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January 24, 2006

Because what we really need is another blog….

Dawn Summers and I have started a poker blog. If you like our poker posts, go on and blogroll us. We’re not sure what it will be, exactly, but the first post is about a bad laydown that I made last night.

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No more drinking for you two at the poker parties. You now are reporters who have to get every hand description right for your readers.

Posted by: Jake at January 24, 2006 at 8:28 pm

I like how your -rati tags are “poker blog” poker blogS” and “GIRL poker blogs.”

Posted by: Jay at January 25, 2006 at 9:24 am

I like the new blog. I no longer need to have my Gamblerese to English dictionary handy whenever visiting this site, and as added bonus, we could be provided with a daily chronicle of the failings and bad beats of Dawn Summers.

Posted by: Peter at January 25, 2006 at 10:24 am
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