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August 28, 2005


John Hawkins interviewed Mark Steyn back in June but I somehow missed it and was directed to it by NY Girl. Here’s his thoughts on Israel and ‘the wall’:

I haven’t spent a lot of time in “Palestine,” but, when I have, I’ve never seen any sign anywhere in Gaza or the West Bank of anything remotely resembling a “nationalist” movement. There’s plenty of evidence of widespread Jew-hatred and the veneration of death-cult “martyrdom,” but not that anybody’s seriously interested in building a nation for the “Palestinian people.” So if you leave it to the Palestinians there’s never going to be a state, only decade after decade of suicide bombings. One can advance reasons for this – it’s no coincidence that the most comprehensively wrecked people on the face of the earth are the ones who have been wholly entrusted to the formal care of the UN for three generations now. But the fact is what Israel is doing is the only thing that will force the Palestinians to get up off their allegedly occupied butts and run a state: the Israelis are walling off what they feel they need, or what they can get away with, and it will be up to the gangsters of Arafatistan to see if they now feel like dropping the jihad and getting on with less glamorous activities like running highway departments and schools.

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The problem with the Protest Warriors

Sometimes it’s over people’s heads:

There also were some heated moments at the pro-Bush rally when Bush supporters mistakenly identified two people as war protesters. The two walked in with a sign that read “Say No to War – Unless a Democrat is President.”

Many Bush supporters only saw the top of the sign and believed the men were war protesters, so they began shouting and chasing the pair out. One man tore up their signs.

Jess and I hung out with the Communists for Kerry last summer in Union Square and we saw that happen several times (minus any violence or even anger from our Commies.)

August 27, 2005


Huffington Post is all over Ann Coulter saying that NY’ers would surrender if attacked. I’ve heard it said better.

Song of the Day

‘Bad Diary Days’ by Pedro the Lion.

I might need something more upbeat later this afternoon but I just had my first +5 hours of sleep in about a week and this fits perfectly.

Can you smear someone just by quoting them? (Part II)

‘And I can just hear him saying “George Bush you are really an idiot”.’
-Cindy Sheehan channeling her son Casey.

(See Part I here)

August 26, 2005

Elephant vs. RINO (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

The platonic rivalry between the two most visible factions of the Republican Party–Elephants (conservative Republicans) and RINOs (liberal Republicans, or “Republicans-in-Name-Only”)–has been a constant source of amusement for the politicians, journalists, and policy-makers of the American Left.

Democrats refer to RINOs such as Arlen Specter and Lincoln Chaffee as “mavericks” for their “courageous” breaks with the rest of the Party on issues from Terri Schiavo to John Bolton. They hunt down RINOs to denounce George W. Bush’s prosecution of the Iraq War, and they splash the quotes of those “maverick” RINOs on the front pages of The New York Times.

Democrats relish the internal strife within the Republican Party. They perceive this intellectual debate–which is absent in their Party–as a political crack-up at the most fundamental levels of the Republican Party. They see the Elephant and the RINO as two fumbling, primitive beasts fighting to the finish, like the monsters in Freddie vs. Jason and Alien vs. Predator.

But debate only enhances the intellectual strength of a political party, and it has only enhanced the intellectual strength of the Republican Party. After all, that is the essence of being a Republican: engaging in intelligent, informed, and persuasive debate with fellow Republicans and–regardless of whether we are Elephants or RINOs–having a thick skin.

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Dorian’s Book Club (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

excerpt from chapter five of Anti-Americanism
by Jean-Francois Revel

Hatred for America is sometimes pushed to the point where it transmutes into hatred for ourselves. This is what we saw when the Disneyland near Paris opened in 1992. This event was denounced by our intellectuals as a “cultural Chernobyl.” But you will notice, even without exceptional erudition, that a large part of Walt Disney’s themes, especially in his feature movies, is drawn from European sources. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio, the musical scores in Fantasia, the reconstruction of the pirate ship from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island–all are borrowings from, and homages to, European creativity.

