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February 28, 2006

I love the Democrats

Paul Hackett on being pushed out of the race against U.S Senator Mike Dewine:

Schumer and Reid, the guys who said my country needs me, had a change of heart. There was never any explanation given. Schumer, in particular, actively sought to undermine my insurgent campaign, in part by calling up my donors and telling them not to raise money for me, which is like a doctor cutting off oxygen to a patient. He also worked through others to get state and local politicians to publicly urge me to quit.

Hat tip UB.

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Blogroll Update


Super Fischel- My good buddy Fisch (who also happens to be my poker hero) has started a blog. His first post wonders if Bush could ever abandon the Iraq mission. Go leave him some comments and welcome him to the blogosphere.

David Teten- David is the head of a really cool group called Young Jewish Leadership PAC whose mission is ‘to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the United States pro-Israel community and the Republican party’. His blog, however, is about ‘investing, leadership, management, career acceleration, personal productivity, securities research, and online networks.’ Pretty dynamic guy.

Out there in America:

Virginia- Black Market Baby Dealer- I discovered Brent after my My Space post prompted him to add me to his list of friends. Anyone that counts Dorian Davis among people he’d like to meet must be pretty cool.

Also, it’s sad but true but Ace of Spades is being moved to the Boston section. NY misses him already.

Oh snap.

Ari Goes Down is rarely political but she’s mucho annoyed at Bryant Gumbel’s comments about the Olympics…and she’s not afraid to say so.

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Thought for the day

Support for the Iraq war is decreasing not because of the casualty rate of our troops but because Americans are losing faith in the concept of Muslims having a democracy. They’ve watched the murder of Van Gogh, the beheadings, the kidnappings, the suicide bombers, the riots for weeks in Paris, the insanity over the Muhammad cartoons and they’ve concluded that these people can not live in our world and instead of bringing them closer to our point of view, the best thing to do might be to get as far away from them as possible (see Dubai port deal). At this point, there’s very little the American government can do to restore faith in Muslims being compatible with freedom and democracy, despite Bush being the biggest champion of the idea that Muslims are no different than the rest of us. Muslims can only help themselves now.

The blogger’s non-blogger

For a man without a blog, Peter sure gets quoted a lot.

February 27, 2006

Die Hard 4: Willis vs. Winfrey (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

Bruce Willis Takes on Oprah

“Let me say something. They’re giving James Frey all this s*#@ (about) his book,” Bruce said. “He didn’t tell the truth. You actually wrote something that’s fiction? Now he’s banished from the kingdom.’

Bruce, who was supposed to be promoting his new film, “16 Blocks,” unexpectedly defended disgraced memoirist James Frey and bashed Oprah’s very public berating of the author.

“Oprah, you had Bill Clinton on your show,” Bruce said. “Do you remember? Give this guy a break.”

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Bush the hypocrite? [posted by Allah]

Inbound meme spotted on radar; lefty pundits flying in formation. Tumulty in Time:

How could Bush have failed to foresee the potential public relations consequences of an agreement to hand over terminals to a company owned by a country that had been home to two of the 9/11 hijackers, both of whom laundered their money in its banks? A distraught Republican summed up the party’s problem: the episode was “caviar for Democrats.” And it was a role reversal that must have been most satisfying for them too, since it put Bush in the position of arguing nuances of international diplomacy that got lost in the alarmist din over security.

Ron Brownstein in the Dog Trainer:

The president … is stewing in a pot he brought to boil….

The administration is building its case on experience. It says the risk in the port deal seems minimal because the UAE has cooperated in the war on terrorism since Sept. 11 and participates in our international program to monitor cargo shipping.

But, the critics fire back, that record offers no guarantees about tomorrow. Things could change. Somehow, someone in the Dubai company could facilitate a terrorist plot or gain knowledge about American security that might help terrorists. When the consequences of a mistake are potentially so grave, as Santorum and others argued last week, why take the risk?

If this division sounds familiar, it should. It roughly tracks the divide in the national security hierarchy over Iraq. Only in that case, Bush took the opposite side.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it: find the common thread in Bush’s positions on Iraq and the port deal. Hint — there may be more than one.

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Have a banana, Barry [posted by Allah]

This guy teaches polisci at MIT.

Would Iran give nuclear weapons to terrorists? We know that Tehran has given other kinds of weapons to terrorists and aligned itself with terrorist organizations, like Hezbollah in Lebanon. But to threaten, much less carry out, a nuclear attack on a nuclear power is to become a nuclear target.

Anyone who attacks the United States with nuclear weapons will be attacked with many, many more nuclear weapons. Israel almost certainly has the same policy. If a terrorist group used one of Iran’s nuclear weapons, Iran would have to worry that the victim would discover the weapon’s origin and visit a terrible revenge on Iran. No country is likely to turn the means to its own annihilation over to an uncontrolled entity.

True. I suppose under certain circumstances a fanatic might be willing to commit suicide in order to do damage to his enemy. But then, how often do you see that sort of behavior from Muslims?

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Backdraft [posted by Allah]

Can’t burn embassies without starting other kinds of fires, boys. Last week, smoke Down Under:

“Before entering a mosque visitors are asked to take off their shoes,” [Costello] told the Sydney Institute last night. “This is a sign of respect. If you have a strong objection to walking in your socks, don’t enter the mosque.

“Before becoming an Australian you will be asked to subscribe to certain values. If you have strong objections to those values, don’t come to Australia.”

