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April 30, 2005

Of course, that’s not what he was saying on election day

Zogby: Bush Would Still Beat Kerry Today

Via Right Nation.

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More audience participation

As you may have heard, the dashing Ace of Spades and I debut on on May 10th. We already have some phenomenal guests lined up (which we’ll keep secret for now). I don’t listen to talk radio much so I’d love to hear suggestions/advice from people who do. What guests would you like us to have on? What do you like or dislike about talk radio?

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I have a new respect for J. Lo

PETA Targets Jennifer Lopez Film Premiere

Lopez was asked what she thought of the protesters.

“I don’t,” she replied as she headed into the premiere.

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April 29, 2005

Get yer free crackpipe here.

Canada will give out free crackpipes to users to stem infections. Included with the pipe will be ‘alcohol swabs and lip balm along with an information sheet detailing how to prevent infection.’

Brent Colbert writes: ‘I honestly believe that they are passing the free crack pipes around the Ottawa city council chamber.’

Well, at least it’s not my tax dollars.

Via Cecile Dubois.

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I got a good response about that Friends of the NRA dinner I mentioned a few days ago. It looks like we’ll have enough people to fill a table, possibly two. The event is May 18th and the cost is $50 per ticket. Please let me know if you’re interested via the comment section so that I can just return to this post closer to the date and harass you for the cash.

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Ohio isn’t done with Sen. John Kerry yet. Studio execs across town are screening young filmmaker Mike Larocca’s 2004 election documentary, which uncovers so many Democratic blunders that Kerry gives goof king Leslie Nielsen a run for his money…


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It’s hard to be against the death penalty for cases like this

Sgt. Hasan Akbar, who killed two officers in a grenade and rifle attack in Kuwait, has been sentenced to death.

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My continuing sadness over the Conservatives in Britain

Arguing about the war in Britain is quite different, in point of tone and alignment, from debating it in the United States. True, there is in both countries a huge mass of media and showbiz and academic liberals who take the very name “George Bush” as permission to bid adieu to common sense. But in the press there is quite a determined posse of staunch left-wingers (John Lloyd, Nick Cohen, David Aaronovitch) who support regime change. The same is true on the benches of Parliament, where Ann Clwyd, a veteran Welsh radical, has for years been campaigning for the removal of Saddam Hussein. Several old friends of mine from the Sixties Left hold positions in Blair’s government and never let an anti-war argument go unchallenged.

Meanwhile, most of the groaning and sniping about the missing WMDs comes from the hard right, which has a hold on the Tory party and more than a hold on the tabloid press. Anti-Americanism in Britain has long been a conservative rather than a radical trope, and dislike for George Bush is very common among the aristocratic remnant, as well as among those who are nostalgic for the British empire that America supplanted after the war. That especial form of British anti-Semitism (”You catch it on the edge of a remark,” as Harold Abrahams puts it so well in Chariots of Fire) is beautifully ventriloquized in the way that certain BBC announcers pronounce the name “Wolfowitz.”

-Christopher Hitchens in his endorsement of Tony Blair.

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Song of the Day

I have two today, so I suppose the above should read ‘Songs of the Day’.

First, an oldie but goodie: ‘Who is he (and what is he to you)’ by Bill Withers. Withers can really do no wrong. He transcends genre and listeners. Dawn ‘Clay Aiken Rocks!’ Summers listens to him as does my friend M ‘I have a turntable and I know how to use it’ R. This song is excellent. The best line: ‘You’re too much for one man, but not enough for two’.

Second, a song called ‘Baltimore Love Thing’ off of 50 Cent’s last album, ‘The Massacre’. The song reminds me of Nas’s ‘I Gave You Power’ which is written from the perspective of a gun. ‘Baltimore Love Thing’ is written from the perspective of heroin. It’s easily the best song on ‘The Massacre’ and my favorite part has Fitty mumbling ‘I love you, love me back, no one said loving me be easy.’

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Apparently, now is the best time ever to have a political talk radio show.

Ace and I debut on on May 10th.

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April 28, 2005

And suddenly he’s not the worst

Spitzer sues Internet firm over ’spyware’

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Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Tom Cruise reportedly dating Katie Holmes


I generally don’t care about celebrity coupling but this is just bizarre. She was like 7 when Top Gun came out.

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Liberal Hawks? 9/11 Republicans? Whoever they are, I like them.

I’m a big fan of those ‘I was a liberal Democrat my whole life and I just can’t do it anymore’ stories, and here is another good one.

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Race relations for dummies

There’s hate crimes and then there’s ‘a gang of up to 30 black teens attacking four white girls’ while screaming ‘Martin Luther King’, ‘black power!’ and ‘white crackers’, an incident that apparently doesn’t qualify as a bias attack. This must be one of those love crimes you hear so much about.

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Must read

If, like me, you somehow missed Mark Steyn’s off-the-hook (Do people still say that? Did they ever?) piece about the Bolton confirmation, you’re in luck because here it is.

Via W.C Varones.

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I didn’t know Johnny Cash covered U2’s ‘One’! Is there any song he couldn’t instantly make better than the original?

(Thanks to Dorian for the excellent ‘American III: Solitary Man’ cd that he got me for my birthday. I can not get enough of Mr. Cash).

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April 27, 2005

Easy answers

I am often asked ‘why the hostility toward the north part of Brooklyn? Why do you call it ‘fake’ Brooklyn? What do you have against hipsters?’ Now, I can simply provide a link.

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