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September 30, 2005

Somehow I can see NYC Smurfette reviving her blog for this

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 8586174

It’s totally free.

Can’t argue with that

Me: Are you watching the Yankees?
Mets fan Dawn: Oh yeah, woooo look at me all watching the Yankees, rooting them on.
Me: Well, I thought you’d be rooting on the Red Sox then.
MFD: What do I look like, a moron?!? Who roots for the Red Sox?!

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Eric the Young Curmudgeon is back, at a brand new site that looks suspiciously like the old site and even has part of the same URL. He blogs about tonight’s crazy blogger party (which has about 100 bloggers attending) and wonders how he’ll get people to remember his url. I scratched the idea of nametags because I was assured it was too doofy and also reminded that some bloggers are anonymous and may want to stay that way despite being at a blogger bash. Anyway, visit Eric’s new digs and tell him to quit linking to Dawn Summers so much or Karl Rove is going to get really pissed.

And if you’re in NY and have nothing to do in about an hour, stop by the party: K Lounge, W.52nd between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

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Check out the ads in my sidebar, Dawn, Joe and Yehudit took me up on my ad offer and have produced some pretty cool ads.

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Love the Drudge

The NY Press has picked the Observer’s Politicker blog as Best Political Blog in its ‘BEST OF MANHATTAN’ list. Congrats to Ben and the gang, they completely deserve the honor (and not just because they link to me every now and again).

I’ve written a ton (here, here and here) on my feelings for the NY Press. And reading the first few paragraphs of the Best of Manhattan list, I almost started to think they had returned to form, clever, interesting and different. But then, no:

Best Overreaction to a Bad Pope Joke

Drudge & Co. vs. New York Press

Everybody just relax. You know Matt Drudge has a hydra-headed bug up his ass about something when he gives it more play than a new Hillary Clinton book deal. So it was last March when this newspaper printed an unremarkable column by Matt Taibbi listing the “Funniest 52 Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope.” For three full days—that’s three entire news cycles while the country is at war—The Drudge Report devoted a sizable chunk of real estate to posting the cover of the offending issue of New York Press.

Three days.

If a giant killer asteroid were heading straight for planet Earth, Drudge might give it two days of play before dropping it to make way for a John Edwards bestiality rumor. Nothing gets three whole days of prime play from Drudge. But this stupid little New York Press story did. The only possible explanation is that Drudge was determined to make trouble for your humble narrator, whom he turned on violently after former Press columnist Michelangelo Signorile started outing his closet-case friends.

Emphasis mine.

This perfectly demonstrates 2 things:

1. Drudge is my kind of guy and,
2. Don’t mess with Drudge (something I’ve written on before too)

Outing is purposely trying to hurt someone, by using something they keep secret, against them. Trying to destroy the business of the outer, or the business that employs the outer, is fine by me. I would take it further and go after his whole family but, you know, I’m Russian and all that. If you go straight for the kneecaps the first time an outer tries this kind of thing, we’ll be unlikely to see any other outing efforts. No one wants to see their mom all sad, or their business destroyed. It’s the only way.

September 29, 2005

Put down the kool-aid, Glenn

Could Giuliani be the Perot of this decade? If he wanted to be, I think he could. (Heck, if the two parties continue their spiral of mutual destruction, he might even get elected as an independent.)


Little NY story

The other day I was walking out of the UBS building on Sixth Avenue and 51st Street and there was a large, wooden fruit cart in the middle of the sidewalk, instead of on a corner as is the usual location. It was a big, heavy thing, completely unlike every other fruit cart in the city. There was no one manning the cart. I was looking at it, all perplexed, when a woman said ‘they’re filming a movie’ and pointed to cameras across the street. As if on cue, but actually totally unconnected to the filming, a ragged looking man walked by and scooped up two or three pieces of fruit and then continued on his way. You can’t leave a food cart unattended in Manhattan, even if it is just a prop in a film.

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Dreier out, Blunt in

NYC Right lays out what went down in the House GOP yesterday and why David Dreier, ’socially moderate amnesty supporting California Congressman’ did not take over as Delay’s successor.

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September 28, 2005

NY Blogger Party (bumped for correction purposes)

It’s this Friday at 8pm at K Lounge, 30 W 52nd St between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (thanks Yehudit for the correction). There are over 70 bloggers currently RSVP’d to attend. If you’re in the NY area this weekend, come on by.

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Free Ads, again

The last time I gave away 3 free ads, I got 4 paid ones within the week. So, let’s try this again: A free ad for the first three people to comment. The ad can be for your blog or business but I do have final approval of all ads.

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Tom Delay has been indicted and has stepped down from his Majority leader position. Dennis Hasterst has picked David Dreier of California to replace him. The only thing I’ve ever heard about Dreier is that he’s been the target of an outing campaign. The article I link notes:

Dreier can probably survive outing in his district and be re-elected, and it won’t hurt him much with Arnold and his cronies either. But Dreier’s days as a key member of the ultra-homophobic Hastert-DeLay House GOP leadership may be numbered.

Yep. Numbered.

‘Now I ain’t saying she a golddigger…’

Anna Nicole Smith’s case reaches Supreme Court.

Obviously because of French support for the war in Iraq

Terror suspects ‘targeted Paris metro’

‘Thank you, America, for welcoming us.’

Boat people reach U.S. after 16 years

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September 27, 2005

Hoist it, baby. 4pm EST (Bumped to top, new posts below this one)

(Click this graphic to listen)

Our guests today are Andrew C. McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and a contributor to National Review Online and the amazing, phenomenal, hilarious Jeff Goldstein of the blog Protein Wisdom.

Ms. Dawn Summers is unable to live-blog due to her new job so the position is now open.

Call in with questions: 1866-884-TALK (8255). Do it.

We’ve got Neal Boortz lined up for next week with Steve Forbes and Dick Morris coming up in mid-October. If you’re not listening, you’re a big loser.

UPDATE: Von Bek to All Sporting Men will be live-blogging the show.

Nothing like news like this from the ole’ high school

This post has been removed. The people in the post have been cleared of all charges and it is unfair to them to keep the post up. I have apologized for writing on the matter before all the information was available and for my snarky tone. Albert and Adelphi deserved better from me.

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