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September 30, 2006

Weekends are clearly made for trivial blogging

In a lot of ways, I’m a total girlie girl. I like having painted nails, wearing skirts, rocking the high heels. But upon closer inspection, you’d learn that I choose my manicurist based on her speed, find skirts easier, and more comfortable, to wear than pants and my high heels are Aerosoles–it’s practically cheating.

One thing that I can never seem to girl up for is the handbag obsession. I have three hand bags in my rotation.

There is the black Gucci bag that I wear to work. My brother bought it for me in Italy three years ago (that’s like 15 years in the lifespan of other clothing items) particularly because he felt I lacked a good bag.

Then there’s a velvet Prada bag that has had the straps fixed and refixed so often because it too is something like 3-4 years old.

Finally, my favorite bag: a small white one with Billie Holiday’s face on it. I love it, despite the fact that it fits hardly anything, certainly not my blackberry AND my cell phone, because it’s so different and I’ve never seen another person carrying it.

Anyway, it’s time for a new bag and I’ve been surfing EBAY. I just can’t do the typical Christian Dior saddlebag or the cheesy Louis Vuitton pochette. I likely wouldn’t want a Balenciaga, even if I could afford it, because everyone and their mother has one (although I’ve never seen anyone carry one like this).

So, ladies reading Alarming News, what do you recommend? I like simple, black, without the designer name all over it and it can’t be worn by every third girl on the upper east side of Manhattan. Whattya got?

Sorry Ben and Azi, I have a new favorite local politics blog….

Early&Often quotes my favorite celebrity of all time, Vincent Gallo, about Jeanine Pirro “spanning time” with her husband Al. It’s subtle and you have to be both a Gallo fanatic who has seen “Buffalo 66″ and a political observer to get it. Clearly, as I am both, I love it.

They then go on to quote the Notorious B.I.G/Lil Kim song “Another”, with the line “What do you do if your man is untrue?”, also about Jeanine Pirro. Clearly, you “cut the sucker off and find someone new” and not try to hire Bernie Kerik to wiretap him.

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Blogroll Update

My blogroll policy is to link interesting, informative and funny blogs that I’d like to visit again.

In addition, I link pretty much everyone that comments with any regularity.

I’ll also blogroll any NY conservative, poker-playing conservative or hip-hop or indie-rock listening conservative. Conservatives, in the American sense, who live in Britain are also sought out.

If you fall into one of these categories and I’m missing your blog in my blogroll, drop me a line.


Discourse DB- The new political wiki site started by Yaron that I mentioned the other day.

New York Politics:

Daily Gotham- We’ve got Urban Elephants on the right and Daily Gotham on the left.

Early and Often- New York Magazine’s new local politics blog. There’s hardly anything going on politically in NY, yet these local blogs attached to mainstream publications keep popping up. We’ll see who is left after the election.


Eta-Ta- I met Tatyana at the blogger party last year. Her blog is mostly in Russian but she wrote about her recent camera scuffle in English.

Grade-One Gadfly- Another blog from a NY-based rightleaner, bringing our total to like 12 (yes, sarcastic, yes).

Yaron is writing- Mr. Daily Lunch is writing.


Elephant State- Online networking for American conservatives.

Up For Anything- Have I already mentioned how much I love poker-playing conservatives? ‘Cause, I’ll say it again….

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And I’m only semi-ashamed to admit it

I love Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack”. Love. It makes me start dancing every time I hear it. “She’ll burn it up for me and that’s a fact.” It really is.

Get yer sexy on.

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I don’t even play online but I despise everyone connected to this bill:

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 passed Congress last night, after being attached to a Port Security measure that was sure to pass.

Hat-tip Tom the funky pundit.

(Cross-posted on “I Had Outs” which, if you’re not reading for the poker content you should be reading for the hilarious trip stories by Dawn. Did we really get lured into a stranger’s hotel room with the promise of a party? Did Dawn really double-fist Amaretto Sours and Vodka Red Bulls? Did someone demonstrate how he was going to make sweet Mexican love to me…on Dawn’s leg? It’s all there at “I Had Outs“. Come for the poker, stay for the drunken trip reports)

UPDATE: CJ at Up for Anything writes “What today has ensured for me is that I will never, ever vote for Bill Frist for anything. In fact, I will campaign vigorously against him.” I agree and I’m in on the vigorous campaigning against him.

September 29, 2006

It’s a bad, bad year

Congressman Foley (R, FL) Submits Resignation to Congress

He was sending sexually explicit emails to a 16-year old male page.