That these popular stories, the flowers of the imagination of so many different peoples over so many centuries, orally transmitted from generation to generation, then collected and fixed in written form, should finally appear in a completely new medium thanks to the unique talent of a California artist–isn’t this an example of the unforeseeable paths and crossroads of cultures? Their dynamic motifs travel by varied routes and vehicles, ancient and modern, regardless of the prudish chauvinism of narrow-minded protectionists.

Read chapter six for Saturday.

I felt that there was a clown missing from the circus

And here he is now!

Rev. Al Sharpton Plans to Join ‘Peace Mom’…

More proof that government officials don’t have enough to do

Tennessee’s Attorney General wants country singer Gretchen Wilson to stop using smokeless tobacco onstage. I’m unclear whether he also objects to her singing about Skoal, apparently her favorite brand.

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August 25, 2005

Urban Elephants (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a Republican, is popular in New York City. He won 744,757 votes on November 6, 2001. He won 179,797 votes in Manhattan. But the fascinating statistic about that election which is never trotted out is the fact that there were only 99,000 Republicans in Manhattan. Who voted for him? Democrats.

Why did Democrats support Mike Bloomberg? Maybe they supported him because he’d been a life-long Democrat prior to assuming the Republican nomination for Mayor. Maybe they supported him because he’d brilliantly announced prior to Election Day, 2001, “I am a liberal.”

But, regardless of their reason for supporting him in 2001, Democrats have ample reason for supporting him in 2005: In his first term, he has advocated a twenty-five percent hike in the property tax, amnesty for illegal aliens, a smoking ban in bars and restaurants, and a position on gay marriage that is so incoherent it literally allows “anybody” to marry “anybody.”

That’s good news for Democrats. That’s a rude awakening, though, for conservatives who voted Republican because we believed in low taxes and individual freedom, or because we believed in the Republican Party. Earth to the GOP: He is not a Republican!

I’m not surprised that conservatives regret allowing Mayor Bloomberg to climb onto the back of the Republican Party, and to ride this Party into Gracie Mansion, during the campaign of 2001. For now, at least, we can empathize with our mascot–the elephants that Hannibal rode over the Alps during the campaign of 218 B.C.: sure, they won the Punic War, but they got peanuts.

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Do to your children as your parents did to you

Soleil Moon Frye, who played Punky Brewster and inspired children everywhere to dress like little punks, has given birth to a daughter: Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg.

If you can’t win, bitch.

The French are dying to discredit Lance Armstrong. It’s really ugly.

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This is probably frowned upon in the Kingdom of Saud

I got all excited when I saw on my sitecounter that someone in Saudi Arabia was reading me but then I saw they weren’t here for the politics but for the old comment spam.

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Dorian’s Book Club (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

excerpt from chapter four of Anti-Americanism
by Jean-Francois Revel

Parental irresponsibility, which allows youth to spend their time haunting the streets in gangs, is the principal cause of neighborhood degradation, the spread of violent disorder and the inevitable slide of young people–even children–into delinquency and crime. Municipal authorities have tried to do something about parental dereliction of duty, proposing either to reduce the state-paid benefits to parents guilty of neglect, or to impose a curfew that would make children under twelve or thirteen years of age return home before midnight. And for this they have been called fascists and racists by the parties, officials and journalists of the Left, which has been hard at work destroying one of the necessary conditions for assimilation [into our society].

Read chapter five for Friday.

Oh, thanks (by guest blogger Dorian Davis)

Florida State Can Keep Its Seminoles

The [Seminole Tribe of Florida] helped university boosters create the costume for the Chief Osceola mascot, approving the face paint, flaming spear and Appaloosa horse that have no connection to Seminole history.

Yesterday, the National Collegiate Athletic Association agreed with the 3,100-member tribe and the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, which had also endorsed the nickname.

The N.C.A.A. removed Florida State from the list of universities banned from using what it called “hostile and abusive” mascots and nicknames during postseason play.

“It’s not about an effort to be politically correct,” Myles Brand, the president of the N.C.A.A., said in a statement when the ban was announced. “It is about doing the right thing.”

Read the whole wretched thing.

UPDATE: The part of this debacle that I find most outrageous is the elitist attitude in Myles Brand at the N.C.A.A., who actually thinks that he knows what’s best for F.S.U., and for the Seminole Tribe, when both of those entities disagree with him.

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