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January 24, 2006

It’s not about Bush.

I knew European anti-Americanism didn’t begin with Bush’s presidency. Cathy Young has the proof.

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Surreal Life

Anything to be on TV:

Joey Buttafuoco, his ex-wife Mary Jo and the ‘Long Island Lolita’ who shot her in a love triangle, Amy Fisher, are reuniting for a TV special.

January 23, 2006

Memo to people who see me in ‘real life’

If you see a red string around my wrist it’s not because I’ve jumped on the Kabbalah cult bandwagon, but because my brother brought one back for me from the Western Wall. I promise Madonna has nothing to do with it.

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All eyes on…. Canada?!? Canada’s conservatives leading in polls

Meanwhile, Portugal has already done did it: Conservative wins Portugal’s presidency

Roe is 33

Just in time for the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Jane Galt has two excellent posts on everyone’s favorite topic.

January 22, 2006



We’re So Confused!

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began a visit to Syria Thursday to consolidate an old alliance made increasingly crucial as both countries face mounting U.S. pressure and the threat of international sanctions,” the Associated Press reports:

Syria is Iran’s closest Arab ally. The two countries have had close relations since 1980 when Syria sided with Iran against Iraq at the start of the Iran-Iraq war.

How is this possible? Syria is a secular Baathist dictatorship, while Iran is ruled by Muslim fundamentalists. Everyone knows these groups are like oil and water; that’s why Saddam Hussein’s Iraq never had anything to do with al Qaeda!

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January 21, 2006

That’s not true, I hear there is a lot of yawning in the beltway too

GOP [Leadership] Contest Prompts Yawns Outside Beltway

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Not so smart

Leftist group Code Pink photoshopped an Iranian demonstrator for freedom into an ad against the war in Iraq.

Hat-tip Banafsheh.

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January 20, 2006


The left has problems.

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25 years ago today, Ronald Reagan became president

Ronald Reagan First Inauguration Photo.jpg

You are missed, Mr. President.

Update: Red State remembers the earth shattering event that happened 80 minutes after Reagan became president.

John Walker Lindh should be happy with his 20 years

The father of John Walker Lindh, the American caught fighting with the Taliban against the U.S, is appealing for a reduction of his son’s sentence. He calls the younger Lindh’s ‘maltreatment and imprisonment’ a ‘human rights violation’ and says ‘it was based purely on an emotional response to the 9/11 attacks, not on an objective assessment of the facts of John’s case.’

So, objectively speaking, let’s review: John Walker Lindh was captured in Afghanistan during a battle with American soldiers. He was carrying ‘an assault rifle and two hand grenades’ given to him ‘by the Taliban commanders’. He admits to having met the grand puba himself, Osama bin Laden, on two occasions.

His father says ‘this is the story of a decent and honorable young man who became involved in a spiritual quest.’ Of course, most spiritual quests don’t usually end with the seeker taking up arms against his own countrymen, but that’s neither here nor there to Dad Lindh. John Walker Lindh committed the most obvious form of treason. There was nothing hidden about his involvement, he wasn’t passing along secrets to the enemy or giving other aid or comfort. He was holding a gun and pointing it at American troops. If that’s not treason, then there is no such thing. Twenty years seems a rather short time to serve for turning against your country in so dramatic a fashion. While it may be true that he was a confused kid, at 20 he was still wholly responsible for his actions. Or, to put it another way, if you’re old enough to be trapaising around hostile Afghanistan, on your own, you’re old enough to understand that you’re choosing a side in a war, and John Walker Lindh made the wrong choice.

Update: Dawn Summers has a funny take.

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The times they are a-changin’

A priest in Ireland fathers a child. The London Times reports that Irish Catholics mostly shrug at the news. If this article really reflects the majority thinking of Catholics in Ireland, it’s hard to imagine that the type of Catholicism directed from Rome is going to last much longer on the Emerald Isle.

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Is it Michael Moore or Osama bin Laden?

You decide.

January 19, 2006

Ridiculous story of the day

Bush rules out Senate run for first lady

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There’s love….

….and then there’s true love.

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Anybody But McCain

Ankle Biting Pundits reports that conservatives are warming to John McCain. Well, not this conservative.

Here is a shortlist of my problems with McCain.

1. His media whoreness. I just can’t deal with someone who loves getting his mug on tv. If the cameras are on, McCain is talking. I realize this isn’t an issue-based opposition, it’s just a pet peeve.

2. Campaign Finance Reform. McCain decided that Americans were sitting on the edge of their seats wanting campaign finance reform so, he ran on the issue in 2000. Don’t get me wrong, I blame Bush for signing the debacle into law with a ‘wink-wink no way will this pass Constitutional muster’, but it was McCain who forced this to become a priority. Of course, nothing changed with BCRA (Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002), except that free speech became less free and people who wanted to influence elections now need to hire additional lawyers to bend the new rules. When people complain that the public is disengaged from politics, they can look to BCRA for an explanation of why that is. I have a Master’s in Political Management, which included a class in Campaign Finance with one of the top Campaign Finance lawyers in the country, and I couldn’t tell you all the rules and regulations regarding political speech. That’s a problem.

3. I hate mavericks. A maverick is unpredictable. And, while I’m sure that’s very exciting in a friend or boyfriend, I’m not looking for a president to be so erratic. I’m not saying that people can’t change their minds. I realize Bush began his presidency as something of a isolationist, but then became a different person after 9/11. That’s fine. Events should change our ways of thinking. But McCain is just all over the map to start with. Additionally, because of his media whoreness (see item 1), he’s turned the word ‘maverick’ into code for ‘will stick finger in the eye of president Bush whenever given the opportunity’.

4. His compromises always seem to hurt Republicans. He was one of the ‘Gang of 14′, a group of Republicans that gave away the right to filibuster in return for…well, no one is exactly sure but it seems that Democrats have promised to actually look at nominees and maybe even give them a vote. Now, call me crazy, but don’t voters expect, at the very minimum, that their elected officials will check out nominees and give them a vote? Shouldn’t this be the least we expect from people to whom we pay a six-figure salary?

5. He says he’s pro-life but he supports pro-choice causes. Whatever you think of the abortion issue, I’m sure we can all agree that we’d like consistency from a potential president.

I realize that if McCain is the nominee, I’ll have little choice but to support him. I know most conservatives and Republicans will do the same, especially if his opposition is one wife of an ex-president. That’s why it’s important for conservatives to stop McCain in the primaries. If he makes it to the general, he’ll have to be our guy. If we can stop him in Iowa and New Hampshire, he won’t.

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