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June 30, 2005

Get your archives ready for their close-up

Publisher to turn blogs into books.

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Americans hate politicians and entertainers….


Fight! Fight!

African-Americans and Mexicans are not getting along. Example 1 and Example 2.

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We interrupt our programming for a discussion on hip-hop

I love ‘Wait’ the whisper song by the Ying Yang Twins, particularly the remix with Missy Elliot, but I have to admit I can see it getting old quickly. Plus, this is one of the few songs where the clean radio version is so much better than the dirty original. Trust me, you don’t want to hear the original. He’s saying what you think he’s saying. It’s just better not to know.

Still, I think ‘Wait’ is on track to be in the top 3 songs you hear playing out car windows this summer. My other two picks are ‘So Seductive’ by Tony Yayo, mostly because it’s catchy as hell and everything 50 Cent touches turns to gold these days, and ‘Diamonds are Forever’, with Kanye West and Jay-Z, which despite having a political message, something I normally hate, is a fantastic song. Sure, Jay-Z’s retired from rapping but he’s back here with a great verse that includes the excellent line ‘I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man‘.

Now back to our regularly scheduled right-wing politics.

‘…..all alone in the moonlight….’

This may come as a total shock to some but ‘Dawn Summers’ is a pseudonym. I know, how surprising, it sounds so real. Dawn takes a trip down memory lane and remembers how she chose the name (and, well, I’m mentioned a couple of times instantly making it worth the read).

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How the Onion should be

Riding Sun has an excellent post addressing the chicken-hawk ‘argument’ made by some on the left. Genius.

Also look for Riding Sun as the latest addition to my ‘International’ section.

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Wouldn’t it be nice…

Headline: Palestinian police clash with Hamas in Gaza Strip.

No, just kidding. The real headline:

Headline: Protesting settlers clash with troops in Gaza Strip

June 29, 2005

TALK ABOUT A PREEMPTIVE STRIKE (by guest blogger Dawn Summers)

“Canada cannot be the drugstore for the United States,” Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh told reporters at a news conference.

“In light of potential American legislation legalizing the bulk import of Canadian prescription and other medications, our priority must be the health and safety of all Canadians and the strength of our health care system,” he said.


Best idea I’ve heard all day

Ari broke the news to me that HBO is moving ‘Six Feet Under’ back to Sundays. Whoever decided to move it to Mondays in the first place should be fired. I haven’t caught a single Monday episode yet, watching it On Demand instead.

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June 28, 2005

Listen, 4pmEST

(Click this graphic to listen)

Our guest today will be Julia Gorin. She has written for,, and she has a piece in the October issue of Hustler and a profile in the September issue of Penthouse. Yes, really. Her latest article ‘Serb, lies and videotape’ questions whether we chose the right side in the Kosovo war.

Our new format features one interviewee and one guest commentator, who will generally be a blogger. Today’s guest commentator is Dorian Davis. Dorian is a sometimes-guest blogger here at ‘Alarming News’ and one of my all-time favorite bloggers. He is currently on hiatus because he is working on a book.

As always, Dawn Summers will be guest blogging the proceedings. Feel free to hang out in her comment section and comment along too. I do read it as the show is on so I can gauge what we’re doing right or wrong.

The problem with liberal anger….

…is that it’s just slightly misdirected:

I came across this post about a lefty in NYC mad as hell about Karl Rove’s comments regarding liberals. He ends with ‘I am determined to take them down. I am ready to fight the bastards like I have never fought before’, which would be great if he was talking about the terrorists and not about Pataki and Bloomberg.

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Can the Spice Girls save the world?

But every seasoned aid worker knew at the time, as they know now on the eve of Live 8, Geldof’s long-awaited successor to Live Aid, that there is no necessary connection between raising a lot of money for a good cause and spending that money well, just as there is no necessary connection between caring about the suffering of others and understanding the nature and cause of that suffering.

-From an interesting piece, via Daily Lunch, about whether 1985’s Live Aid actually helped Ethiopia.

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Best. Quiz. Ever. (well, for the tiny percentage of my readership that speaks Russian anyway)

Take the quiz here.

I like questions 12 and 17 the best. I think anecdoty are terribly unfunny and holodetz is disgusting though I chose ‘pizdets’ as the answer because it’s funny.


Your so-called “soul” earned 2 out of five troika matreshki.

Your soul is weak, my friend. Nearly transparent. Yet it is there. The whore of the west has implanted her syphillitic “culture” into your private parts. You must get out into the countryside and subsist on a diet of fresh goat’s milk and cucumbers until you are pure.

Via Isolato.

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