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July 31, 2005

My second city

I finally got around to watching ‘City by the Sea’, (contrary to reviews, it’s not the worst movie ever made, though at some points it seems to be solidly in the running), a movie with Robert DeNiro set in the beach community of Long Beach, a Long Island city 20 miles or so outside New York where I spent a series of summers in my teens. The Long Beach of the film is a decrepit, ailing place with a ruined boardwalk and a healthy druggie problem. The one I remember was a middle-class town of cops, firemen and teachers, pot smoking teenagers and drunkish beach bums. I know the film’s Long Beach is gone, I think mine is too as the last decade has seen rapid development, combined with escalating real estate prices, that have made the city a hot beach destination.

A discussion over on IMDB has some residents of Long Beach mad about the movie’s portrayal of their city, including questions on whether the City of Long Beach can sue this movie for libel (can they, lawyers?). ‘I just saw this movie last night and I was REALLY confused. Mmm. I have never heard of another Long Beach and this didnt really resemble the Long Beach I grew up in. It was misleading to represent this city in such a way. Long Beach bears no resemblance at all to this movie. I have never seen the desolate, rundown, dangerous place that this movie portryaed it as.’

Or, ‘the movie looks like the rockaways on a bad day – maybe’.


I like this comment: ‘Honey, it’s a movie. It all movies had to represent truth… well, then I would be a gangsta and a wiseguy and a rabbi just because I live in Brooklyn.’

Wait, so we’re not all gangsta, wiseguy, rabbis?

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Will I make it through the season?

From the teaser for this week’s episode of Six Feet Under:

Claire is shocked to discover she and Ted share a passion for politics.


Although, I suspect Ted the lawyer may turn out to be a Republican.

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July 30, 2005

That’s my Matsui


I, through the grace of Ari and joined by Peter, watched the Yankees defeat the Angels today. We got sunburns and almost died of heatstroke because, unlike fake Yankee fans who went home when the Yankees were down, we stayed until the end and got to see Hideki Matsui hit a double to win the game. I wore my Matsui shirt home prouder than ever.

July 29, 2005

Dumb things over which I get all worked up

Via GOPINION, I found this post about Moby’s newfound respect for Eminem because of the latter’s anti-Bush song, ‘Mosh’. For those that don’t know, the two men had a very public verbal brawl. Eminem embarrassed Moby in multiple ways, including a mention in one of his songs calling Moby a ‘bald headed fag’, ‘old’ and describing Moby’s music style as ‘over’. Moby, wildly outmatched in every possible way including bankroll, talent, fame, brains and size, backed down and announced randomly at an Awards Show that he had ‘no problem with Eminem’.

This irks me so much. Do you mind if I use foul language to describe it? If you do, don’t click on.

Kill em all (or, whatever, lock them up forever since Britain doesn’t have the death penalty)


Especially the one in the New York sweatshirt for besmirching the name of my city with his murderous ways.

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That will change everything.

An actual email for an actual event happening this weekend in NYC:

Anti-War Dance Fest- Because poor communities of color continue to be aggressively recruited by the U.S. Armed forces, because young soldiers continue to die, because destruction and death continue to hit innocent Iraqi civilians each day, we invite you to dance for peace dance for freedom dance against the occupation of Iraq.

Lest you think I’m just making fun of this because they are liberals, imagine if you got an email for a danceathon against federal funding of stem cell research or against a tax hike. I’d roll my eyes just as hard as I did when I read this.

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Using Bush hatred to sucker people

“Sorry to interrupt, folks. God bless America. I’m a homeless veteran, just got out of the hospital and I’m trying to make it upstate. Because of George Bush, he says he can’t send me home, but he can send troops over to Iraq. So all I can do is ask for your help, since Bush isn’t here to help me. Anything you can contribute would be helpful. I’m just trying to get up to my family,” is a good one to use in New York, Boston, or LA. The majority of the population in these cities have such a negative view of Bush and Iraq, and such a positive view of veterans, family, and anything Anti-Bush, they’d be more willing to contribute a few dollars to your cause. This one’s good for use in subways. Things can take a turn for the worse, however, if you get someone who wants to know your story. If they start saying things like “Where did you serve?” or “I can drive you upstate.” or “Can you believe what Bush is doing with Iraq?”, you’re in for some trouble. Either you can get caught with questions you can’t answer, or you can waste 3 hours waiting for the guy to shutup about Bush. None of these will put any money in your pocket. It’s also good to get your hands on some crutches, camoflauge clothing, and/or go with a day’s stubble.