Mr Costello said those who broke the compact should be stripped of citizenship, if another country would take them.

And now in the UK:

Muslims must accept that freedom of speech is central to Britishness and should be preserved even if it offends people, says Sir Trevor Phillips.

The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) said we should “allow people to offend each other”.

And he suggested that Muslims who wanted a system of Islamic Shariah law should leave the UK.

When the guy in charge of promoting multiculturalism starts talking common values, you’ve got yourself a trend.

Firemen have been spotted rushing to the scene.

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What’s wrong with this picture? [posted by Allah]

The set-up. The punchline.

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February 26, 2006

The best places in America to pinch a loaf [posted by Allah]

Vote now.

Holler-palooza [posted by Allah]

Our entertainment news tonight comes from Houston, where luminaries of black liberal grievance culture met earlier to try to one-up each other in a spirited game of Who Can Say The Craziest Shit.

Second runner-up goes to Julianne Malveaux for wondering, “What are black folks doing in Utah?” Bonus points for use of the self-consciously authentic term “folks” to describe black people.

First runner-up goes to crowd favorite Louis Farrakhan for asserting that the “the only way to accomplish real freedom and equality was to remove the president”. That’s not a direct quote, incidentally; the actual quote was “the only way to accomplish real freedom and equality was to remove the president, and then replace him with Hitler.”

And the award for Most Righteously Outraged Black Man Whose Righteous Outrage Entitles Him to Spout Inane Bullshit belongs to … Cornel West, for insisting that “There’s a parallel between the killing fields of the slave ships … and the killing fields of the Super Dome.” Congratulations, Dr. West! You win the first copy of Sketches of My Culture ever purchased; I’ll send it to you just as soon as I order it.

Harry Belafonte was there too, but no quotes from him in any of the articles. I like to think he was simply rendered speechless by his indignant, aggrieved rage.

UPDATE: Everyone realizes that the Farrakhan quote about Hitler is a joke, right? A joke based in fact, to be sure, but a joke nonetheless.

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Brave, brave Sir Oscar [posted by Allah]

Steyn’s got a piece in NR this week on how Hollywood considers itself “brave” for re-fighting political battles that were won fifty years ago, even while it steafastly refuses to take a position on issues that are still in doubt.

It’s subscription-only, alas. But if you want a taste of his argument, be sure to watch the Oscars this year. A “sexy jihad,” indeed.

Anyway. Which flick, do you suppose, will be the frontrunner for Best Foreign Film at next year’s awards?

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Port deal reached? [posted by Allah]

Sounds purely cosmetic. But then, it doesn’t really matter anyway. Or does it?

Whatever. I’m still totally taking my imaginary girlfriend on vacation to the underwater hotel, assuming we’re still together in ‘08. Love is hard!

UPDATE: Sweeeeet.

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Confound an American feminist [posted by Allah]

Toss this link at her and ask her which side she comes down on.

Total. Fucking. Meltdown.

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Spaniards march against appeasement [posted by Allah]

A dying breed:

Victims of ETA’s campaign of violence led tens of thousands of protesters through Madrid on Saturday in a warning to Spain’s Socialist government not to negotiate with the Basque separatist group….

A sea of umbrellas, placards and flags moved slowly through Madrid’s posh Salamanca district, as the crowd shouted “Zapatero resign” and “Negotiation is surrender”.

Opposition conservatives have accused Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of being soft on ETA since his offer last May to talk to the outlawed group if it abandoned violence for good.

A recent poll showed most Spaniards agree with the policy.

It’d be a lot easier to throw rocks at Zapatero here if his policy were any different from Bush’s vis-a-vis Hamas, or Britain’s vis-a-vis the IRA. Of course, it isn’t.

Ah, what the hell. Peace in our time!

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War in slow motion [posted by Allah]

Interesting, oft-depressing report on shifting U.S. strategy in Iraq set to splash on page one of tomorrow’s WaPo. The article describes three steps in the evolution of U.S. tactics, with the current focus on pushing out from Baghdad into the countryside to capture territory and then setting up checkpoints to hold it, one slow half-mile at a time.

The goal is to keep the jihadis out of Baghdad, although I’m not quite sure why; sounds like their presence couldn’t make things any worse:

The streets of the capital already feel as unsafe as at any time since the 2003 invasion. As one U.S. major put it, Baghdad now resembles a pure Hobbesian state where all are at war against all others and any security is self-provided.

Army Reserve Capt. A. Heather Coyne, an outspoken former White House counterterrorism official, said, “There is a total lack of security in the streets, partly because of the insurgents, partly because of criminals, and partly because the security forces can be dangerous to Iraqi citizens too.” When this reporter was permitted to review an in-depth classified intelligence summary of recent “significant acts” occurring in the capital, it appeared surprisingly incomplete, generally listing only two sorts of events: anything that affected U.S. troops, and the killing of Iraqis. Other actions affecting Iraqis — kidnappings, rapes, robberies, bombs that don’t kill anyone, and a variety of forms of intimidation — don’t appear to be on the U.S. military’s radar screen. As one soldier put it, that’s all “background noise.”

On the upside, Iraqi troops do seem to be making progress, especially re: intelligence-gathering. But where their true loyalties lie, and whether it’s too late for the U.S. military to implement the new strategy effectively, seems very much in doubt. Even — especially? — among the troops interviewed for the piece.

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