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March 28, 2005

Blogroll Update

-Remember those questions from a Canadian that I answered last week? They were written by Matthew Good and I’ve been on his site a lot since. Despite my deep irritation at the tone of his questions, and us having near nothing to agree on politically, he’s not the worst and in the name of bridging some gap between right-wing Americans like myself and left-wing Canadians like him, I’ve added him to my blogroll in the ‘international’ section. He’s started a conservative section of his blogroll and is open to adding blogs to it if people drop him an email, so go give him some other perspectives. I’m not the only one who is impressed that he did that. Each one, teach one, right?

-Another new addition to the international list is Julien of The Point. Julien is a French conservative. I often complain about being so outnumbered in NYC. Well, I can imagine it’s so much worse for Julien. So go visit and wish him well.

-Wes Roth does the Roth Report, a Drudge-like news compilation site. He also aggregates several blogs.

-Two people that I met in DC at CPAC that I’ve been meaning to add to the blogroll, both in the DC section, are Cam Edwards and Jim Geraghty of TKS.

-I’m also adding Hit&Run to the DC section, mostly because Julian Sanchez blogs there and doesn’t update his own site as much.

Update: Another international blogger who I thought was taking a blogging break (checked a few times and no site was up so I took the link down) is back on the roll: I love America.

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