-From a story on pitches used by homeless people

Via Seldom Sober.

Back when I was a supercool NYC teenager, I would hang out with squatters in Tompkins Square Park in Alphabet City. They were mostly rich kids from Connecticut who couldn’t like deal, man so they would live in empty abandoned buildings back when there were such things in the East Village and beg for money in the street. My friend Mils and I would cut school and hang out with them, fascinated by their blue hair and multiple body piercings. Plus, girls and dogs brought in more money so they were happy to have us around. Some of their lines:

‘Spare some change so I don’t have to eat my dog’
‘Spare some change, I’m saving up for a yacht’
‘Spare some change so I can buy some beer and some pot’ (this one actually worked the best since people seemed to appreciate the honesty).

I remember shopping in the Village with my parents years later and some dirty guy running up to me and saying ‘Karol! It’s me, Wisconsin! How’s it going?’ Still homeless, still begging, my parents were not amused that I knew him. I wonder if he’s using the Bush line these days.


Maybe this is why Karol has left Alarming News to a gaggle of guest bloggers…

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July 28, 2005

Happy Listening Part II (By guest blogger Jessica)

Ladies and gentlemen, once again, showing their groovy hip swaying side, The Wifebeaters.

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The politics of meters on Sundays

For a few years now, New Yorkers have had to pay the meters on Sundays. No more, reports Clarified, due to some wacky religious decision by the City Council. She focuses on the fact that other religions celebrate their Sabbath on days other than Sunday and that meters should be free on those days too. I think Bloomberg just got one step closer to re-election. One of the gripes I heard from people during Bloomberg’s term was that they were being nickled and dimed all the time, and meters on Sundays was a classic example of this. Now, no more meters on Sundays. And if you think Bloomberg isn’t getting the credit, despite his opposition to the plan, you’re not paying attention.

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Like MASH But Less Funny And Not As Political (By guest blogger Jessica)

I was watching a new drama on cable TV yesterday called Over There. It premiered on channel FX, which is apparently an up and coming cable network that has hot new shows like Nip/Tuck and The Shield. And for someone that barely watches TV, I really do not know how I know such things.

Anyhow, Over There is about a group of rookie soldiers who arrive in Iraq for the first time. The show depicts their lives and their families’ lives back at home and the experiences they go through while fighting in a war that is already well underway. It is the first war drama in which the conflict being depicted is current.

I highly recommend the show. I was pleasantly surprised to find that politics are kept to a minimum. The show focuses on the personal and daily lives of the soldiers, and the realizations they come to while fighting on the front lines. The battle scenes are done very well, and the small things that we don’t think about very often are brought to light in several aspects. Like what the heck you do when you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the desert.

Oh, but it doesn’t have a cool theme song like MASH does.

*UPDATE* Cake Or Death had a different take on the pilot episode as he seemed to think it was a bit more preachy and well, Hollywoodish. We shall see as the storylines develop, I guess.

Let’s Take a Quiz (by Guest Blogger Ari)

This is from an email a friend just sent me:

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Moronic moral equivalence

Not only does a NY Times editorial say that ’sanity has not been the norm so far on either side of the Israeli security barrier’ (except I think it could be argued that the people not dressing their infants and toddlers in machine guns are actually sane) but it also makes this really stunning proclamation.

The Bus Story (by guest blogger Ari)

I find it incredibly interesting that this story died so quickly. 60 (!!) tourists led off a bus with their hands up. Tourists made to kneel on the street, in full view of the public, handcuffed, with sharpshooters trained on them… and the story lasted what, a day or so?

Not one teary eyed tourist from the bus addressed the media saying they were terrorized. Or, more even more interesting, no one made any sort of stink about racism, police brutality, humiliation or suing. Not a word about suing!! I guess Al Sharpton was too busy that day to galvanize things? Thank goodness. And as for the class and understanding of these poor tourists I’m not at all shocked. Just impressed. And I wish the story could have lived at least another day to teach some of the more litigious people here in NYC (y’know, like pests who protest political conventions and their ilk) a thing or two.

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