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February 25, 2005

Quote of the Day

So, we could embrace the Libertarian ideal, and work toward a Libertarian world where we’ll all just wander the earth — free from borders and passports, tracking deer with the Indians through the middle of the Wal-Mart, bartering some extra ammo for a bottle of rye, allowing our six-year-old children to strike out on their own and make their precocious ways in the world, enjoying our unlimited freedom…and paying tolls. Lots and lots of tolls. Or, we can take the good ideas from the Libertarians, and discard the rest. The same can be said of any political party, and this is exactly the method that we recommend.

-Two Percent Company on why they are libertarians but not Libertarians. Read the whole thing.

Via Kip Esquire.

Posted by Karol at 03:43 PM |

OT: Don Myers claims to be quite the ladies man. This is true as you can tell by theses love missives fired at him by the two of the Rottweiler’s fairest damsels.

My dear Don “The Bitch” Myers,
Please believe me when I say that you, your crack-smoking shitbag of a mother, and the syphilitic leprous carnival freak who dumped his load into her cunt instead of her ass, of which sad accident you were a result, can go fuck yourselves (that is, if the “male” members of your commune/family can find their dicks without microscopes, and the “females”–to find objects large enough to fuck themselves with to feel anything at all).
You’ve been all over left-wing media, college campuses,disreputable barrooms, and bath-houses the world over to push your insipid “ideology” down people’s throats (or up their asses) and to drum up sympathy for your “cause”, while trying very hard to portray yourselves as the “intellectual elite” just so you can ride the discarded blatherings of Marx and Lenin(as well as anonymous old men’s cocks) into your own 15 minutes of relevance. No doubt many dope-addled impotents will toddle up to feed your crackwhore-like jones to get your chancred cock-holsters into public view.
But I can see you for what you are–nothing but pathetic, barely-literate plebes, who will be low-end scum until the day you die, tarting yourself up for a little bit of attention.
Bugger off and die, you rotten failed abortion.
Posted by: Natasha G.L.O.R.&I.P.P.W. at February 24, 2005 09:30 PM
Sheesh, I run off to do some shopping and Douchebag Myers makes a special guess appearance here, then Natasha runs him through a verbal blender…damn, I’m going to either have to stay home on the computer all day, or carry a laptop with me everywhere I go!
So Don, does it feel good when Hunter S. Thompson’s formaldehyde-scented, rigor-mortised pocket rocket slides up your well-lubricated anal region…? Do you get a thrill on having your balls tongued by Helen Thomas while Michael Moore jams his cheeseburger-fattened man-meat down your willing throat? Because you, boy, are about as spoon-fed a liberal as I’ve ever seen. You’re have the most bloated sense of self-importance I’ve ever seen–and give the parade of drooling idiot leftists I see every day I come to this site, that’s saying a lot. You’re a sad example of hypocrisy and delusion, aspiring to mediocrity and incapable of seeing anything beyond whatever the gerbils in your boyfriend’s ass tell you. You would do the world a tremendous favor if you headed to your nearest City Park and ran your head through an industrial tree-shredder. Not that that would do anything, given that whatever passed for your brain has long since been liquefied by the digestive juices in your spooge-crusted colon.
I’d say go fuck yourself, but you’ve been doing that since your Mama decided to break up with you and find a REAL man–and besides that, masturbation feels good. I wouldn’t want to wish anything even remotely pleasurable on a sad heap of parasite-ridden pig shit like you. So instead I’ll say that I hope your own hands become so revulsed at the idea of stroking your flaccid excuse for a reporductive organ, that they cut themselves off of your body and crawl away.
Even the most vile demons in Hell would find a screeching little pinworm like you utterly loathsome.
Posted by: LC & IB Denita TwoDragons, G.L.O.R, Imperial Gardener at February 24, 2005 10:20 PM

Can’t you feel the loooooooooooooooooooooove?

Posted by: Radical Redneck at February 25, 2005 at 4:23 pm
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