter conservatives may do just that, the post-election analysis — assuming a big Democratic win — will be “rejection of the Iraq War,” push back against Bush’s war on civil liberties, blah, blah. Few will interpret the results to mean Republicans and the Bush White House disappointed the base by failing to hold the line on earmarks.

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Playing tag now a no-no at some US schools:

Officials at McCarthy Elementary School in Framingham in the northeastern state, told local media that children have been ordered to invent a new no-contact version of the game for safety reasons.

“If the hands come out to touch, then the supervisors ask them to stop,” McCarthy principal Joan Vodoklys was quoted as saying in the Boston Herald on Friday. “What we require is that children do not touch each other.”

Hat-tip Peter.

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Hypocrisy much?

Bill Clinton hosted a fundraiser yesterday for James Webb, the Democrat running for U.S Senate against George Allen in Virginia. Webb, who has previously said he “doesn’t have an ounce of respect” old Bill, that he is “infuriated every time he sees him salute a marine”, and that Bill’s administration was “the most corrupt in history”, happily accepted the cash.

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Although it probably won’t make him stop wearing that dumb Che shirt

Jay-Z’s Shanghai concert cancelled by Commies.

Or maybe, like every other ethnic group, they were offended by Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls“. (Hat-tip on the Cracked article to Nathan).

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You will call us non-violent or we will kill you.

Michelle Malkin noted the Robert Redeker story back in September. He’s a philosophy teacher “forced into hiding”, due to death threats, after writing an article critical of Islam” in France.

On Monday the French police arrested someone in connection with the threats.

Arrested on Monday in the central city of Orleans, the 25-year-old call-centre employee was held for 24 hours by anti-terrorist investigators, who found no evidence he was linked to a terrorist organisation.

Remanded in custody, he faces up to five years in jail for “aggravated threats” over a threatening e-mail he sent last month to Robert Redeker, a 52-year-old father of three who teaches in southwestern Toulouse.

Though a practising Muslim, the suspect apparently has no links to Islamic extremism, according to police who said he acted alone out of “hatred” for the author.

Hat-tip Ark.

UPDATE: I’m a little behind. Hot Air noted a “Frenchman” had been arrested two days ago.

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