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December 27, 2005

Politically Incorrect Christmas/Hanukkah Party? (by guest blogger Julia)

Last week, I got an e-vite from a conservative group to come to a “Politically Incorrect Christmas/Hanukkah party”. While it’s a good-willed and much appreciated gesture to include the minor Jewish holiday that falls around Christmas, it occurred to me that you can’t have a politically incorrect Christmas/Hanukkah party. You can only have a politically incorrect Christmas party—and invite Jews who are happy about it. Because Hanukkah was the original minor ethnic holiday that the no-godniks seized on to play up and undermine Christianity. On the other hand, Jews are the politically incorrect minority, so I guess they have a point. Never mind.

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From the title and post, I assume you mean the New York Young Republican Club party. (Wednesday, 7:30 PM. Sorry for the shameless plug)
Although I did not name the event, I believe that I am the one responsible for sending out the email in question.
Hanukah is a beautiful and horribly politically incorrect holiday. It celebrates religious liberty to worship God without universalist interference. Still, it is particularist. It is not about everyone praying as they wish. Rather, it is about expelling imposed corruption of the religion along with foreign interference and assimilation. There was nothing PC about the revolt.
Sadly, the holiday has been relegated to minor status, not because of any religious decision, but out of despair after the failed Second Judean (Bar Kochba) Rebellion of 132-135 and the Roman retribution.
Still, the use of Hanukkah as a Jewish response to Christmas is an afront to the holiday, even if it is a well intentioned one.
I do not see this as an attempt to undermine Christmas, but as an attempt to ensure that Jewish children are not tempted.
(I much preffer to have the traditional gift giving and party around Passover.)
At any rate, there is nothing PC about celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah, so come out and party.

Posted by: RonL at December 27, 2005 at 1:39 pm

I also must note that I am the one who sort of set up this party. I appear to be the person in charge of socials. So for the sake of being politically dear to me, (and to RonL), please come and join. We promise you do not have to wear reindeer antlers or a Hanukkah Harry beard. Though, we do plan on doing a Kwanzaa gift giving event! J/k. No ifs or buts. Please come. It will be fun. Check your vacation and sick days and see if you have any remaining for the year. You can do what I’m doing by taking Thursday off.

Posted by: daniel at December 27, 2005 at 5:31 pm

Merry Hanukah to everyone.
I hope Santa Claussenblum brings you everything you want this Hanukah….
Now everyone sing along to our Chanu-Karols (ha a PUN!)
On the First day of Hanukah my true love brought to me A Pastrami sandwich in a Ratner’s Tree…
On the Second Day of Hanuka my True love gave to me two long sideburns….
Merry Chanuka to ALL!!!!!!

Posted by: DanTHEman at December 27, 2005 at 7:03 pm
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