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December 27, 2005

Happy New Year from Bill Clinton! (by guest blogger Julia)

Well, it looks like the Albanian mafia in this country—much of whose proceeds are exchanged with al Qaeda et al—is outpacing both its Italian and Russian counterparts. Boy, it’s a good thing we “rescued” and resettled that clan here.

In Kosovo, meanwhile, the Albanian Muslims have been attacking UN and NATO ever since NATO “saved” them, and gearing up for all-out war against the West this year if it stands in the way of the logical conclusion of the jihad we helped them fight six years ago. That is, full independence (i.e. an Islamic-narco-terror Mafia state without peacekeeper oversight). Such are the fruits of Bill Clinton’s “successful war.” Then again, for Democrats, that is a successful war. After all, we fought for the enemy.

People talk about George W. Bush alienating Europe? Hello-o! Bill Clinton BOMBED Europe! Interestingly, in his penchant for apologizing to people of color, Clinton recently apologized to Rwandans for failing to prevent their genocide. But he has no intention of apologizing for the genocide he helped mastermind–that of Serbs in Kosovo. After all, Serbs are white and–barf–Christian. So what would be the political point of that?

Incidentally, subsequent investigations have found that there was no ethnic cleansing or genocide of Albanian “Kosovars” (Muslims) by Serbs. But who gives a damn? So what if we bombed the Serbs and handed the Balkans to al Qaeda on a silver platter? What’s a Serb, anyway?

Meanwhile, here’s a mini starter guide on the pronunciation of Kosovo—a region that hasn’t finished with us:

The correct spelling of Kosovo is Kosovo, accent on the first syllable. The made-up Muslim spelling is Kosova, accent on the middle syllable. The latter pronunciation is used by Muslims and dhimmis like Wesley Clark, Bill Clinton, Richard Holbrooke and other Dhimmicrats. So if you’re not a Muslim but pronounce Kosovo as ‘Kosova’, then you should be pronouncing Muslim as ‘Master’, or ‘Massa’.

What does Kosovo mean in the Serbian language? “Black bird” (or, more accurately, “of the blackbird”). And what does ‘Kosova’ mean in Albanian? It doesn’t.

Because Kosovo is Serbian. But we’ll be taking it from the Serbs and giving it to the terrorists over the next few months. After all, we gave them Bosnia; let’s be consistent. And what are we giving the Serbs? Nothing. Because unlike the others, they don’t attack UN, NATO and Americans, so why should we give them anything?

Slight problem: Serbia isn’t giving up Kosovo, and Albanians aren’t taking “no” for an answer. So look for a 2006 war in Kosovo (the Albanians have been readying for it since ‘99). Can we take the right side this time? Please?

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Your point being?
So you help terrorists. What else is new. America has been funding terrorists for decades. Heard of the IRA? Iran Contra?
Don’t disagree that the war in Kosovo in 1999 was wrong i felt and said at the time it was wrong.
Is your problem with Kosovar albanians that they are muslim by any chance?

Posted by: Nick at December 27, 2005 at 5:08 pm

I think it denigrates the term genocide to describe Serbians’ treatment. No one was trying to wipe them off the face of the earth unlike, say, Jews and gypsies in WWII (and, yes, I know what side the Serbs were on in that conflict).

Posted by: Joe Grossberg at December 27, 2005 at 6:37 pm

Let wake the European from their Utopian world view, arm the Serb with our old weapons, the muslim will get weapon from Russian and Syria and let them fight it out. Support any group that is losing, a good opportunity to really make some money. Is Albania helping us with the War on Terror? Anyway, it a European problem, let make sure they fail. Help the human trades are very lucrative in that parts, let of opportunity to give Europe a blackeye.

Posted by: Anh at December 27, 2005 at 10:50 pm

Julia — The Serbians running things in the Balkans are not nice people. The prosecution of many Serbian leaders in The Hague right now by an international tribunal has revealed a long painful list of crimes against humanity.
You should start by learning about ethnic cleansing and the rape of women in Kosovo by Serbian soldiers. Most of these rapes were done by order of the Serbian leaders.
There have also been the ongoing discovery of mass graves throughout the Balkans. Since the mid-1980s, Serbian leaders orderred and planned what was a systematic genocide of people throughout the region. Albanians were particularly targeted by Serbian soldiers and governmental leaders.
The Serbian claim to the land known as Kosovo goes back to a battle that transpired 500 years ago, except the Albanians inhabitted the region before them in an area known as Illyria.
The only reason the Serbians have sought this land is to make money off the mineral deposits in this region. They never cared one bit about this part of the Balkans before they realized that they could make millions from seizing the land.
Even the Communist dictator Tito respected the religious and cultural autonomy of the people in Kosovo. They are ethnic Albanians who were forced by threat of death to change their religion from Christian to Muslim hundreds of years ago. They have been a subjugated people for centuries and had been cruelly treated by the Slavic incursions into the region before and after World War One.
The Serbian political lobby is extremely powerful and had manipulated the truth about this part of the world until former Congressman Joe DioGuardi started going after the criminals in the Serbian government.
I have seen the photos of the mass graves. I have met victims of ethnic cleansing, particularly rape victims and know firsthand how manipulative the political lobbies have been over this province in Serbia.
All the Albanians wanted was the right to education, worship and their own court system.
The Serbians would not allow any of this to happen in Kosova — and chose instead to systematically kill anyone who stood in the way of grabbing control of the province.
Hence, the trials at The Hague and international acknowledgment finally of human rights violations committed by the Serbian government.

Posted by: Bob Fois at December 27, 2005 at 11:39 pm

2 sides to every story….

Posted by: PAUL at December 28, 2005 at 5:42 pm

This one cuts both ways. The leading Republicans in 1998-2000 were applauding Clinton’s actions here: Mrs. Dole, her husband, Gov. Bush, Sen. McCain, Lamar !, the Weekly Standard and so on. The only real resistance on the right came from the likes of the Rockford Institute and Pat Buchanan.

Posted by: Von Bek at December 28, 2005 at 7:39 pm
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