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April 29, 2005

Song of the Day

I have two today, so I suppose the above should read ‘Songs of the Day’.

First, an oldie but goodie: ‘Who is he (and what is he to you)’ by Bill Withers. Withers can really do no wrong. He transcends genre and listeners. Dawn ‘Clay Aiken Rocks!’ Summers listens to him as does my friend M ‘I have a turntable and I know how to use it’ R. This song is excellent. The best line: ‘You’re too much for one man, but not enough for two’.

Second, a song called ‘Baltimore Love Thing’ off of 50 Cent’s last album, ‘The Massacre’. The song reminds me of Nas’s ‘I Gave You Power’ which is written from the perspective of a gun. ‘Baltimore Love Thing’ is written from the perspective of heroin. It’s easily the best song on ‘The Massacre’ and my favorite part has Fitty mumbling ‘I love you, love me back, no one said loving me be easy.’

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