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They like me?

Bouldin over at Daily Gotham (think Daily Kos on a local level) did an overview of New York blogs. He spelled my last name wrong (whatever, who doesn’t?) but wrote:

There’s Karol Scheinlin over at Alarming News, whom I tend to disagree with, but who probably stands as the best writer among bloggers when style is considered.

Thanks! And to those who don’t know, compliments will always get you a link. ;-)

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September 28, 2006

Where are the headlines?

Bush cracks 50th percentile favorability.

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Quote of the Day

(That will make sense only to people who speak Russian and live in Brooklyn):

“I love that hat And I love that there is no It’s like the ultimate sasat!”

-Dawn Summers

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Yes! Yes! Start with Texas, please. Stop looking at Colorado and Pennsylvania.

“We are going to take back Texas. And we’re going to do it before we take back other states we’ve lost the last 15-20 years,”

-Howard Dean

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September 27, 2006

“You’re one in a million, yeah that’s what you are”

Michael Parker points out that in something like 5 days I will have surpassed one million visitors to this site (although I did have a blog in another space with another sitemeter before now, a million is still a nice number to celebrate).

What should I give the millionth visitor as a prize?

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On to my third choice (Houston does have that cutie David Carr)

I’m a Jets fan but, since the Jets suck, I have Dallas as my back-up team. It’s mostly because my good friend SMVP is a Dallas fan, and also they are, after all, America’s team. My back-up team, however, may need a back-up team:

Police Report: Owens Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt


I stole this picture off of Ms. Esther’s flickr page:

Kidnapped soldiers.jpg

I remember when Gilad Schalit was kidnapped and I had all this hope that Israel wouldn’t wuss out, would level Gaza and Lebanon if they had to to get their boy back. The fact that Gilad is still out there somewhere, maybe, speaks volumes to the kind of control Islamofascists have over the world. They kidnap Israeli soldiers, murder civilians, slice throats of Dutch filmmakers, riot and burn over words and still get insulted when Islam is tied to violence. Somehow the west is still wrong, somehow we’re the insensitive ones who don’t get it.

Well, I get it. Gilad is still missing and Israel had the capacity to burn the whole place down but didn’t. Maybe some people feel some kind of pride over this, though the fact is that leftists still think Israel went too far, but I just feel like we’re suckers.

This Yom Kippur, as Jews all over the world atone for their sins, remember the soldiers in the poster. But most of all, remember that what he didn’t get here, to the year 5767 by the Jewish calendar, by letting ourselves get killed while the world sympathizes with our killer. If we will survive, we must fight back and never backtrack. This year I pray for leadership that will understand that.

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September 26, 2006

Attention feminists

I know you will all jump to Ann Coulter’s defense. Right? Right?

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Anti-Semitic Olbermann

Ed R. in St. Louis sent me a beautiful email saying he was insulted by Keith “dumb as a rock” Olbermann calling Chris Wallace a ‘monkey’. Wallace is apparently a descendent of Russian Jews, and it seems Olberidiot was making some kind of ‘macaca’-like insult at us. Ed writes “Jews were ritually called monkeys in Austria, Germany, Occupied Poland and elsewhere. We know what happened to almost all of those who were unable to flee. For a man of Jewish ancestry to invoke such a term just days after The New Year (Shana Tova to all!) is a disgrace.” Allah’s got video.

UPDATE: Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger writes (no, I didn’t find him because of the poker blog, I found him trackbacking to Allah) “Have to feel a little sorry for Olbermann. His ratings over at PMSNBC are miniscule. Need a microscope to see him, he’s so jealous of O’Reilly.

Begging the question: if a moonbat gives a rant and nobody sees it, does it make a sound?”

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I know better….

I deleted the meme. I think it’s my first time ever purposefully deleting a post. I just felt a little sick whenever I looked at it. Sorry.

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One of my favorite bloggers has always been Yaron at Daily Lunch. Yaron has a new project called Discourse DB, a wiki site that will serve as “a database for notable political opinions”. It sounds really cool:

Opinions, whether they come from newspapers, magazines or notable online sources, are all included; they’re indexed by author, source, date, and, most importantly, by the political stance they take on various issues. You can think of the site as similar to, except that it’s political decisions of all stripes that are reviewed, as opposed to movies. This is, as far as we know, the first-ever attempt to categorize political thought in this way: we hope it provides a useful addition to the current political-commentary landscape.

Do check it out and make sure to add opinions as you find them.

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