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June 29, 2006

Praise be to Jesus, Howard Dean has found the lord

2006 (Via Opinion Journal):

“I came in the wrong door when I first got here,” [Howard] Dean said. “I came in the back, and everybody was talking about praising the Lord, and I thought, ‘I am home. Finally, a group of people who want to praise the Lord and help their fellow man just like Jesus did and just like Jesus taught.’ Thank you so much for doing that for me.”


“My father used to tell us how much strength he got from religion,” he told the Globe, “but we didn’t have Bible readings. There are traditions where people do that. We didn’t. People in the Northeast don’t talk about their religion. It’s a very personal, private matter, and that’s the tradition I was brought up in.”


Dean himself is frank on this point, perhaps too frank. “[I] don’t go to church very often,” the Episcopalian-turned-Congregationalist remarked in a debate last month. “My religion doesn’t inform my public policy.” When Dean talks about organized religion, it is often in a negative context. “I don’t want to listen to the fundamentalist preachers anymore,” he shouted at the California Democratic Convention in March. And, when he discusses spirituality, it is generally divorced from any mention of God or church. “We are not cogs in a corporate machine,” he preached last month in Iowa. “We are human, spiritual beings who deserve better consideration as human beings than we’re getting from this administration.”


Then, the hard part began: getting the land for the bike trail–a fight that ultimately wound its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Part of the struggle involved convincing the local Episcopal diocese to cede ownership of a stretch of old railroad tracks that ran across their property. When the church first resisted, threatening to join a lawsuit, “Howard went to talk to them into it,” says Sharp. Thanks to Dean’s persistence, the Episcopalians eventually succumbed. But their initial resistance left a bad taste in Dean’s mouth. As Dean has described it in recent months, the dispute over the bike path caused him to break with the Episcopal Church and become a Congregationalist.

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“People in the Northeast don’t talk about their religion.”
The leader of the Party of Diversity just lumped the religious practice of millions of Americans into one common set of actions (and he apparently never heard of Quakers, the Amish, orthodox Jews…)

Posted by: New York Hotlist at June 29, 2006 at 2:30 pm

Dean must have heard the old joke about the Yankee and the true American arguing religion. The Yankee says “I’ll worship God in my way and you can worship him in yours.” The true American says, “You worship God in your way and I will worship Him in His.” In all seriousness, while NY Hotlist raises a valid concern that Dean is simplifying things here, I would say that the main religious traditions of the Northeast (and with all due respect, the Amish, the Orthodox Jew and the Quaker are exceptions and not the mainstream) are generally not as protestlizing as many of the more evangelical faiths which are more common across the rest of the Republic.
While I have no idea what is in Dean’s heart, I would say these quotes are not as contradicting as they would seem. As opposed to most evangelical faiths, I think it is safe to say the Episcopalian and the Congregationalist Churches rely less on the Bible and more on Authority and Tradition. Neither of those two particular faiths would have evangelical preachers or be particularly demonstrative of their faith.
If Dean feels at home with people talking about the Lord and taking up the Cross and following Jesus, I wish him well. Seek and ye shall find. In our Father’s house are many mansions, even, yes, room for Howard Dean.

Posted by: Von Bek at June 29, 2006 at 2:45 pm

As a proud Sam Kinison, David Icke evangelical, southern baptist. I am so proud of my california assembly republicans Logan, Nielson, Annistadt and Issa and govoner Schwarzeneggar. And to thank them I am starting a Beds besides dumpster program behind churches for the disabled, Welfare moms, the unemployed, students who take out loans, the elderly and especially minorities. These very smart republicans finally figured out if you kill Medi-cal to optomotrists you keep these awful kinds of people from reading. It makes them democrats. Also everyone knows you never pay to see a Doctor you come to our evangelical churches and pray to our They call me Doctor Love,Jesus. Even our beloved christian in the Kiss Christian band, Gene Simmons knows that. Why pay for a smile when Because we pray to God the Angels dust our teeth clean.
Jesus was also homeless when he was well for three years. Nothing wrong with being homeless because you get sick for thirty. Get over it it isn’t a big deal. My program is nice because it doesn’t take away our fising spots and we are acting kind.
So please call your Republican congressmen and thell them you support the Beds besides dumpsters program. For all the Not like us Real American NeoConss

Posted by: methodman at July 7, 2009 at 12:13 pm
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