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April 29, 2006

Oh daddy

“Katie is a young girl’s name. Her name is Kate now; she’s a child-bearing woman.”

-Tom Cruise on Katie, sorry, Kate Holmes. Can’t anybody stop him from being so crazy in public all the time?

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April 28, 2006

I’m back on Sunday, who wants to go?

Philip Klein calls United 93 a must-see. I think I’m ready.

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The Russians are coming.

Joe Grossberg sends me this map from the 2000 census about how many people in America speak Russian at home. It’s a whole lot more than I imagined. Idaho, in particular, has an astounding amount.

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What my friends are blogging

*Fisch celebrates Father’s Day early with a sweet story about his dad. My father would have so kicked my ass if I did what Fisch had done in this post.

*Zelda rounds-up my birthday party. Some pictures exist here and here. Yes, I may have been drinking.

*Dawn Summers has decided that playing good poker was overrated and now plays 4-5 to pre-flop raises and complains when she is outdrawn. She also believes that who you are at 12 is who you will always be. I say just because her growth was stunted at 12, there’s no need to make a theory for the rest of us.

*Ari had a weird cabbie experience.

*Joey McKeown is on a poetry kick and wants the ladies to know he’s more than just a hot body– he’s also a big bank account.

*American Legends reports that the Yanks and the Mets are seeking tax relief. Seriously, me too.

*My Urban Kvetch has a pop-culture round-up that includes porn stars, Britney and the latest Hollywood fad of having bastards. Do we still use the word ‘bastards’ in 2006? Eh, whatever, I will.

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Government at its finest

New Jersey has a strange law that all gas stations be full-serve. If you’ve ever driven down the Jersey Turnpike or the Garden State Parkway, this will be a familiar feeling:

I sat in the car, aching, pondering the four-hour drive ahead while watching a long-lost, slow-motion play written by Kafka unfold in the warm failing light of an approaching summer’s eve. Left-side gas-pump lines were many cars deep and right-sided ones were nearly empty. Sullen attendants shuffled unhurriedly from car-window to pump to register kiosk to car window and on again while men and women and families sat trapped, bladders full, in their tiny metal boxes. And I came unglued. My tongue lashed forth in a torrent of obscenity-laced policy proposals and cruel punishment suggestions for all those responsible. My poor fiancé, concern and a hint of fear in her eyes, endured the high-volume tirade. I am ashamed to admit I participated in some Jersey-bashing. I like New Jerseyians — some of my best friends are New Jerseyians. But New Jersey has gone completely sideways when it comes to gas stations.

Read the whole thing for how government regulation is to blame.

Via Dana Superstar.

That’s an awfully strange coincidence

The woman who says she was raped by three members of Duke’s lacrosse team also told police 10 years ago she was raped by three men, filing a 1996 complaint claiming she had been assaulted three years earlier when she was 14.

So, how over is this case?

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Personally, I don’t think men should do most of those things at any age.

Rightwing Sparkle posts a list of things men over 30 shouldn’t do.

Via Ace.

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The Congressman and the fratboys

There’s a mini-scandal brewing in NY involving a Republican Congressman attending a frat party and, possibly, being photographed with pot-smokers.

Of course, Daily Kos, among others, are weighing in with important, issue-orientated criticism. This photograph is the evidence.

Eh, I’ve seen a joint once or twice in my life– where is it in this photograph? The guy in the front of the pic holding two fingers up to his mouth has nothing between said fingers. And, the guy in the background is smoking on something that appears to be white with an orange tip which, in America, is called a ‘cigarette’.

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When Myth Becomes History (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

Rolling Stone magazine attacks George W. Bush

The newest cover of Rolling Stone magazine — a cartoon sandbagging President Bush — is a mere appetizer for the seven-course meal of distortion and bile served up by historian Sean Wilentz (The Rise of American Democracy) in his cover story, “The Worst President in History.”

Mr. Wilentz revises history, in the most irresponsible way, with half-truths that his less sophisticated readers will, probably, devour without much second-guessing. This is not simply an attack on President Bush. This is history ripped free of its moorings in logic and reason. In other words, it is a myth.

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April 27, 2006

Don’t hate me because I’m in 85 degree weather

I’m the Bahamas for a wedding and spent the day lazying around the resort and hanging out with the 50 or so friends that are also on the island. I have my laptop so blogging will resume soon.

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April 26, 2006

Oooh a veto, haven’t seen that in awhile….

Bush Makes Levee Request and Also Threatens a Veto

Dare to dream.

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Quote of the Day

“Tony already knows most of you, and he’s agreed to take the job anyway.”

-Bush to the White House press corp on Tony Snow becoming his press secretary.

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Yet another nightmare

Mick Jagger Joins a New ABC Sitcom

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April 25, 2006

Way to ruin my favorite restaurant

From a review of Scalinatella on

The place is incredible and easily one of the best restaurants in the city. I saw Michael Moore and his wife eating with Modonna and Guy Richie not too long ago. Absolutely incredible restaurant.

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Dumbest headline ever

Holocaust Survivors Grow Poorer in Israel

I’m fairly sure they are not ‘poorer’ than they were during the Holocaust.

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