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April 25, 2006


A candidate for mayor of New Orleans uses an image of herself at Disneyland’s New Orleans Square in her literature.

Hat-tip W.O.

Blogroll Update

Here, There & Everywhere:
Michelle Malkin has launched a new conservative internet broadcasting site called Hot Air, , with everyone’s favorite demigod, Allahpundit and Junkyard Blog’s Bryan Preston. Should be pretty cool.

Green GOP

Discerning Texan

Also, I’ve deleted some blogs from the blogroll that haven’t been updated in awhile. If I deleted yours and you plan to resurrect your site, do let me know.

April 24, 2006


Costa Cruises, an Italian-based Cruise company, has started running cruises that stop in Tripoli, Libya. Here is the itinerary for a cruise this June:

Mon Jun 12 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 5:00pm

Tue Jun 13 Catania, Sicily 2:00pm 7:00pm
Wed Jun 14 Tunis, Tunisia 1:00pm 6:30pm
Thu Jun 15 Gabes, Tunisia 11:30am 9:30pm
Fri Jun 16 Tripoli, Libya
IMPORTANT NOTE: Libya will not allow U.S. citizens and persons born in the U.S. to disembark in Tripoli. Costa will not allow passengers with Israeli passports or Israeli stamps in their passports to embark a cruise that visits Libya. 8:30am 6:00pm
Sat Jun 17 Valletta, Malta 8:00am 6:00pm
Sun Jun 18 At Sea
Mon Jun 19 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 9:00am

I sort-of understand Libya prohibiting Americans visiting Tripoli. It isn’t very smart, but it isn’t far-out either, considering the history between our countries. But Costa Cruises essentially banning Israelis, and anyone who has ever visited Israel, from boarding this Cruise is offensive. Why don’t the Israeli passengers get the same offer as the Americans, ie: feel free to cruise with us but you’re not getting off the ship in Libya? Or does Costa not care about Israeli business?

Via Ark.

I hear a collective sigh of relief

Judge: Web-surfing worker can’t be fired

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“C.I.A. Analyst Played by the Rules” (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)


“a person with great integrity”

“played by the book”

“never deviated from the rules”


“good, substative person”


I’m starting to suspect that the NYTimes supports Mary McCarthy.

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Seriously, how much do I love Cathy Seipp?

A lot:

Anyway, you fear a lot of things when you get a cancer diagnosis, but luckily my biggest fear has so far not materialized — that I would become a nicer person.

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There, I said it.

I like Big Love better than Sopranos.

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April 23, 2006

“My baby’s got a secret”

I really enjoy the site Post Secret. People send in their secrets on postcards which are then displayed on the site. Most of the secrets tend to be about regret or depression, but some are just random, human secrets that we all have. Anyway, they have a book out, and some events coming up surrounding it, if anyone is interested. I’ll be at the one in NYC on May 3rd.

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Funny That

I’ve spoken to many (most recently, one gentleman this past weekend) who have tried to convince me, in essence, that I’m evil by nature of my political leanings. The argument, since 2002, goes like this: the government is trying to brainwash the people into submission, and my ilk are enablers. My response is simple: 1) if a $2.3 trillion government is trying to brainwash the people, one would think they would do better than to let such fellows run around announcing these plans all willy-nilly…

-Nikhil Bhat.

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April 21, 2006

Something I’m going to tell you every few months

Hey, did you guys know I co-write a poker blog with Dawn Summers? No? Well, it’s a good thing I mentioned it then, isn’t it!

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Eye on ‘08

The Note reports that the “most generous contributor this [FEC reporting] round: Former Governor Mark Warner (D-VA), who spent more than $250,000 helping other candidates.”

I hope Republicans are looking at him as a serious contender for ‘08 and not spending their time focused on the may-or-may-not-run Hillary. Warner is a challenge we should fear. He’s a popular ex-governor of a southern state. He isn’t a liberal senator from a liberal northern state (like Hil or Kerry). In other words, he’s got a real shot. Worry.

The phrasing of the headline makes me worry there will be a second

Snoop Dogg publishing first novel this Fall…

Want to hear a Snoop Dogg joke?

Why does Snoop use an umbrella?

For drizzle.

April 20, 2006

Well, that settles it

If Pink hates President Bush, so do I!

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What a world

Liberal stay-at-home mom finds herself shunned by the left.

“I have one conservative standpoint,” says Flanagan. “I really have traditional emotions about having a full-time, at-home parent, be it mom or dad. For that, the left has excoriated me, humiliated me, called me names in print – one of which I had to look up.”

She doesn’t think of herself as a theorist, as her new book, “To Hell With All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife,” makes clear. But in a culture of universal female grievance, she earns elite female disdain for noticing how much good men (sometimes) have to put up with.

It sounds like most of her argument involves being good to your man, something her critics find unacceptable. An age where being good to your spouse is a controversial idea–wow.

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April 19, 2006

And everything she stands for…. features an article by a liberal writer that has everything: pretentiousness, America-hating, snobbery, the works. Read it and tell me if you manage not to despise her.

H/T Ron.

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Doing good while eating well

A bunch of NY restaurants are doing something called Dining For Darfur. If you eat at one of the participating restaurants on April 30, 5% of the restaurant’s gross sales for the evening will go to the International Rescue Committee’s humanitarian relief efforts in Darfur and in the refugee camps in Chad.

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