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January 31, 2006

Democratic response by Governor Tim Kaine

“Rights given by our creator”

“Today, we pray”

“G-d Bless the United States of America”

Have Democrats found G-d? What is going on here?

Who didn’t know that Cindy Sheehan would be her usual lunatic self when invited to the State of the Union?


Cindy Sheehan said she will be part of the live audience during the president’s State of the Union speech to congress Tuesday.

Bay Area Congresswoman Lynn Woosley gave anti-war activist a gallery pass late Tuesday, just hours before the planned State of the Union speech. Sheehan was in Washington to protest the president during his national address, but then came word she was invited to see the speech live.

A spokesman for Sheehan says she decided to accept the invitation two hours prior to the speech. The spokesman also said that Sheehan will be respectful and listen to the address because she is a guest of a member of congress.


Peace activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Tuesday in the House chamber after she unfurled an anti-war banner before President Bush’s State of the Union address.

4pm, EST

(Click the pic to listen)

Update: Call in number is 866-884-8255 (TALK).

Our guests today are Michelle Malkin and Jim Geraghty.

Done Deal

Welcome Justice Alito:

Samuel Alito.bmp

The voting list is here.

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Random question

Why does the question ‘are you a Jew?’ bug me so much more than ‘are you Jewish?’

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Europe, you have a problem.

Members of the Popular Resistance Commitees, a militant Palestinian group, burn a Danish flag next to the European Commission building during a protest in Gaza City

Armed and masked gunmen from the AL-Yasser Brigades, an offshoot of the Fatah movement, surround the European Union commission headquarters in Gaza City in protest against the publication of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper.

Fury grows over Denmark cartoons

Threats by Militants Alarm Scandinavians

Gunmen storm EU office over cartoons

My personal favorite is this not at all inciteful piece in a UAE newspaper titled ‘Deal with Danish offenders strongly’.


Virus could mean obesity is contagious

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January 30, 2006

Right-wing New York

The list of February events for right-minded New Yorkers is now up at There is a lot going on so be sure to check it out.


The Republican Majority for Choice has released a statement supporting Lincoln Chaffee’s decision to vote against confirming Alito.

Here is the comment:

The Republican Majority for Choice is proud to stand with Senator Lincoln Chafee in opposition to the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. We strongly agree with Senator Chafee that Judge Alito’s consistently anti-choice record simply cannot be ignored. Furthermore, after Judge Alito continually side-stepped the issue of whether or not the right to privacy in the Constitution extends to reproductive choice….

Look at that last line. Alito has refused to answer whether ‘the right to privacy in the Constitution extends to reproductive choice’. Now, I’m no Constitutional scholar or anything so I have to ask: has the (actually nonexistent) ‘right to privacy in the Constitution’ ever been used to defend anything other than abortion?

I can’t be the only one thinking ‘why the hell would Israel fund the Palestinian Authority in the first place?’

Israel freezes funding to the Palestinian authority

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One Way or Another (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

…we WILL prove Republicans racist.

Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases

Via: Drudge Report

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January 29, 2006

If we can’t have freedom, no one will!

Muslims ask UN to limit free speech in Denmark

The Muslim world’s two main political bodies say they are seeking a UN resolution, backed by possible sanctions, to protect religions after the publication in Scandinavia of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad.

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of Organisation of the Islamic Conference, said in Cairo on Sunday that the international body would “ask the UN general assembly to pass a resolution banning attacks on religious beliefs”.

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January 28, 2006

Quote of two days ago

Dawn Summers: And that’s all we have in common. We both support the war in Iraq, we both like poker and we both hate bananas.
Me: I like bananas.

Our poker blog has some new posts up, by me, and I’m sure Dawn is working on one right this second as she was recently recognized in Atlantic City. I mean like ‘I know a girl named Dawn who looks like you and plays poker’ kind of recognized.

An honest politician

I have no vision, declares Eliot Spitzer’s running mate, David Paterson.

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Blogroll Update


Wil’s Notes- Blogging straight from The Bronx.


In the Beauty of the Lilies- My friend Adriel’s new blog. Adriel is just out of the Peace Corp and leaving to work in Iraq, you can imagine he’ll be an interesting read.

Update: Also in the NYC section, The NY Press blog Fifth Estate, written by the fabulous Azi Paybarah, is now called 51st State. Do check it out for the best in local politics snark.

Another Update: In the ‘Internationally Known’ section, welcome Slinging Ink ‘a Brit, born in Dublin and living in Rio de Janeiro’. It doesn’t get more international than that.

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