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June 30, 2006

Song of the Day

Pulp often ties Guns-N-Roses for my favorite band (and Jarvis Cocker ties Vincent Gallo for the celebrity I most crush on). Via Ace, I found INDCJournal posting William Shatner’s version of the Pulp hit “Common People”. That led me to YouTube and their whole collection of Pulp videos. I’ve posted “Do you remember the first time” above. The video made me kind of dizzy but the song is great.

It has the added bonus of being the first song Peter and I ever dance to together. We met at a Britpop club, he had come over to talk to me and this song came on. He says I exclaimed “I love this song!” and he asked me to dance. The rest is an almost 5-year history (”who took the over bet on 6 months on that one!?”-Pheeleepok).

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This is one of the few times where the cover actually might be slightly better than the original.
I love Pulp, but Joe Jackson pwns all. :-)
The album itself, Has Been, is pretty good, believe it or not.
I know, a William Shatner album being pretty good strains credulity, doesn’t it?
But seriously, it’s not bad.
Having Ben folds produce it probably didn’t hurt.
There’s also this hilarious duet with Henry Rollins on the same record.
-good times, G.J.P. (Jr.)

Posted by: Gerard at July 1, 2006 at 9:33 am
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