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February 28, 2005

Last rap item for a little while, promise

Foxy Brown told my brother that Game wouldn’t last with 50 Cent because of the former’s ego and now there’s this:

50 Drops Game From G-Unit; Shots Fired At Radio Station

Posted by Karol at 11:55 PM |

Game will jump ship and go with Nas, Ja and the fat rappers (Fat Joe and Jadakiss).
Hopefully this coaxes Hov out of retirement. Not that 50 needs him but would be a good excuse. Very interesting.
I hope ‘little while’ means a few hours because I love the rap coverage. Plus with your brother having all the hook ups you’re breaking some exclusives!

Posted by: Eric Anderson at March 1, 2005 at 1:54 am

My friend called me with this info yesterday as if it were an emergency. I’m in the middle of class:
HIM: Son, you heard!?
ME: What?
HIM: Yo son, 50 kicked Game outta G-Unit!
ME: Well that’s good for Game, then.
HIM: What, you think Game is nice and 50 is garbage?
ME: Basically.
HIM: You’re out yer mind, kid.
ME: I’m going back to class.

Posted by: Claudio at March 1, 2005 at 11:28 am

He’s been famous for, what, 3 weeks and he’s already moving on to the second phase of his career?

Posted by: Yaron at March 1, 2005 at 12:07 pm

Claudio, I think Game is/was, by far, the best in G-Unit- with the exception of 50. I can’t believe you’re not into his stuff. Game’s best line to date involves 50 (’used to see 5-0 throw the crack by the bench, now I’m fucking with 5-0 it’s all starting to make sense’). I don’t think he would’ve got very far without him.

Posted by: Karol at March 1, 2005 at 12:56 pm

L’il Kim is currently on trial on charges stemming from a shooting at Hot 97 in 2001.

Posted by: Dawn Summers at March 1, 2005 at 4:50 pm
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