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May 31, 2006


Ever wonder why that Danish paper published the Muhammad cartoons in the first place? Wonder no more.

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More political earthquakes

Some very exciting stuff going on in New York today, but unfortunately, despite the disclaimer in my sidebar, I’m not supposed to write about any of it.

Still, since I’ve made no secret about my support for KT McFarland, directing you all to stories coming out of today’s conventionsurely can’t be breaking any rules.

Queensbridge, represent.

Dawn manages to insult Queens, New Jersey, F-Train and 40-year old single Japanese women in her latest slice of life post.

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What I’m reading this week

The New York Republican party is having its convention this week on Long Island.

If, like me, you’re interested in keeping up with developments, Urban Elephants, Capitol Confidential (the Albany-Times Union political blog), and the new New York Times NY politics blog, Empire Zone, are covering the festivities thus far.

Daily Politics (the must-read Daily News political blog written by Ben Smith) and 51st State (the newish NY Sun political blog written by the fabulous Azi Paybarah) should be in attendance tomorrow.

If any other bloggers are on-site in LI, drop me a line and I’ll link you.

Music of the Right (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

The Top 10 Conservative Songs of All Time

1) “Freedom (Live)” by Paul McCartney (2001) – While it was written, and originally performed, as a response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, “Freedom” is a timeless song; its lyrics (only 138 words!) may seem repetitive to the casual listener, but “Freedom” is a hymn to liberty that the youngest among us, and the oldest among us, are bound to remember.

2) “Taxman” by The Beatles (1966) – The Beatles park in second place with their 1966 smash, “Taxman.” Roasting income taxes (even death taxes!) as authentic conservatives would, the boys from Liverpool make a compelling case against over-taxation and, ultimately, against government waste.

3) “Oppression” by Ben Harper (1995) – Ben Harper, along with his band of Innocent Criminals, wrote a conservative classic with the folksy, unplugged, acoustic song, “Oppression.” Here, in a soft, understated voice, Harper rails against repressive government with courage, conviction, and hope.

4) “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)” by Pink Floyd (1980) – More than twenty years before the left-wing bias of state schools was betrayed Ward Churchill, Pink Floyd wrote, with incredible foresight, about the misguided public education system in its monster-hit “Another Brick in the Wall.”

5) “Having My Baby” by Paul Anka (1974) – Crawling past more explicit songs by Madonna (”Papa Don’t Preach”) and the Sex Pistols (”Bodies”), “Having My Baby” is a mellow, anti-abortion tome to the euphoria of parenthood, and the sanctity of life.

6) “Soldier’s Heart” by R. Kelly (2003) – R. Kelly salutes the troops with “Soldier’s Heart,” his tome to the men and women of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Reminiscent of wartime classics, such as “Over There” and “Ballad of the Green Berets,” it – deservedly – parks at Number Six.

7) “Small Town” by John Mellencamp (1985) – He gets a cool reception from conservatives nowadays, but John Mellencamp was the poster boy for community spirit, and regional flare, when “Small Town,” his paean to the “fly-over” states, meandered up the Billboard charts in 1985.
8) “Have You Forgotten” by Darryl Worley (2002) – Country singer Darryl Worley wrote “Have You Forgotten” to honor Americans lost on September 11, 2001. Worley, in this song, is the epitome of the “angry white man” and, by the end, we share in his anger, his outrage, and his anguish at 9/11.

9) “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” by Paula Cole (1998) – Paula Cole arrives at ninth place with her anti-feminist anthem, “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” Vowing to stay home, and raise her children, while her spouse pays the bills, Cole bucks feminist theory that women have to work professionally to have a purpose in life.

10) “If” by Janet Jackson (1993) – Though parents may reel at the strong sexual overtones, and hip-thrusting beats, they will appreciate the message: monogamy. Here, Jackson refuses to consummate her relationship until she and her partner are committed. “If” might be dripping with sexuality but it’s a repudiation of “hook-up” culture, and a lesson in self-respect.

Check out lists by John Miller and Bruce Bartlett.

UPDATE BY KAROL: Continuing with the political music debate, Robert George points us to a shortlist of conservative hip-hop songs. They include Slick Rick’s “A Children’s Story” one of my favorite songs. They also include Tupac’s “Dear Mama”, which, personally, I find less conservative than his “Papaz Song” which includes lines like “the things I would do to see a piece of family unity” and his pledge not to be a father until he’s got the time.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bob sends in his choice of conservative song: Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel. I love that song. Bob describes it as “A vivid ode to the workingman who gets screwed by the ‘liberal elites’ in Blue State New York of all places.”

May 30, 2006

Keep on rocking in the free world

John J. Miller started the most important debate of this week: what are the best conservative rock songs? Robert George weighs-in here.


….how was your weekend?

Update: Mine looked sort of like this. The pool on property? Closed. The tennis courts? Lacking a net. But hanging out with 10 of my friends (and 3 dogs named Puba, Mottz and Brooklyn) in the sunshine, grilling burgers and kebabs, breaking out the Belvedere at night, playing Klabbar (a Russian card game) all day long, and generally just chilling out on a long weekend–it’s perfection all on its own.

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May 27, 2006

I’m one of the 37 million!

I’m, unbelieveably, actually getting out of Dodge. I’m not sure of the details but it involved 4 bungalows in Monticello, NY with a pool, lake and tennis courts on property. If you’re staying in NY, though, Fodors has a list of cheap things to do in town. Most of them are pretty touristy, but it’s fun to be a tourist in your own town sometimes (but read this Gothamist post on street hustlers so you don’t get taken like one.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone and do take some times away from bbq-ing and swimming to remember the members of our armed forces who gave their lives for our country.

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May 26, 2006

Who didn’t grow up in Brooklyn?

Construction noise confused for gunshots in House Office Building

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But not me :-(

37 million expected to travel this weekend

My friends and I started looking for a house yesterday. Our requirements? Oh, nothing major. Just waterfront, with room for 12 or so people, no more than 3 hours away from NY, preferably with a jacuzzi or pool on property. It should be pet friendly and have a grill. What, the day before Memorial Day weekend isn’t the best time to start looking for a house with such specific conditions? Sigh.

By the by, if anyone reading this has actually has such a house available, we’re still open to the idea of making this trip happen.

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May 25, 2006

Quote of the Day

“Taking on your base is a risky game on the best of days, and these are not the best of days for the GOP.”

-Jim Geraghty on the incomprehensible defense by Dennis Hastert of William Jefferson.

I miss Ronald Reagan

How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.

-Ronald Reagan

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On the Road Again (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

Hillary Favors Lower Speed Limit in Speech to National Press Club

REPORTER: During the Carter administration there was a 55-mile-an-hour speed limit, which even the oil company executives say driving slower would save gas. Would you favor a return to a national speed limit?

HILLARY: The 55 mile speed limit really does lower gas usage, and wherever it can be required and the people will accept it, we ought to do it.

Via: Rush Limbaugh

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Uh, ewww.

Washington Post reports that Tony Snow and Helen Thomas had a flirtatious exchange. Ick.

Via Media Bistro.

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May 24, 2006

Lying liars

If, like me, you missed the story of Jesse MacBeth, the anti-war veteran who turned out to be a fraud, Michelle Malkin has the summary in video form over at Hot Air.

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Salam is famous

“Baghdad Blog”, the blog of Iraqi Salam Pax, is to become a film.

I wonder if Peter will be mentioned as I believe he was the first blogger to discover Pax (and they had a sort of funny, snarky exchange that led Salam to add Peter’s Pandavox Blog to his blogroll and Peter to send him a mix cd).

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